Top benefits of eating eggs for health

Do you love eating eggs? Then here is an article just for you, which will inform you about the great health benefits eggs can offer and will give you more reasons to indulge in this tasty food. Eggs are considered as a complete package of nutrition that is ideal for most of the people starting from the growing children to the pregnant women.  One can have this healthy food without worrying about gaining weight. Eggs might not be recommended for people with high blood pressure or cardiac problems, but there is another view as well. Here we have listed the top health benefits of eating eggs. So, if you love eggs, just read on to know how exactly eggs can nourish your body, brain and keep you away from so many diseases.

Eggs, the most nutritious food on the planet

Health benefits of eggs

This is well known to all of us that a bunch of vitamins and minerals along with proteins are necessary in order to maintain a healthy body that is capable of performing all the essential life processes and eggs alone can be a great source of most of the vital nutrients for the body. Boiled egg contains Vitamin A, D, E, K, B5, B12, B2, B6 as well as a bunch of essential minerals like phosphorus, selenium, calcium, iron and zinc. Egg also supplies a good dose of protein to the body and henceit can be stated without doubt that eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Enjoy strong muscles and healthy bones by eating eggs

Strong muscles and healthy bones are essential in order to live a healthy and fit life; eggs contain all the essential nutrients that can give you both. A boiled egg contains 6 grams of protein that helps in keeping the muscles strong and reduces the rate of muscle loss. Calcium and Vitamin D content of eggs make it an ideal food for strong bones.

Eggs for healthy brain and nervous system

Eggs are suggested as a vital food for the growing kids not only because they are great at promoting health and bone density but also because the minerals present in eggs play a vital role in promoting development of human brain and the nervous system. Eggs contain phosphorus and selenium in high percentage both of which can be highly effective to promote healthy brain and nervous system in children as well as in adults.

Egg–an ideal food during pregnancy

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Folate is a compound that plays a vital role in healthy pregnancy. It is directly related with the growth of brain cells and nervous system in the fetus.Egg has high folate content and can be an ideal source of nourishment for pregnant women. Eggs also contain iron and iodine which are vital for normal growth of the baby. In addition to that the Vitamin D and Calcium present in eggs also ensure better bone health of the mother during pregnancy, preventing any loss in bone density of the mother.

Eggs prevent breast cancer

Eating eggs have been directly related with reduced risk of developing breast cancer in adult women.  Researches showed that the yolk of an egg contains as much as 125.5mg of choline which can slash down the risk of breast cancer by as much as 24%.

Eggs for better vision

Eggs are highly effective in promoting better eyesight. While it helps in preventing night blindness in children by providing sufficient Vitamin A, the lutein and zeaxanthin present in eggs also prevents macular degeneration which leads to age-related blindness. So, for better vision eggs are must.

Eggs can boost your immune system

A healthy immune system is essential for healthy life and eggs can actually boost your immunity in the right way. Eggs contain nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Selenium in high amount which can work as the key to maintain a healthy immunity system.

Eggs are good for your cardio-vascular health too

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Contrary to the common belief, a number of researches have shown that eggs are rich in High Density Lipoproteins or HDLs which can be effective to lower the risk of cardiac diseases. The cholesterol in egg, does not necessarily increase the cholesterol in blood, instead the choline present in eggs can breakdown the amino acid homocysteine, which is directly associated with development of heart diseases.

Eggs for weight management

Eggs can be actually effective in promoting weight loss and ensuring better weight management.  The high quality protein found in eggs can make you feel satiated for longer, reducing frequent hunger pangs. Eggs can work efficiently to reduce unhealthy eating which is the key to weight management.  In addition to that the riboflavin and pantothenic acid present in eggs also aid in better metabolism in the body which ensures more fat burning.

Eggs for healthy skin and hairs

If you have suddenly started to notice deterioration in your skin and hair health, it is the high time when you should include more number of eggs in your daily diet. Eggs have high vitamin A and vitamin E content which work as effective antioxidants in the body. Biotin, Zinc and Iron present in eggs ensure better hair and scalp health.  Selenium protects the cells of the skin from oxidative damage promoting anti-aging effects.  The high content of Sulphur based amino acids along with a range of essential vitamins and minerals make eggs ideal for promoting healthy skin and hairs.