Top foods helps in production of breast milk

foods and tips to improve the production of breast milk

Foods that contain lactation promoting properties are called lactogenic foods which are also known as galactagogues. So, it is better to include lactogenic foods into your diet can give your milk supply a boost. After the baby is born it is necessary for the mother to have the right lactation. The more production of breast milk will make the baby feed on the same and he can start his life in the healthiest way.

In case you feel that the amount of breast milk produced is not enough, you should think of ways of how you can increase the level of milk production. The lactating mother can even take to the foods that can really help with sufficient milk production. However, in case you are going for any sort of commercial products for the reason of boosting milk production you should talk to the doctor in advance.

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Now-a-days young mothers are unable to meet the infants nutritional needs through the breast milk. Mothers are producing low level breast milk, they are offering about 50 percent to 75 percent of the milk, but not delivering the required amounts for an infant due to various reasons. Some of the most important reasons for the low production of breast milk include grief, anger, physical exertion, fear, absence of affection with the kid, intake of dry edibles, fasting and another pregnancy.

Helpful guidelines

Take care about the food you eat

Young women have to include their diet with vegetables growing wild or on marshy land, fruits, milk, cereals, ghee, oil, garlic, grape juice, onion, meat, meat soup and other beverages which are with the taste – sweet, sour and saline to increase the breast milk.


Maintaining an improper diet doesn’t just generates the problem – low production of breast milk, but it is also the reason for many health problems. Make sure to nurture your sleeping habits, feeding habits, taking rest and happiness.

Increase the feeding frequency

You can develop the feeding frequency by giving milk for every two hours in a day and for every four hours during the night time. Don’t wait to offer the milk until your breast fills up.

Switch nursing

Before switching to another breast let the baby finish the first breast.

After completion of feeding, hold your baby upright for five to ten minutes in order to burp out the trapped air bubbles, this will help the baby to consume more milk.


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Foods to increase the breast milk production

There are many Ayurvedic herbs available in the market to sort out low breast milk production. Those herbs are termed as galatogogues. Some of the renowned galactogogues are:

Fenugreek seeds

Take some amount of fenugreek seeds and make them into powder. Take two tablespoons of this powder and mix up with one tablespoon of cracked wheat, which is also known as dalia and eat it daily. You can also use rice porridge instead of the dalia.


The small amount of estrogen properties present in the fennel seeds helps in the increase of milk production. Simply prepare a tea using fennel and drink it up daily. Mix two tablespoons of fennel seeds in a cup of water and boil it, let it boil for three to four minutes, strain the solution and then drink it.


Oats are an easy option for busy mornings, because it is easy to cook and cooks within minutes. Add oats to your diet before you start breastfeeding. Oats are rich in calcium, nutrition and fiber, that helps to reduce your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, whereas increase milk supply. If you don’t like the bland taste of oats porridge, try preparing oats upma or oats pulav. Oatmeal also helps with some other functions of the body that includes lactation. Oatmeal helps her to relax, which in turn may cause her body to release oxytocin i.e., a hormone in milk production.

Jeevanthi or leptadenia retuculata

Jeevanthi is a plant with lactogenic effects. A compound herbal preparation, leptaden comprising extract of the plant is available in the market. The usual dosage is two tablets for three times in a day.

Wild asparagus

Consume wild asparagus in the form of powder with the add up of milk to increase the quality and quantity of breast milk. Simply mix a tablespoon of dried and powdered wild asparagus with two tablespoons of milk. Drink it daily for the most effective results. You can also add a pinch of pippali choorna to the above mixture to increase the bio-availability.


Spinach is the best home remedy that need for certain vitamins and minerals. Spinach is a good source for calcium, iron, Vitamin A, K, and folate. Folate is important for women who are pregnant. Dark leafy vegetables like spinach contain phytoestrogens, which can promote breast tissue health and lactation. Beet leaves and spinach are rich in detoxifying agents that contains certain plant chemicals, which helps to prevent breast cancer. You can also mix spinach to chapattis dough and make paratha for a meal.

Cumin seeds can help in producing milk

Jeera or cumin seeds can work magic for lactating mothers. These are the best seeds to stimulate the amount of milk generation. In case you are suffering from constipation cumin seeds can help. This will help you have the easiest digestive system and now you can eat right for the rest of the day. This is also the best remedy for acidity, bloating and indigestion. Cumin seeds have iron and this helps the body to gain in essential strength. Thus, after pregnancy, you won’t feel that normal weakness. You need cumin seeds when preparing Indian foods. You can even roast the same and apply in salads, chutneys and raitas.

Methi can really help with milk production

You have the most magical fenugreek seeds and the local name for which is methi. Methi has been used for years for the better production of milk in case of lactating mothers. So doctors are of opinion that in case you add the seeds at the time of making food this are sure to help you have the best milk generation. You can even get up in the morning and have an intake of a glass of methi water. For this you need to soak the methi for the entire night. Methi is rich in calcium, iron, minerals and vitamins. However, make sure that too much methi intake can really help you feel sick as it makes the body lose water.


Pulses can be available in different colors such as yellow, and red, an excellent source of iron and protein is. Red dal or masoor dal improves your milk supply and is used in different types of cooking such as sambar, rasam and other South Indian dishes.

Garlic can produce enough milk

Garlic is always good for lactating mothers as it contains all curative properties. In fact, for years garlic is known to increase the volume of breast milk. Research has proved that lactating mothers who eat garlic can feed the babies for longtime. You can eat garlic in the raw form and you can even have the same in dals and Indian curries. The taste of the food becomes good and at the same time you have more milk to feel the baby. This is the reason the mothers are advised to eat garlic on a regular basis. It is like magic to have one piece of garlic in the morning and feed the baby normally without the feel of any discomfort.

The healing properties of tulsi

You even have the HoliBusil or Tulsi. This is a traditional component and it help in treating several ailments down the years. Tulsi is a good source of Vitamin K and it is great to boost the amount of milk production in the case of lactating women. Tulsi has a calming effect and this is the reason it is being used in all Indian houses. Tulsi improves the bowel movement and creates the healthy appetite. You can use Tulsi to make soups and vegetables. You can even boil them in water and add them in tea to have a refreshing drink. In fact, tulsi is known to have all the general healing properties.


Carrots are less in galctagogue, just like spinach, as it contains phytoestrogens. Carrots are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin A. It is a great breastfeeding for moms and provides extra energy that need by lactating women. It improves the supply and quality of breast milk. Drink a cup of carrot juice before lunch can boost the quality of your milk. In winter, try to have a pureed carrots stirred with warm milk and sugar.

Vegetables to enhance milk production

There are several vegetables, which can really improve the production of milk in case of lactating women. Vegetables like bottle gourd and apple gourd can really boost milk production. These are vegetables having good contents of vitamins and minerals. They even have something, known as phytoestrogen and this is a component to enhance the process of lactation. You can cook the vegetables with spices and you can even use the same in preparing various snacks and the rest. This is a great way you can experience an enhanced milk production and feed the baby normally.

Water and juices

Drink plenty of water and juices that are supposed to boost lactation. It increases the total milk volume per feed. They also help to prevent you from dehydration and replaces fluid that are lost during lactation. Drink a glass of water when you feel thirsty that can begin to nurse your baby.

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