Top foods helps in production of breast milk

Becoming a mother and breastfeeding your child is one of the most beautiful emotions in this planet. Women are blessed to feel this special moment and they simply cherish holding on to this phase of life. Breastfeeding your child is not only special but also very necessary for the growth and development of your child. It is said that your child’s later health and immunity depends on whether he or she has been fed on mother’s milk for the first six months. But at times, some women find it difficult to feed their children because of low breast milk production. This is why maintaining a proper diet is necessary during the first few months after your delivery so that you maintain a proper level of breast milk production.


Top foods for healthy breastfeeding

It may not be known much to people, but fenugreek is a wonderful herb that stimulates breast milk production. A woman’s breast is actually a kind of modified sweat gland can function almost in the same way. Fenugreek, in general, stimulates the sweat glands in the body, and indirectly affects the milk gland too. Therefore, it increases the breast milk production considerably within one or two days. Use it in your teas or to flavor your food.


It is also necessary to have green leafy vegetables like spinach because they are rich in vitamins and iron. Low iron levels in the body can be associated to low breast milk production. In general too, low iron levels causes anemia, which is not at all good for breastfeeding mothers. Include a lot of vegetables like spinach in your diet to have your daily intake of irons and vitamins.


Whole grains in general are rich in fibre and necessary nutrients and help in boosting the production of breast milk in the body, but oats are the best known among them. Barley and oats are rich in dietary beta-glucan which is needed by the body to produce milk. Cook oats with vegetables for a filling, healthy meal or top it with fresh fruits for a hearty breakfast. You can also try oats cookies frequently for healthy snacks.


Use fennel seeds to spice your food and salad as it is also another regular ingredient that boosts up breast milk production. Research has shown that both fennel plant and its seeds contain phytoestrogens which help in breast milk production. Including them in your diet increases the supply of breast milk. It has been thus used as a homely remedy for ages in many parts of the world. You can use the seeds in your salads and curries or use the plant with other veggies for a nicely tossed salad.


Healthy diet for healthy breastfeeding

It has been known for centuries that papaya is a galactogogue, or in other words, a substance that increases the production of breast milk in the body. In many parts of the world, especially in the Asian countries, it has been used for ages as a homely remedy for bettering the milk production in women. Though it is not known how exactly papaya influences the breast milk levels but it is nevertheless, not an issue to give it a try since it has been tried and tested. Eat it ripe or raw, in your salads or as a part of other recipes.

Cumin seeds

This is also another spice that has been used in Asian cultures as a remedy for low breast milk. Cumin seeds are used to flavor curries or dry roasted and grounded to be used as toppings over Asian dishes to enhance the taste. But this herb has plenty of benefits like improving digestion and lactation. You can see the breast milk levels increasing with daily inclusion of cumin seeds in your food.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are used in many countries to toss into salads or as a topping in sandwiches. It is the time to eat alfalfa sprouts as much as you can as it not only increases your blood circulation and cleanses it but also improves the production of breast milk in the body.


These nuts are really a storehouse of goodness. Apart from giving you good health, flawless skin, lustrous hair it is also responsible for giving you optimum breast milk levels for your child.