Best ways to massage a newborn baby

A new born baby must be provided with enough facilities starting from his food, stay and other necessary factors. Just taking care of the baby food is not enough. Rather, it is important for your baby to grow strong and powerful in his future. Thus, starting from very beginning will be important. Messaging your baby makes his bones and muscle really strong. He will be able to crawl, sit and walk faster than a regular child without a massage.

Benefits of messaging

Various type benefits are associated with baby messaging. Apart from making their bones and muscle strong, baby messaging also helps getting better sleep of the baby. Immune system of the baby will be boosted with the regular messaging of the baby. A good bond is developed between the parents and the new born baby when they initiate messaging procedure.

Procedures of new born massage

Learn about reflexes of new born baby

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Before starting the process of messaging, you need to know about some important facts. Every child takes birth with the reflexes where he responds to variety of touches. Just after understanding the reflexes you can make them calm and start the process of messaging.

Reaction test

Not all babies react to all types of touches and sensation. Since you are concerned about your baby, proper knowledge about your baby reaction on certain touch will be important. Just look at his reactions and activities once you touch his cheeks, stroke his feet, touch the palm of his hand etc. Babies have a tendency of inkling his whole body away once you turn the head of your baby to a side. Almost all babies would reach as soon as she is touched.

Start massaging quite early

It will be good to carry on with the process massaging sooner after the baby’s birth. This will be possible if the baby was born without having any type of medical complication of the child as well as the mother at the time of birth. Baby will adapt the process of massaging sooner you make him habituated with regular massaging.

No upward stroke

While massaging, you need to keep in mind about some technique. An upward stroke must not be undertaken till the time baby is too small and has not completed six weeks of his age. If you do this, this may give rise to over stimulation in your baby.

Using different strokes

It is better to massage your baby with different strokes and variations. You may also change the angle of massaging at times. You can also learn from various website about how to learn messaging your baby. You should not confuse the messaging process of a new born baby with an adult. Rather, massaging of a baby should be done in much soft hands. You should not give much pressure as your baby will not be able to withstand much pressure.

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It will be advisable to start the massaging with very gentle strokes. Start giving pressure by viewing the withstanding capacity of the baby. Slowly you can also provide a slightly pressure touch while massaging your baby.

You can also try Kneading shoulder of the baby lightly. But, you need to check whether your baby can tolerate the pressure. Try the process slowly, if you feel he is feeling uncomfortable, stop it immediately.

It is important to note that an upward stroke in this regard will be enough for stimulating the nervous system. But, if you carry on with the process of downward stroke, it provides a wonderful calming effect in the body.

Using oil

When you are initiating the process of massaging in your baby, use of oil must be an important factor. You need to be very particular about the oil that you are using for the massaging purpose. You make also that the advice from professional with regards to use of oil. You will get variety of baby oils in the market. Get one among it with the reputed brand. You may also choose the fragrance according to the smell which is liked by you and your baby. You can try out the olive oil or herbal vitamin E oil for the messaging purpose. You can also get the oil after having its market review.