Best tips for your Relaxation

Stress is nothing unusual in our modern world. Time has bound all of us in such a way, that the alarm clock wakes us up and ticks around for the entire day! With the added amount of competition, technological advancements, everything is getting busier and somewhat weirder. Weird, as our body has always needed a certain amount of relaxation, but our lives have become too busy to permit it.

The key to relaxation is managed by our state of mind, so all you need is to take out time for yourself. We will now go through some quick and easy relaxation remedies, which we need to follow in our everyday routine.

Tips for relaxation

Best relaxation tips for stressful life

  • Do you often worry about the future? Is the questions ‘what is going to happen next?’ always on your mind? Anxiety about future takes up a lot of our thoughts, and we in turn do not attend to other important aspects. Worrying about future will be of no help, but having a proper planning and execution might help you attain your goals. To have a relaxed mind, you need to live and enjoy the present!
  • Your surrounding will matter your peace of mind. We are not consciously aware of it, but the people and material around us affect our inner satisfaction. For example, look around your room, if you find everything cluttered you will keep on remembering things you have to do, and that will tax your brain.
  • The people you live and socialize with will also leave an impact in your life. It is advisable to keep your relationships healthy and happy, so that you are at peace too. Broken relationship, betrayals, disagreements and situations which we cannot prevent, but we should try and control what is in our hand.
  • Meditation is a relaxation technique to relieve you from stress. Take out around 10 to 30 minutes everyday and sit in silence. Meditate for some time and let all your lively thoughts take a break. When you meditate you promote inner peace and you are free from relentless worries. This will boost your concentration level, and you will be more attentive at work.
  • Relaxation doesn’t mean a lazy day! Take short breaks in-between the daily activities to relax yourself in the best possible way. 10 minutes of music while you get to work, 15 minutes of walking back home, your favorite ice cream as dessert, swimming twice a week, etc. are some common ways to combat stress.

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  • Try and be as independent as possible. Dependence brings us in a state where we burden ourselves more than burdening other people. When you can do everything on yourself, you will be happier. If things go right you were correct, if things go wrong you are satisfied for the attempt. This alternatively doesn’t mean that we will become indifferent. We do need other people for sharing our life, be it small events, decisions, opinions, etc. This is only advisable for those things which we can manage on our own, and if we do so, we would help ourselves.
  • Let all the positives get into you. Avoid anything which could be harmful and negative. It could be thoughts, it could be actions, it could be influences of other people, or anything you can think of. Try to avoid the negativities of life and absorb all that is positive for a calmer state of mind.
  • Give yourself the ‘me time’ everyday. It could be watching the news after you come back home, could be an extended shower-time, could be cooking for a change or could be dancing like no one’s watching! Do what pleases you, at least once a day and let all the stress be kept at bay!
  • Going off for a holiday every possible time is also a very nice way to relax. Choose a location and just escape! Go solo if you don’t want a companion. You get to relax and you get to explore yourself.

There is a famous saying which goes like ‘never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. Everything is important but nothing is more important than our sanity. Follow these simple relaxations remedies and promote a healthier living.

Home remedies to help you relax

Best tips to relief from stress

  1. Oranges: the uplifting smell of orange and its peel calms nerves. Citrus is known to fight depression and improve immunity. People and orange and smell the aroma. You can add peels to warm water and let it simmer. Smell the fragrance and reduce anxiety. You can of course drink a cup of fresh orange juice added with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 pinch of nutmeg powder.
  2. Lavender: essential oil lavender is known to relax and reduce depression. It has a soothing effect which works on the nervous system. It also has bio-active constituents for combating stress. Simply boil 2 cups of water and add 2-4 drops of essential oil. Inhale the fragrance and cool yourself. You can also mix 2-4 drops of the oil with almond oil or olive oil and then massage your shoulder, back and neck.
  3. Almonds: with the goodness of numerous nutrients it is known to be a mood enhancer. It reduces depression and fights anxiety. The omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and they help fight cellular inflammation. Soak about 10 almonds in water and leave them overnight. Peel off the skin next morning and grind the almonds. Add a pinch of nutmeg and ginger and then add them all to a cup of milk. Drink it for a few days for best results.
  4. Fennel: this herb includes volatile oils which reduces anxiety. It is also known to reduce gastrointestinal problems which are accompanied by anxiety. Add a few drops of fennel essential oil on a tissue and inhale the smell. Repeat after a few hours if needed. You can also add fennel to your tea or make fennel juice.
  5. Bath: the best and easiest way to relax is a hot water bath. Add 1/3 cup of baking soda and ginger in a bathtub and fill with warm water to bathe. You can also add about 5 drops of aromatherapy oil followed with an ounce of carrier oil. Soak for 20 minutes and feel refreshed!