How to remove dark circles during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in hormonal changes which result in a few internal and external differences in our body.

Some common examples are gaining weight, having poor digestion, dark and dull skin, etc. These are all inter-related to each other, which is why they make a difference in the entire body and how the body feels.

You probably have time to take longer naps, but even shorter ones will not trigger having dark circles. The physical conditions seem to react differently, and you build up other circumstances, which can cause these dark circles to occur even with proper sleep.

Then again, you are prone to exhaustion and there are numerous nutrients which go into the baby from your body. You lend your baby vitamins, folic acid, iron, etc. and all of those start reducing in your body.

Your skin needs to have optimum nutrients to reflect the healthy look. The first thing is to ask the doctor to let you have nutrient supplements which are good for both you and the baby.

Tips to take care

How to remove dark circles naturally

  1. You need to make sure that you have proper nutrients which make you less prone to diseases and make your pregnancy healthy. Having proper nutrient quantities keeps dark circles at bay.
  2. There are times when you feel sleepless, but sleep is important. It is essential to let you and the baby rest, which prevents making your skin look pale.
  3. Chloasma is the mask of pregnancy which reflects the hormonal changes through skin conditions. You start having brownish marks around the eye zone and that makes the condition look weird.

Tips to remove dark circles during pregnancy

  1. Drink loads of water to reduce digestion problems during pregnancy. That also keeps your skin hydrated and supports normal blood and oxygen circulation.
  2. Soak a towel in cold water and then pat your eye zone. It is an easy remedy to pamper your eyes and makes you look brighter.
  3. You can also apply slices of cucumber and lemon after they have been frozen for 15 minutes. That would soothe the eye zone and relax the nerves.
  4. Follow pregnancy exercises for you and the baby. It improves overall health and lets you have better sleep.

Natural treatment to cure dark circles

Let us go through some natural remedies which you can sit at home and help yourself well. These are effective and healthy, and will not cost you much. These will also let you treat yourself without much hassle.

How to use lemon for dark circles

  • Cucumber as mentioned above is one of the best remedies. They soothe the skin and make you feel lighter. You can of course apply the raw and thick slices on the zone, but there is one more remedy if you need a change.
  • Grate a fresh cucumber and squeeze the extract for obtaining the juice. Dip cotton balls with the extract and then apply on the dark patches. Let the skin dry it up and heal you. Repeat once more the same day, and follow till you get desired results.
  • Mix cucumber and lemon juice in adequate levels. Both of them work great individually but can level up when mixed together. Dip cotton balls and then add it to the affected area. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then you can wash it off with cold water. Repeat remedy for at least a week.
  • You can use raw potatoes increase of cucumber and use it the same way. That too is equally effective and sometimes even better.
  • You can add lemon juice to orange lentil flour and then add some pureed tomato and pure turmeric paste. Blend all the mixtures well and then apply them to the eye zone. This is another remedy which you’d readily get at home. Wash it off well!
  • A minimum of 15 glasses of water is must for consumption during pregnancy.
  • Choose to consume veggies and fruits which are fresh and fibrous. They will keep your system out of toxins and prevent dark circles.
  • You need to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. There is nothing that should reduce that span of sleep during pregnancy.
  • You should try to meditate as that keeps your body relaxed and enhances the quality of skin. It is important for treating dark circles easily.
  • Try to reduce the consumption of sweets. You will have more chances of having dark circles if you eat sweet regularly.
  • You can use rose water but make sure that it is pure or of premium quality. Rose water is perfect for soothing eyes and lightening skin.
  • There is this miraculous remedy of healing your eyes with cold tea bags. You simply need two used green tea bags to be refrigerated. After that apply them to the affected area and watch the difference within 15 minutes. This remedy should be repeated for best results too.
  • Mint leaves are great for dark circles too. You just need to crush them, extract the juice and then add tomato juice to it. Apply to the area and see the glow!
  • Almond oil is another remedy which treats dark circles well. Apply some raw almond oil to the zone and let it sink overnight. Repeat every night till you get desired results.
  • You can surprisingly add a dollop of fresh cream to the under eye zone. Let it sit for sometime after which you can wash it off.
  • You should consume good amounts of vitamin C for dark circles. You would get the best of it from skinned chicken, pepper of red, orange, etc. s
  • You can definitely not smoke and drink while you are pregnant. It is good to leave it absolutely so that you don’t just heal the eye zone but bring an overall development in your health.
  • Don’t use chemical bleach under your eye skin as that can replace natural essence and make the zone harmful.
  • Do not drink preservatives, soft drinks, and other harmful drinks during this time.