How to remove dark circles with lemon?

Dark circles are discolored skin under our eyes. It is known a serious skin condition or disease, but it just makes our face look unlikely. It is always recommended to promote a healthier appearance which appeals us and people around. In this article, we will discuss how lemon can be used to treat dark circles.

Lemon for dark circles

How to remove dark circles completely

Lemon is an acidic fruit containing citric acid and vitamin C. It is known for treating numerous health and skin benefits. Dark circles are also one easy condition for lemon to heal. It is cost effective and quick too. Let us read through some reasons why lemon could be the apt option for treating:

  • Lemon works like natural bleach which helps you lighten under eye circles.
  • Lemon includes vitamin C which strengthens our immune system and blood vessels. We have numerous blood vessels around that eye zone, thus it heals and reduces their puffiness.
  • Lemon works like a moisturizing property because it lightens our skin tone. It is known for promoting smoother skin.
  • Lemon in anti-septic which prevents diseases allergies which reduce dark circles. Allergies could also be reasons which trigger dark circles, thus we know that that can be healed too.
  • Apart from vitamin C and B, it is also known to have proteins, riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. These strengthen us internally and fight against dullness.
  • Citric acid is also known to reduce dead skin cells and work like an astringent agent. This alternatively reduces signs of aging and under eye circles.


  • For treating your under eyes all you would need is one juicy lemon and come cotton balls.
  • Cut the lemon into half.
  • Squeeze to extract juice and add to a small bowl.
  • Take one cotton ball and dip into the bowl.
  • Let it soak well after which you dark the area with it.
  • Let the ball stay there.
  • Use another ball for the other eye.
  • Let the cottons sit for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with water and then pat skin dry.

Best home remedies for dark circles

You need to remember that lemon are too acidic and can hurt eye if it goes inside. It is better to use cotton balls that anything else, and it also has to be used with proper care. You need to remember that sensitive or dry skin can have burning sensations due to lemon. If you have itching or similar sensation which makes you feel uncomfortable, you should wash off your eye zone and try a different method. In an overall, this is an easy way to solve your problem. Repeat the process on alternative days till you get to see proper results. You can delay the application once you get desirable skin.