How to get fuller sexier lips


Now-a-days, more than words, it’s your presentation that speaks. The current generation thrives upon how beautiful and perfect you are looking. They believe in judging the book by its cover. Be it shaped eyebrows, high cheek bones, pouty lips or well defined jaw line, everyone wants their facial features to be perfect. Unlike the epitomes of beauty, women today are not interested in using the lip liners to line their thin lips; in fact they would do anything to get the perfectly shaped and pouted lips. It is the age of sing the lip fillers or the use the home remedies to get naturally looking fuller and sexier lips. Let’s see at the options that women can look into when thinking of making their lips voluminous.

Lip Fillers and Plumpers

The first thing that women think of when deciding to make their lips pouty and fuller is undergoing the cosmetic treatments like Lip Plumpers and fillers. Many B-Town celebrities have started the trend of these cosmetic treatments like Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, etc. These cosmetic treatments make use of the modern science to change the shape of your lips and make it poutier. It also helps you get the desired look of your lips like a cupid’s bow or remove the lines and wrinkles from the mouth area to define your smile or make your lip asymmetry right.

Apart from this there are some other ways to get naturally looking beautiful lips. Since you smile is the first thing people notice you would anything to make it look sexier and appealing. Chapped lips, dry kips or lips with lines can make you look average looking, which most women dread of. Here are the few natural ways of plumping your lips by using the little known secret ingredients from your kitchen and garden.

Clove Oil

Beneficial in making your lips swell up or give them a pouty look naturally, clove oil is easily available in your kitchen. You can mix this oil with the carrier oil and apply it on your lips. Do so by using a swab and make sure that it has been applied evenly. Leave it for a few minutes and once the oil is absorbed by your lips you can wash it off with cold water.

Cinnamon Oil

Easily available in the market or your kitchen, this inexpensive Cinnamon oil is known to irritate your lip membrane making it look plumper. This oils helps in making your lips look fuller and also reduces the fine lines around your mouth. You can take two drops of cinnamon oil and mix it with few drops of B3 liquid extract. Use this solution on your lips. If there is any sensation that you can feel then it means that the solution is working and will make it look fuller, pouty and plumped. If the irritation is just too much then rinse it off with cold water and ass more drops of B3 liquid extract in order to dilute the mixture.

Cayenne Pepper

Readily available in your kitchen, Cayenne pepper is known to plump your lips naturally. You can mix this pepper oil in your gloss which will fatten your lips and make them sexier and plumped. You can also make a paste using the pepper and water. If the mixture appears to be thick then you can add water to it and if it’s too thin then add pepper. Apply this mixture on your lips and let it penetrate into your deep skin. Let it dry for a few minutes and then wash off with cold water.


The best way to get naturally looking plump lips is to exfoliate them. This helps in removal of the dead skin cells there by making them soft, firm and sexy. In order to do so you should consume lots of water and this will hydrate your lips and retain its moisture. You can also use Vaseline or other herbal lip balms if they are chapped or to protect it from the damages of the sun.

You can also make use of the natural and herbal lip plumpers which doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals in it; else it will irritate the lips. This also helps in production of collagen in your lips and gives them a healthy texture. Making your lips soft and firm, these plumpers also helps in keeping your lips moisturised.


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These naturally available ingredients wouldn’t cost you a fortune and will also deliver you the desired results. So be wise and use these home remedies of getting sexier and fuller lips.