Blood donation facts and advantages

There are several health benefits of blood donation. When you donate blood you can eliminate the risk of having cancer. You even have lesser chances of suffering from hemochromatosis.

In the process the liver and the pancreas is less damaged. When you donate blood the cardiovascular health is all the more improved and there are lesser chances of your becoming obese.

Blood transfusion takes place each day and in the way lives of millions are being saved. It is good for the health to donate blood. It is beneficial for the person who is donating and even for the patient who receives the blood.

The seriousness of blood transfusion

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However, it is not good to be causal in matters of blood transfusion. It should happen under the supervision of the medical expert. The process of blood donation should take place in hospitals, in clinics or in the blood banks. If you are in the best of health then only you should appear for blood donation.

If you have any blood related disease you should not donate blood. In fact, you have no right to pass on disease. Before the transfusion happens it is important that you sit for a medical test. This will help in deciding that whether you are capable of donating blood.

How can blood donation save you

If you donate blood you can save patients suffering from the deadly disease of cancer. This is also required for people who suffer from conditions of chronic anemia, bleeding disorders, sickle cell anemia and in case you have other blood abnormalities.

It is important that you know that it is not possible to manufacture human blood. Only humans can do it for you. This is the reason it is always imperative to donate blood to save the lives of millions. However, to repeat it is vital that you check your capability as a blood donator.

Blood storage and health check

You can even store your personal blood to use the same in the future. You have to store the blood in a reputed blood bank where they make use of the avant-garde blood storage processes. A mini health examination generally takes place before you sit to donate blood.

The health checking is done in order to ensure whether you have any infections or blood related ailments. If you are suffering from hepatitis or AIDS you should never sit to donate blood.

In case you have gone through recent ailment of flu or you have taken any vaccination, you should consult the medical practitioner before you appear for blood donation. If you have diabetes it is recommended that you do not donate blood.

More don’ts of blood donation

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In case you are pregnant it would not be best to donate blood. In case, you have the plan to do so, it is time that you talk to your doctor and he can better assist you in the decision. If you are a patient of cancer you should not think of blood donation. It would be passing the wrong blood content from one body to the other.

Saving you from hemochromatosis

You would be much benefitted is you donate blood in case of hemochromatosis. This is a health condition that is caused when the body absorbs excess of iron. This can be an inherited disease and it can even take place due to excess of alcohol consumption.

Hemochromatosis can even take place in case anemia and other health disorders. Once you start donating blood you are saved from the condition of overloading of iron. It is important for the donor to be fit for blood donation.

Having the healthiest heart and liver

When you donate blood you are sure to have healthy liver and heart. The heart and the liver can become unhealthy due to excess iron overloading. This is the reason you should donate blood at the right time so that you are not at health risk.

In case you are having an excess intake of iron it gets accumulated inside the liver and the kidney. It also gets stored in the heart and the pancreas.

This can in the long run cause failure of the liver which is known as cirrhosis. Once you start donating blood the iron level within the body stays stable and there are lesser risks of your suffering from various ailments.