Diwali decoration lights

Diwali is one of the most bright and sacred festivals to the Hindus. It is celebrated every year within the months of October and November. It brings in the New Year which washes away the dire times of the past, and opens to up festivity and new beginnings.

It is celebrated with full enthusiasm, all through the country and lightens up the country in its shine. The meaning of Deepawali (Diwali) itself states a row or collection of lamps.

A couple of days before Diwali begins, houses, shops and temples in India are thoroughly cleaned, washed and decorated with pictures, flowers, lights, etc. They look anew and make every corner glow.

Diwali is all about celebrations and everybody dress up in their best clothes and are in a complete holiday mood. People give gifts to each other and greet with warm welcome and sweets.

The nights shine brighter than the day, with illuminated lamps, candle sticks, electric bulbs, etc. It is a colorful sight, which brings in several tourists all over the world.

In this article, we have listed down some of the best Diwali Decoration Lights so that you can quickly order these and decorate your houses. These are collective examples of some of the common and uncommon Diwali picks, which will give you unique ideas for usage.

Set of 50 Hosley® Unscented Tealights

These are some of common candles which has to be added for your Diwali celebrations. These common tealights are the ones we all buy, so that we can place them in a row. Some of us like to put them on our balconies, some make rangolis and place them around for shine, some also like to place a few of them at every corner of the house. These candles are very handy, and you get a set of 50 to buy in a low price than what you’d get at your local shops. Add these to cart, as these are going to be some common buys you’d surely need this festive season.

Art With Emphasis AWE-183 10-Meter Multicolor LED Light with Remote

A few years back, with the introduction of electric lighting, we have been able to make our Diwali brighten up a little more. Here, we have strings of tiny bulbs, which glow in different colors. These come with a changing pace pattern, which lets you have different styles of color shown in different pace. All you got to do is click on the button and change the color or the pace. These are long lasting products which will last you for several Diwalis, and won’t fade away like a fancy candle.

Starvin Rice Lights for Diwali

This is yet another pick for an electric lighting, and it simple adds to your choice. The bulb in this string is slightly lighter in the color tone, which adds more brightness. These come in different color patterns and can be changed in you need different paces. It is made with smooth and bendable copper wire, which is coated in safe white covering. It can be bended in the shapes you like, and are thick enough for safety. This is durable and great for decorating the externals parts and let you house glow from the outside. These lights are commonly used during Christmas and New Year, after you are done with your Diwali celebrations. The 85Ft long wire hold 180 small lights and offers a 360 degree viewing angle to illuminate a huge area.

Diwali Lights | Rice Lights Ladi of Multi Color Serial bulbs

This is one of the cost effective buys, which you are offered in an exciting price. This set of products come in a pack of 5 and gives you distinctive colors. You can place different wires in different places, and let your house get a blend of individual colors. These can all be added one of top of each other or even separately, but will give you the distinctive attraction they will all require. You are offer 5 bright colors of white, red, green, blue and yellow, and you cannot get a set of 5 in such an reasonable rate offline.

Moradabad Handicrafts Shadow Ganesh Ji Tea Light Holder BY MH

Talking about the unique collection, we came over this exclusive piece of Amazon. Every house wants to brighten up during Diwali, and we all have similar sets of ideas in mind. Sometimes we want that one exclusive product, that we wish to buy and do not expect every other house to have the same. The electric bulbs and diya are pretty common buys, but here we have something interesting for people looking for some exclusivity. This product is a handcrafted pick from Moradabad and shapes into the idol of Ganeshji. It is a tea-light holder which can be placed in a dark room to form a lovely shadow of Ganeshji at the back. Click to the link and see the picture on Amazon, so have a brief idea or how it would look. This is by far one of the prettiest picks you could grab!

Waterdrop String Lamp Lights


If you are looking for a significant decorative, which can be allowed to occupy a good amount of space in your house, you should try out something different and attractive. We have bright decorative LED string lights are pretty products which have 20 bulb into every set. These are battery operated so you will not be hassled about the wiring. They come in warm white color tone and emit silvery lights. Perfect for adding a different touch then what we all have been doing over the years for Diwali!

Okayji 24cm Swirling Colour Changing

Most of us get unhappy about burning up a pretty candle, and this is solely because they have their own charm which we slowly see dissolving. In this pick, we have a candle-like LED light which is battery operated, but gives you a similar look of what a candle does. In turn, this will not fade as the wax melts and you will have different colors change one after another. This is an Acrylic Water Candle sold by Okayji. The color change happens in a slow process and stand out among the usually decorations. There is a pool motor for circulation glitter and the watery effect will mesmerize upon use. This is one of the most impressive picks which you will not easily find at the markets, so you must quickly add them to cart.

Votive holder set (Yellow Glass) and T-light Candles

When you are looking for some of charming picks and you don’t want to go by the usually Diwali decorations, you can have something different. This particular product can be used all through the year, if you simply want to use it like a decoration. It can be your support for candle light dinners, decoration or even a pretty showy thing that makes your room look better. This product is made of metal and glow and gives a warm and romantic feel when you light it up. These are handcrafted materials from our country, and have been used with traditional skills.

Tucasa DW-41 Golden Kalash String Light (Multicolor)

We all know the importance and need of Kalash during a puja, but could you ever thing that you could have smaller versions on it, illuminated in your house during Diwali. Well, we have a set of 22 to 25 Kalash, which you can add to your Puja room and make the entire decoration look prettier. These are made of plastic and require 220 volts of power. It is currently at a discount of 50% and you should grab the offer while it is valid. It will surely be a unique addition among all the other forms of decorations.

Decorative Toran Balls

We have all seen the regular toran we need during Puja, but this is something unfamiliar to all of us. It first resembles the Christmas lighting, which means they can be reused during the next festive time. These are one of the most different color toran designs, which come in separate colors and distinctive shine. You can hang it like you hang all your torans and simply see this one glow into the shines of Diwali.

Two Moustaches Brass Ganesha Wall Hanging Deepak With Bells

We have always liked wall hangings, but we have never known that it could get slightly more interesting for Diwali times! We have a pretty brass wall hanging which comes in the shape of Lord Ganesha’s face. His Trunk holds the place for the diya to be lit, so you can have it illuminated during the puja. It is one of the unique picks that we thought of adding here and simply does that magic we weren’t expecting. This product is one of the unique ways to pay an honor to the Lord and also have your decoration done!

Bottle Shape Candle Dia Holder Decoration Lamp Diwali Festival Light Lantern

We have all see or used traditional lamps which had diyas kept on the inside, and we required kerosene to have it burnt. With the electrical developments, we have reduced their need but the concept still remains. Here, we have exciting products which are colorful bottles with diyas includes on the inside. These have to lit from the above, and hung on the wall or at the balconies.

Satyam Kraft Tealight Candle Holder

These are pretty and small candle holders, which will have lights on the inside, and you can simply hang them on the nails around your house. Make sure that you hang them with tight support sand then you are good to go. They come with authentic rope for strength, so just be careful that they are hung safe. These are some of the best candle holders which will brighten up your home décor and give you home a classy look. These are affordable and perfect for Diwali gifting as well. After you have brightened up your home, you would surely want to share them and spread love!

ASCENSION Fancy WaterProof Multicolour Led light

This fancy waterproof light which can work even in the rains! These give a traditional glow, making you nostalgic about the Diwali you have spent before. This flame tipped shapes are what we still look for during the decoration buying time. These require low electricity and costs around 80% less than the ordinary bulbs that you would buy offline. Have these hung indoor or outdoor and save high energy. These come in competitive price which is pretty less during Diwali.

LED balloon Balloons for Party Festival Diwali Christmas New Years Celebrations Assorted Colour

Diwali lights for decoration

Decoration Special Set Of 3 Led Light Wireless And Waterproof Colour Changing Candles With Remote Control