Easy rangoli designs for Pongal/Sankranthi

Pongal is a South Indian festival which lasts for four days. It is the time when people celebrate harvest. People gather together to have good food and pray for new beginnings. Sankranthi is the general term to this festival which is celebrated all across the country of India. In Punjab it is known as Lohri, in Maharashtra it is known as Hadaga, for the Assamese it is Bihu, etc.

This is the first festival for the Hindus and in grandly celebrated in their own ways. People discard old and unwated belongings and look forward to newer things. They leave back the concerns and bad lucks of the previous year and start afresh. In this article, we will go through some Pongal/Sankrathi designs, so that you get some ideas to go about these bright patterns. Latest and new rangoli designs for pongal or sankranthi festival. Easy rangoli designs with images for big sankranthi festival.

Big rangoli design for pongal festival

Big Rangoli design for pongal

Easy rangoli designs for Bhogi

Simple sankranthi festival rangoli designs with pictures. Pongal brings in beautiful rangoli designs and you get to see amazing and big rangolis. In this picture, we can see how wonderfully, big kolam designs have been drawn and colored. Each of the artists or groups had their own separate place and they have done a marvelous job. We see a big and bright rangoli pattern which has numerous circles. All there circles have bright base colors and they are filled with designs in the interior.

Vessel design rangoli for pongal

Vessel designs for Pongal

Traditional rangoli designs for pongal or sankranthi festival with images. These vessels play a significant role in Pongal. They are newly bought while the old ones are discarded, they are used to make authentic pongal food and they are also used to boil hot water. Hot water is for cleansing one’s body which wards off the bad times of the preceding year. This design can be easily done on a dotted base. Make the palm trees and colors them in green and brown. Make the vessels and add the goodies to show food being cooked. Finally, don’t forget to write ‘happy pongal’ in caps!

Colorful big rangoli design with flowers and heart shapes

Colorful big rangoli design with flowers and heart shapes

Dot rangoli designs for New Year 2016

Sankranthi muggulu or sankranthi rangoli designs with pongal pots. This is a big rangoli design which can be done layer by layer. They have original vessels for this and they have been kept right at the center. Make a comparatively big circle in the middle to keep similar vessels, one on top of another. Surround the circle with petal-like shapes and make two layers. Now change over to a different petal-like shape to make the look significant enough. If you have enough space, draw the heart-shapes and color them. Colors like red, blue, yellow and green make the designs look attractive and bright.

Colorful pot rangoli design for sankranthi, dominated by white

Colorful rangoli, dominated by white

This is a big rangoli pattern which needs enough space to be drawn. The dominance of white as the border of two circles can be quite understandable, and the colors make the designs look all the more interesting. You can ease your work by drawing straight lines like radiuses, all through the circular pattern. When you make the circumferences, you will get a criss-cross patten, which will be easier to design. The rangoli looks bright due to the involvement of colors like pink, blue, yellow, etc.

Vessel (Pongal pot), palm trees and diyas rangoli design for sankranthi or pongal festival

Vessel, palm trees and diyas

Easy rangoli designs with dots

Easy pongal pot design with sugarcane in rangoli design for sankranthi. If you want to go for easier designs and designs which have direct significane of pongal, you should opt for these ones. The vessel has been drawn on the flames, while there are two palm trees covering it. At the side of the trees you also get to see diya stands and they make the design look a little better. These designs are easy to chalk out and you simply need to see that the colors are properly placed.

Colorful diya rangoli pattern for sankranthi or pongal festival

Colorful diya rangoli

Here we see a rangoli pattern which includes diyas, lotuses, etc. Start off with the flower in the middle and then make four diyas on four sides. Make the lotus flowers in-between and then make the bud-like shapes after the diyas. Fill in with colors of red and brown for the base of the diya and then make the flames with brown and yellow. Color the lotus in pink and make the leaves green. Don’t forget the outer layer which borders the entire design.

Makar sankranthi dotted rangoli design with vessels and kites

Dotted rangoli with vessels and kites

Traditional makar sankranti rangoli designs with pictures. Flying kites is like a part of the ritual for Sankranthi. You will see the entire color paint the sky with colorful kites. This is an easy dotted rangoli design which has flowers, kites and vessels. At first you need to make the base of the designs and then color them. Start with the floral patterns, which leave enough space for the vessel shapes. Follow the kites in-between these shapes and you are done! Remember to fill these in with different colors so that they are distinguished and they look bright.

Bull faces, sugarcane trees and vessels (Pots) for rangoli design pongal or sankranti 

Bull faces and vessels for Pongal

Freehand rangoli with designs and dots

Some villages in South India still follow the tradition of bulls fighting during Pongal. This design depicts that and gives you a way to relive the concept. This design includes bright colors which make it very attractive to the eyes. Using vermilion instead of red can at times turn out to be a better idea. Make the vessels in four directions and then let the shapes in-between include the bull’s faces. You also get to see palm tree designs and grain like shapes too.

Colorful rangoli design with diyas

Colorful rangoli design with diyas

What makes this design unique is that it has no border. The borders seem to have been colored over which gave this design live. Make the outline and then color the designs accordingly so that you too get the effect. The bright colors of red, yellow, green and blue make this very attractive. It also has bits of brown and white. There are diyas which come with regular rangoli shapes and are easy to do if you have some skill in it already.

Lotus and other floral patterns with bright colors

Lotus and other floral patterns with bright colors

Rangoli patterns for Christmas/Xmas

Make the floral pattern in the middle to get the corresponding border. The lotus patterns which surround the designs are common and easy to do. Make the buds and then border them with petals, layer after layer. Color the lotuses with pink, blue and light brown. Make the leaves and the bud-like shape for outermost layer to give it a border.

Easy dotted rangoli design for sankranthi / pongal festival 

Easy dotted rangoli

This is just another variation which can be followed with a dotted rangoli. You have to create the square dotted base and then make the patterns accordingly. From the interior, make the vessel patterns and then colored them on the inside. For designing the white patterns, make spiral shapes around one dot and curve it through the other ones. This is an easy way for creating a pongal rangoli, which portrays neatness and beauty.

Easy rangoli design or pattern with pongal elements

Easy rangoli with pongal elements

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Best sankranti or pongal rangoli designs with pictures. Numerous elements are added during festivals to make it complete. From blossoming lotus plants, to coconut from coconut trees, we need numerous things to make a festive celebration complete. The dawn of the pongal morning has also made the rangoli had a pattern of the sun. You can choose your own elements according to their importance and ease. Make one of more of these to improve your rangoli a little more.

Simple kite rangoli design for sankranthi festival

Kite rangoli for sankranthi

Hands free rangoli design for sankranthi festival. This is another easy and quick idea of a rangoli pattern. It is a kite which has been outlined with white and then colored with blue, pink, green and red. The thread has been nicely intertwined and extended. For better enhancement you should make two or more designs, and add them side by side. This will be easy to do and pretty to look at!

Petaled rangolis on a square base

Petaled rangolis on a square base

Rangoli designs for welcome

Rangoli design inside house with diyas and flowers for sankranthi festival. You can make rangolis with petals to make it look a little different. Floral petals can be used for numerous rangoli types. They are easy to do and prettier to look at too. You simply have to make the outline and then add petals to it. Make sure that they are aligned and they come out nicely. These are comparatively easy as they are less messy.


• What is Rangoli?

Rangoli is a form of art originating from India in which patterns are created on the floor using colored rice, sand, flower petals, or colored chalk.

• What materials can I use to make a Rangoli?

You can use colored rice, colored sand, colored flower petals, colored chalk, or other similar materials to make a Rangoli.

• How do I create a simple Rangoli design?

Draw a basic outline of the design and then fill it in with colors and patterns.

• What are the traditional designs for Pongal/Sankranthi?

The traditional designs for Pongal/Sankranthi include kolams, rangolis, and torans.

• How do I create a colorful Rangoli?

Use colored powders, rice, flower petals, or sand to create your Rangoli design.

• What are the most popular Rangoli designs for Pongal/Sankranthi?

Kolam, Bommala Koluvu, Thiruvizha, and Mandana are some of the most popular Rangoli designs for Pongal/Sankranthi.

• How can I make a more complex Rangoli design?

By adding more lines and using more colors.

• What are the steps to making a Rangoli?

Draw a base design, outline the design with chalk or paint, fill the design with colors, use decorative items such as flowers, beads, and glitter to enhance the design.

• What are the best materials to use for making a Rangoli?

The best materials to use for making a Rangoli are powder colors, rice, flower petals, and glitter.

• What are some tips for creating a beautiful Rangoli design?

Use bright colors, draw symmetrical patterns, and incorporate geometric shapes for a unique design.