Rangoli Patterns for Christmas/Xmas

Rangoli designs happen to be a part of our Indian tradition and culture. Whenever we have festivals we make sure we make rangoli designs. Some of the common festivals where rangolis are a must include Diwali, Pongal and Onam.

In this article, we have tried to give you some rangoli ideas for Christmas. Yes, it of course seems to be quite unlikely, because Christmas doesn’t include this tradition.

But we live in a cosmopolitan country where we celebrate all festivals and love to have them Indianised. Let us go through some easy and lovely Christmas rangoli designs, which you would love to do at home or at office.

Patterns of christmas tree and bells

Patterns of Christmas Tree and Bells

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Christmas surely have some elements and objects which relate to them. In this design, we see the Christmas tree, the bells and the holly leaves.

We also see them in colors of red and green, which are patent for Christmas. Start off by making four Christmas trees and then accompany them with sticks in-between. Make three bells in the outer layer and they should be alternated with holly leaves.

The bells meet at the berries and your design is ready to be colored. Color the trees and the holly leaves in green, the berries in red and the bells in shades of yellow.

Snowy background with christmas tree

Snowy background with Christmas Tree

This design could be quite a cute option for your rangoli. Take a rectangular area and base with blue glitter rangolu. Follow it with snowy background like you see in the picture.

Now base out the Christmas tree and color it green. Add white, yellow and red designs to show the Christmas decorations. The glittery blue color will show a starry night, while the entire design brightens up.

Easy christmas rangoli for beginners

Easy Christmas Rangoli for Beginners

Rangoli designs for welcome

If you’re not familiar with rangoli designs, you can try this easy one. It is easy to make those triangle shapes to make the Christmas tree and then add those circle shapes for the decoration.

The yellow base of the design includes a moon and star which beautify. The maximum attraction goes to the Santa Clause design.

It has a triangle abdomen with semicircular head. A cloudy beard and a petal-like hat! You have some more colors at the side which make the design look cuter.

Bells and candles with bright colors

Bells and Candles with Bright Colors

Bells and candles are important part of the Christmas decoration. They are among those elements which you simply cannot miss out on.

Draw the bells which make the shape look like a rhombus. The center holds onto a smaller rhombus which has four diyas.

Every bell has a square shaped candle designed on them. What makes the design look so attractive, are the bright colors used. When you add colors like yellow, red and orange, the entire design is bound to brighten up.

Santa clause and Christmas tree Rangoli

Santa Clause and Christmas Tree Rangoli

Free hand rangoli designs

This is a pretty rangoli design which includes two most important aspects of Christmas celebrations, the tree and Santa Clause.

To do this easily, try and draw the designs first. Once that is done, it is will be easy to put in the colors. Santa is dressed in white and black, while he is carrying a pack of gifts.

The Christmas tree has red decorations and a yellow star which tops it. Make sure you have the cream color for the face and the rest looks lovely in red and green base.

Big christmas rangoli with snowman, santa and christmas tree

Big Christmas Rangoli with Snowman, Santa and Christmas Tree

This happens to be a really big one and is really attractive. There is Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Clause, followed by some more elements like bells, holly leaves, starts and Christmas goodies.

Chalk out the drawings and place them in the order you like. You can probably make a Christmas beside the Snowman and keeps the goodies with Santa. Decorate the surrounding with bells and stars and make add the colors accordingly.

Christmas carol rangoli

Christmas Carol Rangoli

Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This is a very unique design which many people will come up with. This Rangoli design in set in a big circular base and there are three human figures drawn on them.

They seem to be standing on piano chords, while they have instruments held in their hands as well. This scene shows that they are singing Christmas carols and that welcomes the concept of Christmas beautifully.

If you are all set to have a Christmas party you can surely make this design and surprise the guests.

Beautiful christmas tree design

Beautiful Christmas Tree

This is a very pretty rangoli design, and something that will turn out to be better than what it seems here. This particular rangoli art winds like the normal rangolis we do.

At the end of we get the shape of a pine tree and it just fits the occasion perfectly. Chalk out the entire design according to the shape of how the tree goes.

There are two distinctive shades of green which make the look more prominent. The portions you get in-between are to be filled in with shapes and colors of circles, stars, snowflakes, in order to show the decorations and the real look of the tree.

If it is perfectly followed, it will turn out to be a masterpiece.

Colorful rangoli design

Colorful rangoli design

Rangoli designs for holi festival

Christmas related to shades of red, green and white. Thus, when you get to see rangoli designs which are dominated with these colors, you’re sure to get to the right thing! This is an easy design which can be followed on a dotted rangoli base.

Draw the four petal-like shapes and you will have space to make a rhombus outside them, follow them with the rose-like shapes and then fill in with colors. The white dotted border makes it easy and the colors make it alluring!

Blend of color in a big rangoli

Blend of Color in a Big rangoli

This is one of the most different looking rangoli designs. The rangoli has been chalked out in white with definitive patterns. You can follow this or make your own.

There is another pattern on the inside, but the most unique part is how different colors have been blended together within the rectangular area.

When you carelessly add colors and then follow with some more of them, and when you finally see how they merge into each other, you will get a similar look and make your rangoli quite colorful and different.

Decorated christmas tree rangoli

Decorated Christmas tree Rangoli

Rangoli designs for dussehra

In the picture below, we see a decorated Christmas tree, which is drawn into a rangoli pattern and isn’t the real one instead.

That outline of the tree has been marked in white, and it takes the shape of the tree. It has been colored in light green. After the outline and the base color, decorative designs have been used to enhance the design.

It has been swirled with a white and red decorated strip, and the same color has been used for the trunk.

Colorful bell designs

Colorful bell designs

This is a pretty and neat rangoli design which goes perfect with the occasion of Christmas. Bells and balls are some decorative elements which we never forget to hang at our house or on our Christmas trees.

This rangoli pattern shows three bells of different colors which have been drawn on a white circular base. The base has been further surrounded with red, blue and green circumferences.

Christmas elements drawn within a square

Christmas elements drawn within a square

Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

If you’re looking for something easy to try, this could be just about it! This easy rangoli represents colorful and decorative elements which we add to our Christmas celebrations.

The patterns are easy as they have square, circular and cylindrical shapes, which base most of the designs. You can easily adopt these in simplest possible base shapes and also written Merry X’mas below!

Santa’s face drawn on colorful base

Santa’s face drawn on colorful base

Create a square base and add black for the border. Add blue on the interior and then outline Santa’s face. The two opposite corners have bells drawn and them – this further enhances the base design.

Santa’s face has been nicely chalked out and then filled in with respective colors. The mustache has been created with soft cotton. You can replace it with white color like the beard.