Free hand rangoli designs

Rangoli designs are an integral part of festivals in India. They are first chalked out with the artist’s preferable base texture and are then filled in with colors of different shades. There are distinctive designs and shapes to be chosen, and they are sometimes done at a random and sometimes for specific occasions.

For example, Diwali rangolis might have diya patterns or numerous shades of colors, pongal designs might have elements related to harvest and wedding rangolis might have peacock designs, etc.

Rangolis usually come with some instrumental aid like stencils or cone-shaped papers, which makes the designs easier for us to follow. But freehand rangolis are the ones which are done with a little more expertise.

These designs are absolutely done without the help of any instruments which is why they are called freehand work. In this article, we will go through some of the best freehand rangolis. Even the beginner can take some tips and start with these designs. Practice will surely make you perfect.

Border rangoli with colorful shades


Rangoli designs for welcome

We see a pretty border rangoli which has been done freehand. Here, you need to first chalk out the bordered portions and the designs in white. You can fill the colors thereafter and enhance the look.

Start with the semi-circular pattern and then color them with different colors and try to keep equivalent space in-between. The lower portion has two semi-circular shapes in shades of red and maroon respectively, and is then followed by the designs in white. If you are beginner, you can opt for easier designs but try to stay even.

Dotted rangoli with floral patterns


The best thing about dotted rangoli designs are that they are easy to do and can be done freehand. There are floral patterns drawn in a hexagonal shape and the colors make them look attractive.

Join the dots to make these 6 petaled floral shapes and then color them accordingly. There is a red flower in the very core of the design, which is then surrounded with yellow flowers. In the very final layer, you see blue and green alternative colors used for the floral patterns.

Two peacock designs


Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This rangoli will be apt for the ones who have more expertise in these designs. There are two peacocks which face each other and they have been properly drawn for the alignment.

There are unusual colors added to the body of the birds, since they include orange, yellow, black and then green. You have to first add the base color and then make the border in white. Add colors respectively and make sure that they are uniformly colored as well.

Krishna freehand rangoli


This is an easy rangoli design which depicts the face Lord Krishna playing flute. At first, you have to follow the yellow line and make to chalk out the shape of the face. Add the turban and then add the peacock feathers which call in layers of different colors.

The hair has been colored brown and the eyes have been done in blue. Continue with the yellow color for the neck and the hand, and then make the flute. For the finishing touch, add the pink color of bangle-like shape, the tika on the forehead and some blue color for the body.

Neat dotted rangoli with rhombus base


Rangoli designs for holi festival

This is another dotted rangoli design, which forms itself on a rhombus base. Make a circular pattern in the center and then add the petals all around. Add the ‘M’ like shapes in purple and then make bigger floral petals.

These petals are further divided in two shades of maroon and yellow. The final designs which make the rhombus take a shape are the green petal-like designs. These are included with pink floral patterns as well. Follow as much as you can and then enhance on your own!

Ganapati rangoli


This is an easy rangoli design which you will be able to follow freehand. This can be done on Diwali, Ganpati Chaturthi, etc. At first you have to make the wavy shapes to form the leaf.

Fill it with glitter green color and then use white powder to make the face of Lord Ganesha. You don’t have to make it more complex, since the lines and shapes are simplest and neat. Use a lighter shade of green to make the veins of the leaves.

Diwali rangoli with bright colors


Rangoli designs for dussehra

This is a bright and easy diwali rangoli pattern, which is dominated with vermilion color and looks very attractive. Start with the blue base, and then surround it with green and yellow circular patterns.

Start making the petal like shapes and alternate the colors of blue and vermilion respectively. Make another green circle and fill up the gaps in the dark khaki tone. Finally, make the bigger petal-like shapes in vermilion and added smaller ones on the inside with yellow.

Simple rangoli pattern


This is an easy rangoli patten which you can follow and do all by yourself. These are apt for beginners or for people who aren’t used to freehand designs. Make the half-leaf like a shape in maroon at first. Chalk it out and then fill in the colors.

Make the patterns to the right and add a layer in green. The ascending circular patterns give the finishing. Continue with the designs on the left of the maroon base and also add the circular patterns to even out the design.

Easy diwali pattern with diyas


Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

Start with the semi-circular pattern in yellow and add the white shapes for the interiors. Use the white color again for making the big inverted ‘s’ shaped design and also mark the interiors with smaller shapes.

At the extreme left, you see many water-drop like shapes and to the extreme right there are ‘y’ like patterns opposite each other. Fill in the respective color and then enhance the look by adding the diyas.

Long rangoli floral pattern


This is a long rangoli design which takes up more shape in length than in breadth. It is unlike the circular and semi-circular patterns which we have seen above. These have flowers and leaves and they are added with bright colors to make it look that alluring. At first you have to make the green leaf-like design and then add the petals in red and white.

These are connected to the green design with two semi-circular shapes in brown and white. Make the pink floral pattern and add blue shape on the inside. Repeat the design two times and alternate the sides of the leaves and the flowers. This will give it a different look and a proper sync.

Bright rangoli with flower

Bright rangoli with flower

Rangoli designs for Independence day

This is a pretty rangoli design which is quite easy to make, and looks even better due to the usage of perfect shades. Add green base with a thin blue outline and then make the floral pattern on the inside.

Start from the core where you have the circular patterns drawn in different colors and then add floral patterns one after another. There are two layers of floral patterns of different shapes and they have also been added with different colors. The bright the shades you use the better your design looks!

Big rangoli with floral pattern in layers

Big rangoli with floral pattern in layers

This is a big rangoli design which can be done if followed layer after layer. Start from the core and then gradually get to the layers upward. This rangoli has nice and bright colors added. They also have different floral patterns with different intricacies inside them.

Big floral shape with interior designs

Big floral shape with interior designs

Rangoli designs for diwali

This rangoli is based on a blue floral base which looks attractive! What will appeal to you is the difficulty of how the intricacies have been drawn on the blue base.

There are no outlines used from before, and they are absolutely freehand. You can try and have them done on a smaller scale to make it look neater. You can also use white outlines if and when required.

Big floral design with more designs on petals

Big floral design with more designs on petals

Finally, we have another similar rangoli idea which includes a big floral rangoli added on with more floral patterns on the petals. This is also a big rangoli which can be summarized into a smaller scale according to your skill and requirement. Opt for easy shapes and bright colors to make it look neat and pretty!