Rangoli designs for welcome

Rangolis are colorful patterns, which are used for decorating the floors during special events. They also make an integral part in different Indian occasions. Some festivals like Onam, Navratri, Diwali, etc. are times when rangolis are a must. On the other hand, there are also occasions when we want to make merry and beautify our lives with these colorful patterns.

These could include birthdays, weddings and homecomings. In this article, we have listed some of best ‘welcome’ rangolis, which are done for accepting and appreciating somebody’s arrival. It could be done for greeting a new bride, for a new born baby, for someone who has been out of for long or simply for inviting guests over.

Dotted rangoli with bright colors


Rangoli designs for dussehra

Dotted rangolis are always easier to opt for, since they are neat to look at. The background of the rangoli has been chalked out with dots. There is a square in the middle which has been followed by a ‘plus’ sign of a different shade. We then see a square-like pattern forming, with three cornered-tips for every corner. They are alternated with two shades of pink and green. White, green and pink are the next set of alternating colors which add another layer to the cornered-tips. You can elongate the rangoli according to your preference. ‘Welcome’ has been tidily written in brown, at the very top of the rangoli.

Easy Rangoli with Diyas


This is a neat diwali rangoli, which can be made for welcoming the guests over. The picture below tells us that the rangoli has been done at the entrance, and it is a wonderful way to greet the guests. The flipped inverted commas which face opposite each other, has been nicely colored with two layers of yellow and orange. There are floral patterns above and below the designs are they have been colored in white, green and orange. There are also leaves at the top and it is added with diyas all around.

Pretty rangoli in a frame


Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

In the rangoli design below, we see that an artificial background has been added. This is done by the floral frame which is in white. You can simply make a background and then start off with the colors. There is a layer of pink which covers the first base of the rectangular design. The place chalked out to write ‘welcome’ has been added with black glittered rangoli. ‘Welcome’ has been written over the black base and it includes a khaki color. You can replace this with brighter shades like orange, blue, green or yellow.

Big and bright semi-circular rangoli


When you make a rangoli against a wall, you get a proper shape to it. This makes neatness more prevalent and you get to concentrate on the design better. There is semi-circular layers drawn own after another and they are all bright and colorful. The first semi-circle is in blue and has an ‘Om’ written. It is followed by different shades of yellow, green and pink. The last layer happens to be in the shades of blue again. White has been used for giving the internal intricacies, and it also makes the designs prominent.In this rangoli, we see ‘swagatam’ written, and that in Hindi means welcome. You can replace the word in English or your preferred language.

Color rangoli with green dominance


Rangoli designs for Independence day

This rangoli pattern has been dominated with glittery green rangoli. There are shades of green which makes the rectangular base, and the border has is a single shade of red. There are five circular patterns in the left corner of the design, and they have been layered up with different colors. All of them have a black background, while there are brighter shades on the inside. The area in the middle includes the word ‘welcome’ are there designs on the outside which enhance the look a little more.

Beautiful Peacock Rangoli


Drawing peacocks are quite common for rangoli designs because you can fill in numerous colors, and make your rangoli look very attractive. In this picture, we see a very neatly done peacock rangoli, which is followed by the ‘word’ welcome in a pink color base. After the body of the peacock is drawn and colored, there are layers and shades of blue, followed by off-white and finally green to make the feathers of the peacock. The topmost part of the rangoli has pink and yellow oval-shaped designs which make the feather-tip prominent.

Beautiful Peacocks for Welcome Rangoli


Rangoli designs for diwali

This beautiful rangoli design surely needs high expertise. Both the birds have been drawn in a way to amalgamate into each other while their feathers alternate the positions and are colored accordingly. The shape is similar to the peacock rangoli we have seen above. There is a bark of tree drawn below their feet, and right after that, ‘welcome’ has been written.

Floral patterns with bright color combination


In this picture, we see an easy rangoli which includes floral patterns, layer after layer. The blue circular center is petaled with pink color. This portion is then surrounded with a yellow petaled-rangoli. There are two more layers with bud-like shaped in purple and white, followed by blue and green which connects to the bigger petal-like shapes in pink. There is another floral pattern which is alternated with blue and pink, after this layer, and then the final petals which are alternated with three different colors. Welcome has been written, just below the design and it has been neatly filled with similar colors.

Real petals for welcome rangoli


Freehand rangoli designs without dots

Real petals are also alluring for rangoli designs. Many houses prefer having real petals to make rangoli designs, as they are easier to do. Weddings mostly include real petal and sometimes the bride and groom walk over it. In this picture we see petals yellow, orange, white and red petals have been used to make the design. They have distinctive circular layers with a floral pattern in the middle as well. The outermost layer includes three different flower petals which makes a nice border. Even the word welcome has been written with petals and makes the designs quite appreciable.

Floral and bird shaped rangoli


The color combinations make the design extremely likable. The bird shaped rangoli gets prominence due to the beak and the eyes of the bird. It is followed bye floral patterns and the tips. Welcome has been written at left side and there is a bud-like shape over the bird shapes. The entire design has been separately chalked out for coloration. There are layer are layer which needs to be chalked out according to the shapes of the design, and then filled in with the respective colors.

Floral rangoli with yellow marigold and leaves

Floral rangoli with yellow marigold and leaves

Free hand rangoli designs

Welcome rangoli have floral patterns commonly used become they are more appealing to the people. We usually greet people with flowers, which is why even the simplest form of rangoli like this, could be more appreciated than the rest. Have the rangoli pattern created in a heart shape with yellow marigold flowers and leaves. Also make sure that you have made the ‘welcome’ in the middle with the leaves!

Easy rangoli with scroll

Easy rangoli with scroll

The prime attraction of this rangoli happens to be the scroll which you see in the middle. The rangoli has been placed in rectangular layers, one after another and it has been added with a scroll in the middle. The scroll pattern has welcome written in Hindi. You can replace it in your preferred language. Finally, do not forget to add some decorative patterns on the outside, to make the design look a little more desirable.

Rangoli with biscuits and snacks

Rangoli with biscuits and snacks

Rangoli designs for rangoli competition

This is definitely quite an innovative idea to welcome people for supper. If you have some people coming over for tea, you can surely make this design and make the greeting a beautiful gesture. This rangoli represents shapes of kettle and tea cups, which have been created with cheeselings and biscuits. This will also be easy to make, although you might have to waste the edibles.

Floral pattern with petals

Floral pattern with petals

This is another rangoli type which has to be created with petals. These create shapes of flowers, one over another and look quite attractive too. These have to be created with real flowers and petals, and they also have to be outlined beforehand. This too is easy to create and adorable to look at. These are perfect for events like weddings and receptions.