Rangoli designs for rangoli competition

Competitions are like all examinations where we try to give in our best to excel. In this article, we have listed down some of the most beautiful rangoli designs which have been done in competitions and will give you tips to participate in yours. Everybody who likes rangoli designs will surely love to go through some specific rangoli ideas, which will give them some tips to excel in the ones they make.

If you are keen on rangoli designs or you have rangoli competition coming up or you simply want to level from what you done till date, these rangoli ideas are definitely going to give you some sample idea.

Peacock and sitar design


Rangoli designs for holi festival

A lot of people want to make peacock designs for such events because there is a lot to do by blending the colors of green, blue and black. This design has a sitar just behind the peacock shape, and both these elements are related to Goddess Saraswati. At first you have to make the outline of the design in black. After that you need to fill in the colors accordingly. There is a semicular rangoli design to enhance the above area and a flower drawn just after the peacock design ends. It has rich intricacies to be done, which is why you have to be very careful while drawing and filling with colors.

Human Portrait on Canvas


One of the best ways to excel a competition is when you can make such rangoli design. This is a canvas rangoli design which depicts a still of Deepika Padukone from the movie Ram Leela. This sort of a human portrait can be only done by someone who excels in the rangoli art. You can choose your preferences for the portraits and try to make them easier than designs which need such minute detailing. This is a very beautiful rangoli design which surely grabs the attention of people.

Radha Krishna Rangoli


Rangoli designs for dussehra

We cannot miss out on the spiritual aspects that rangoli designs bring in. These are used for traditions and divinity. In this rangoli design, we get to see a design of Radha and Krishna. It has been very intricately drawn and colored. These sort of rangoli designs need a lot of time and patience, and can be excelled by the experts.

Human Portrait Rangoli


Rangoli depicts a pretty little girl who is dancing. She is fair and plump and she has been very cutely designed. This design is not very difficult. You have to chalk out the outline and the interiors for the clothes and accessories. Rest of it can be colored and properly managed. It will look comparatively difficult than the actual effort it needs and that will add a trick to you for a competition. Make sure that the minute detailing of eyes and accessories are nicely done, to keep it neat and pretty.

Diya Rangoli


Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

Though this rangoli will turn out to be amazing for a Diwali act, this is actually a competition rangoli which has been very beautifully done. The diya has been chalked in a big background and it has been added with all sorts of designs we usually do on the outside. This is what makes this pink unique and very classy. You have floral patterns in colorful shades and they brighten up the look. Don’t forget tge flame in orange and yellow blend.

Lotus rangoli design


Yes! This sort of a rangoli looks perfect for a rangoli competition. It is a beautiful lotus rangoli design which have one big flower, one flower yet to open and also small buds which will blossom. These have been very intricately designed due to the different shades of color used. The leaves, the stems and the flowers have a blend of different shades, which slowly merge into each other and look very intriguing.

Flowers and Bird Rangoli


Rangoli designs for Independence day

This is a lovely rangoli idea for a competition. Floral patterns are quite common for rangoli ideas but there are rangolis where you can make flowers instead too! This rangoli includes similar shapes of flowers which have been colored in different shades. It pattern looks like a sunflower and fall yellow in the center for all of them. It is then added with a white layer and then colored with the main color. There is a kingfisher drawn in blue and orange, and it also has a bit of yellow for the face and the feathers.

Sunset Rangoli Idea


Sometimes making colorful rangolis should also mean that you are opting for something unique. Rather than sticking to regular rangoli ideas which are practiced through spiritual events, indulge into something different and dynamic. This rangoli design has been blended in a base of pink and purple. The colors show a sunset idea, where the sky looks beautiful in such colors. There is a coconut tree, a women waling by a two birds in the picturesque, and they are all colored in black base. This contrasts the coloration and brings out the significant shapes well.

Colorful rangoli with Ganapati in the center


Rangoli designs for diwali

This is a very beautiful and difficult rangoli design for a competition. It has been set on a pink base and has been blended in purple tone. There is a Ganpati design draw in the middle and it base of this area is in vermilion. The design you see just after the Ganapati drawing has been done in white and are in circular layers. After this you have to design the next layer with white. These include regular rangoli designs so you can choose your own shapes and sizes. The white color looks bright on the colored based and is perfect for a tough challenge.

Ganapati rangoli design


This is another Ganapati rangoli design which only includes the face. It has been outlined in black and then filled in with the colors. What makes this challenging enough are the shades of blue, and how they have been blended together. There is an ‘Om’ drawn above and the entire look turns out to be very attractive and interesting.

Floral pattern with colorful shades


Freehand rangoli designs without dots

This is a comparitively easier pick for a rangoli competition. What makes it exclusive is the set of colors and the colorful look that it delivers. Chalk out this circular shape and then blend in the colors accordingly. There is a mix of blue and yellow on the outer part, while the middle has two rounds in green and red. There are petal-like shapes on the outside and they have been colored in red and green alternatively. The out most layers have the smaller petal shapes which are contrasted with the mix of blue and yellow again.

Red tulip rangoli


This is another floral idea which is similar to the lotus flowers we saw above. You can also opt for this one as it is tough and bright. There are shades of red in the petals which make the design look more attractive and the leaves have been very beautifully blended in shades of green. The merge of colors in these kinds of rangoli designs are the most difficult aspects of the process, but that is also what makes it look so desirable.

Peacock rangoli in a sun shape

Peacock rangoli in a sun shape

Free hand rangoli designs

The greater the intricacy level, the more difficult your rangoli becomes. When you spread your rangoli over a big area, you have more space to make every detailing look better. They often do come out better too. But what needs more skill is a design which needs to be done without a smaller space. This peacock rangoli has been designed inside a sun shape which has rich detailing all over the body. It has been brightened with diyas in the shape of the rays.

Big rangoli design for diwali competitions

Big rangoli design for diwali competitions

This could be a nice idea to draw if you have rangoli competition during diwali. The design has been spread over a big space and has diya patterns turned into a floral shape. You can follow this step by step and then color them accordingly as well. The external floral patterns which have been created in white, makes the design more interesting.

Rangoli colors filled between powdered outline

Rangoli colors filled between powdered outline

Rangoli designs for welcome

It is more challenging to create patterns which have to be outlined with the powder itself. When you don’t use anything else to make the outline, but you have to use the powder itself, the difficulty level rises. You can follow this colorful rangoli pattern to make your design look interesting and colorful. They will surely need rangoli instruments to have it done, but if its for a competition you will have to use your expertise.

Floral rangoli with shades and designs

Floral rangoli with shades and designs

This is a very colorful rangoli design which has been added with numerous colors at numerous levels. To have this rangoli created, you must make sure that your outline has been perfectly drawn. The petals of the flowers have different shades of colors added at different levels. They have been further added with thin white line which make the design a little more interesting.