Rangoli designs for diwali – Free hand rangoli designs for Diwali

Best and easy free hand rangoli designs for diwali festival. Diwali is one of the most important festivals for the Hindus. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. It goes on for 5 long days, although the third day happens to be the main day. Diwali is known as the festival of lights and it brightens up our lives and brings new hopes. It is also a festival where we get to see numerous colors in fireworks and in rangoli patterns. New diwali rangoli patterns and designs.

Rangolis are a must for Diwali since it adds to the charm and is followed like a regular custom. In this article, we have listed some of the best Diwali rangoli patterns which will gives you some tips and ideas to brighten this occasion. Best rangoli free hand designs to make this diwali

Beautiful free hand rangoli designs for Diwali festival

Simle diya rangoli patterns for diwali

Rangoli designs for welcome

How to draw diya in free hand rangoli design for diwali festival?
At first you need to chalk out the rhombus shape on which you want to make the rangoli. Give a dark color base like black or chocolate. Start with the chrome yellow area in a circle and then draw the diya pattern. Add another layer of red circumference and then enhance with smaller designs. Add a thinner layer in yellow and then enhance the rest of it as you like it. The external designs are a little difficult to come out neat, so either opt for easier patterns or use proper rangoli tools.

Big rangoli with floral patterns for diwali

Most colorful rangoli designs for diwali festival with images. Big rangoli look more complex, but the bigger you can spread a rangoli the more space you get for filling in colors. Chalk out the yellow circle inside which you have a dotted floral pattern. The yellow circle is surrounded with a layer of black and then continued with four uniform floral patterns in red. The spaces you get between two petals can be used for any other suitable design, like you see the inverted comma shapes in here. You have to divide the sections of the design and add colors accordingly.

Diya rangoli surrounded by floral patterns for diwali

Free hand rangoli designs

Easy free hand rangoli designs for diwali. This rangoli is easy to do and neat to look at. You have to start with the circular portion in the middle. Chalk out half of the circle for the white base while the other half makes the diya pattern. Now, the diya pattern has a concave curve in the middle, so that it takes up the accurate shape. The pattern has been enhanced with yellow and pink design over the maroon base. Add the flame and then make the green circumference. Follow it up with floral patterns which are first chalked out and then divided according to the color filing process.

Free hand simple diya rangoli design for Diwali

Diyas are an important aspect of Diwali. Every house puts diyas at every corner which brightens up the entire concept for the auspicious occasion. Although, most designs will be accompanied by diyas, this particular design has a diya pattern only. It is easy to do and lovely to gaze at! Start off with the base of the diya which has semi-circular area. Fill in with two layers, the first one would be maroon and then the green.  The maroon color has a wider base while the green color in dotted with black. The flame of the diya is in orange and yellow, which represent the color of the fire. For brightening it up a little more, you can add more colors to the base than keeping it simply maroon.

Colorful dotted diwali rangoli design

Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

Decorate this dotted rangoli with diyas. Dotted rangoli designs for Diwali are dotted bases which makes drawing the outline easier. We have to join dot to dot and make shapes accordingly. The entire design in the picture below, falls in a rhombus shape dotted base. You have to section out layer by layer and make the patterns. It starts with a circular area where the diya has been kept, and then continues to the plus sign like shape. It is followed with another pattern in green and then easy patterns for the external portion. Add diya pattern in the black areas to enhance the look a little more.

Diya rangoli with peacocks / Peacock rangoli designs for diwali free hand

Peacock rangoli design with diya pattern for diwali. A lot of houses love using glitter powders for diwali rangoli designs, since they glow and make the design look better. In the picture below, we see two peacocks facing opposite each other and they have a diya in-between. Peacocks are quite a common option for diwali rangoli patterns since they come with bright and colorful shade tones. Chalk out the patterns and then add the colors accordingly. Choose different colors for the diya rather than blue and green, which are mandatory for the peacock body.

Easy ganesha rangoli for festival

Rangoli designs for holi festival

We have Laxmi and Ganesh puja during Diwali, which also gives us reasons to make patterns which relate to them. In the picture below, we have an easy Ganesha rangoli which can be quickly chalked out with the comfortable outline. Make a prominent outline from the face, to the body and to the feet. Add different colors so that all the levels are properly visible and looks bright too. Add the eyes in the end and then add some diyas to the side.

Simple floral and diyas patterns / Rangoli designs for diwali with diya

Easy rangoli flower design. Flowers never go out of style for Diwali rangoli. In the picture below, we see three distinctive floral patterns which are layered one over another. All the three shapes are different and they have been colored differently. The core of the pattern holds a diya plate which forms a floral pattern as well. You can enhance it on your own or give a circular core with one shade of color. For the external part, add the diya patterns and then the original diyas to lighten it.

Dark colored diwali rangoli designs freehand

Rangoli designs for dussehra

Best diwali rangoli designs. After so many diya rangolis, you are going to be amused to see how beautiful one rangoli can look, with only the flames. The flame shaped diwali rangoli we see below, has been created in a circular manner, which also makes it look like petals of flowers. You can perceive how you want to, but you will surely agree that it is a nice idea for a rangoli pattern. The middle portion of both the layers of these patterns has been added with blue and green shades. This design would need high intricacies, difficulties and carefulness.

Diwali rangoli designs with flowers

How to make diwali rangoli decoration with flowers? Using read flowers to make rangolis are also common. You will see more weddings have these, but in here, we have a lovely diwali rangoli with real petals. There is a vessel in the middle, which has water, petals and diyas beautifying it. It is further surrounded with rose petals for the first layer. The next layer has yellow marigold flowers. You then follow it up with shredded petals of different kind. Add rose petals for the finishing and surround with some lovely diyas uniformly.

Diwali rangoli designs with colors

Innovative ideas with colorful rangoli shades

Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

The Diwali rangoli design that we have below have been very innovatively colored. There are four different shades used, and they literally cover up like the outline of the rangoli. This alternatively means that the designs we usually fill it have been left blank or turned into the outlines, while the places which are left blank have been colored. Take a closer look at the picture to exactly understand what is stated. You simply have to place the colors and then and then used the tip of your fingers to create the design.

Simple rangoli designs for diwali with flowers

Floral designs

Floral rangoli designs on floor and wall edges. Floral rangolis are commonly used for such occasions. They add beauty to the floor and make guests feel delighted about the decorations as well. Use two or more different petals to make designs like you see in the picture below. Floral rangolis are easier to do since they don’t have much chances of spilling. You can also make outlines and then add the flowers.

Easy diwali rangoli designs with colors

Corner rangoli with three colors

Freehand rangoli designs without dots

Rangoli designs to the corners of the room. Corner rangolis are easy to design because they already have two sides. You can concentrate more on the design than the edges. To follow this easy design, add three different colors to the base of the design and the add white for making more designs on the inside. Add diyas after you have made the rangoli design because it will add up to the festivity.

Diya rangoli design for diwali

Diya rangoli on blue base

Side borders rangoli design with diya for diwali. Chalk out a square rangoli base which will be added with shades of blue rangoli. Make the colors blend in a nice way so that you have two colors blended together. Make the shape of a diya with white outline and then fill in with colors. Make sure that the flames have a blend of yellow to orange, so that it looks real. Add some more designs on the external part of the square to make it look a little more interesting.

Blue and yellow floral shaped easy rangoli design with diyas


Rangoli designs for Independence day

Floral shaped rangoli design with diyas. For making this rangoli, you have to outline the shape of the flower which you see in the base of blue. It is followed by the shape of the diya flames which has been colored in yellow. After you have completed the outline of these you need color them. You can also make the entire blue base at first and then make the patterns in yellow. Make square shapes around the core and a circle in the colors, and add bright colors respectively. Finally, brighten your rangoli with diya pattern and add a different shaped diya in the middle for more attraction.

Quick and easy flower rangoli design


Single flower floor diwali rangoli design. This is an easy rangoli design which looks difficult to anybody who turns to it. You have to start from the core, which gives you the small floral pattern and then gradually level up. First make the two circular beginning and then follow it up with one blue coat of floral pattern and then make bigger ones in bright colors like yellow, red and pink. After you have done these, outline the leaf design and fill them with two different shades on two sides. Make another circle for the Laxmi feet and outline the feet neatly. Now you use a thin stick or toothpick to bring the partition that you see in every pattern. You have to be very careful that they are aligned well and your design will finally look complex and interesting.

Crescent shaped rangoli color with design


Rangoli designs for ugadi festival

Beautiful and easy rangoli design for diwali. There is crescent shape in the base color of dark green, which is followed by light green and finally a coat in pink. The circular patterns have not been regularly placed, which adds to the glory. The final circular pattern in seen in purple and tiny one pushed to the right. There are designs done on the rangoli which enhances the look and the core is lightened with a diya.

Kundan rangoli design for diwali festival


Attractive and colorful diwali kundan rangoli design. This is an artificial rangoli also known as kundan rangoli. You get to buy these in the local markets and even online, so make your purchases quick. This particular pick has a blend of blue and red colors. The base in dark blue and the design patterns are in red. It has been jeweled with different colors of glittering plastic and has been finally added with a diya in the middle for giving the Diwali effect.

Petal shaped multi color rangoli on white base


Rangoli designs for rangoli competition

Simple hands free rangoli design with rainbow colors for diwali festival. This rangoli design has been sprinkled with white base and then added with colorful petals all around. The core has been colored in green and added with petals yellow marigold. There is a diya in the middle which adds to the shine, and then you continue to the design. This rangoli has been made in petal shapes which overlap one after the other, and come in different shades. If it gets difficult to do, try getting a stencil to help you. Sprinkle circular patterns to the outside and then add some more of the white in the middle to complete.

Easy peacock rangoli pattern in a circular design


Best diwali rangoli design. This is another peacock rangoli design which comes within a circular base. You have to first make the rings in the respectively colors and sizes and then start with the peacock design. A very amateurish design has been set for the body of the peacock, which assures it to be easy to do for any beginner. It is finally lighted with diyas to perfect it for the occasion.

Diya design within peacock shape rangoli


Rangoli designs for onam

This is another design which comes with an easy peacock shape, and can be followed in the most regular manner. It ha formed the peacock shape in a usual inverted comma, with an addition to the beak and eyes towards the tip. The feathers have been shown closed and then added with petal-like shape to the left. This too is added with diyas like the rest.

Big rangoli in blue and maroon for diwali festival


This is a big rangoli design which comes in three circular layers. It has been added with petal shapes towards the outside, to enhance the design further. The middle has off-white, followed by alternative colors of maroon and blue. Finally, it has been added by designs in white, which makes it slightly difficult to follow. You can make the design that you are comfortable with and then add the diyas along.

Simple and elegant rangoli design for diwali


Easy rangoli designs with flowers & petals

If you want a easy, simple and pretty looking diya rangoli, you can try this pattern. You have to first outline the white part, start from the outline of green, follow it with the crescent shape and then make the petal patterns in the end. You have to colors them in bright shades and then fill it layers like you see in yellow. Finally, make the dotted part to better the design.

Bright and color, big rangoli diwali festival


When you dare to make your rangolis big and bright, they come out nice with the easiest designs. Make the outline of the outer circles and then finally start drawing the peacock shape. You have to make easy circular patterns for the tail and eye-shape for the body. To make the design look a little tough, you can use sticks to make the curves you see in the last circle. You can also follow up with white designs as you see on the outside.