Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Ugadi or Yudagi is the celebration of the first day of the year in Andhra Pradesh. Every year, on this day, a new Samvatsara starts and it is a cycle which goes on for the next 60 years. All the Samvatsara have different names and identification. The dates are set according to the Luni-Solar calendar and they just have different names in different regions.

Ugadi is known as Gudi Padwa in Maharasthra, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Vaisakhi in Punjab, Bihu in Assam, Naba Barsha in West Bengal and Pana Sankranti in Orissa. They all fall on the same day but every region has their own way of celebrating.

In this article, we have listed some of the best rangoli designs for Ugadi. These are colorful and bright, so you can choose your pick and take some tips to do!

Easy dotted rangoli design


Rangoli designs for welcome

This is an easy rangoli design which will not call for much of your efforts. You just need some neat rangoli cones and you can make the shapes. Dot out the rangoli with the rhombus shapes, one after the after the other.

The lines will intersect each other in the corners, so you can fill in with different colors in different spaces. Try to make it as neat as possible, and then add the curved semi-circular portions, along with the layers. Finally, make the floral patterns and give a singular color to the petals.

Colorful rangoli with bright colors and distinctive shapes


This is big rangoli design which includes quite a few colors. Start off with the small circle and then go on enhancing the design. Choose your own shapes and colors, and also your own preferences. At the end of the design, it should be neat.

This is quite a complex due to so much of intricacies done. Make it simpler and use some nice rangoli cones. Also make sure that the color combination turns out to be good!

Pink and white rangoli with floral patterns


Free hand rangoli designs

Start from the very first floral pattern and then go on enhancing with the rest of it. This is yet another complex design, but the complexities are more to merge the layers and not the main floral patterns.

If you have been during rangoli designs, this will be quite a task for you, but the results are worth all the time spent. Make the heart-shaped circular layer and then layer it up with one more floral pattern.

Finally, make the lotus patterns and the final border with the layer of flowers. One more tip would be to use different colors rather than keeping it pink for all the flowers. You can add colors like red, green, yellow, orange and blue as well.

Big rangoli design in cream, black and grey base


This is a very unique color combination, which stresses on the design more than the colors chosen. Rangolis are usually done with very bright color tone, but this one has a made a difference for a change! These have different layers of different shapes and designs andf they stress more of the art of how it has been done, than the colors that have been added. You can ideas of these layers and make it on your own.

Choose which one would suit your expertise and also how you can match and merge the design well.

Purple and yellow dominated big rangoli


Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This is another big rangoli design which has been dominated with the colors of purple and yellow. There is a circular pattern in the middle and it has been ehanced with white stripes like in radius shapes.

The core of this circle has more intricacies designed with colors of red, yellow, blue and orange. The outer layer to this circle has yellow sunflower-like petals and they have bud-like shapes on the inside. Finally, you also get to see some more layers in purple and yellow tone, but you can also choose to keep it till the big petal-like yellow design.

Artificial rangoli idea with bright colors


Although the picture gives you the view of an artificial rangoli design, you can surely have it enhanced with powdered colors. It starts off from the heart-like shapes around the circular pattern and is then enhanced with more layers and colors.

There is a domination of vermilion colors and but the design includes more colors like blue, green, yellow and black. You can go about your own preferences and designs to suit your skills and to maintain neatness.

Shades of blue in a floral pattern and green base


Rangoli designs for holi festival

This rangoli is comparitively easy to do. You just have to make sure that you have the perfect shades put in for blue. The design has a green base and a darker shade of green for the middle.

It has been surrounded by blue petals and they are in different shades. They merge into each other, while the final layer remains black. If you have to perfectly chalk out this area and do the merging process. For the final layer, make the white designs and complete it!

Rangoli design with real flowers


Surround the big circular area with flowers that you have chosen, so that it gives you enough space to fill on the inside. There is another smaller circle in the middle and that has been filled it with leaves and petals.

Between the two circles you see that there are spaces cut through like diamaters. These areas have been filled in with petals and the divisions have green leaves. Add the final layer which is full off petals and flowers in semi-circular shapes.

Big, bright and colorful rangoli design


Rangoli designs for dussehra

This is a big rangoli design which has a mixture of numerous colors! The first circular zone has been added with orange and red in semi-circular divisions and it has internal designs in white.

For the outer layer, you need to put it 7-8 colors in equal proportions to fill in. Add the colors for the base and then make the intersecting curved oval shapes. Finally, add another layer on the outermost zone and you’re done!

Easy dotted rangoli design

Easy_Rangoli_Designs (6)

This is a big rangoli design but it can be easily done in the dotted process. At first you have to make the internal design which are two rhombus shapes intersecting each other. Once you are done with area, you have to make the petal-like shapes.

The internal circle will have a green base while the petals will be divided in layers and different colors. There are green, orange, yellow and blue added to the petals and for the final layer, we see designs done in white.

Floral patterns with different colors


Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

This is another easy rangoli design which has different floral patterns. What make them look so attractive are the colors which have been added to make them look so.

Make petal-like shapes and just make sure that you merge them well with each other. These have colors like vermilion, blue, pink and yellow, which make it look really attractive and bright.

Easy rangoli design with yellow, orange and green


This is an easy rangoli design which has been done in the dotted method. It has circular patterns and then petal-like shapes in the outer zone. The petals have been colored in yellow and the designs have been done in green and orange. They are easy to chalk out and follow, but you will need some neat cones to have them filled in.

Vermilion base big rangoli


Rangoli designs for Independence day

This is a big rangoli design which has the dominance of vermilion colors. It has been richly designed from the center and it has been added with white patterns.

There are two shades of green used in the center and two shades of red used on the outer region. The minute detailing has been done with the help of a black sleep cone. If you have been doing rangoli regularly, you will be able to copy them down. If not, you can add your own preferences and make it a little easier for you.

Big rangoli design with light colors


This rangoli design includes numerous colors but they are all of light shades. They are all in floral patterns and they have layers making them different from each other. Make your own floral patterns and add to the layers, after which you can simply add the color to them. Make sure that they are set in proper intervals and the design looks neat. Let the border be white as that too is light!

Dotted rangoli design with flowers


Rangoli designs for diwali

The best part about rangoli designs with dots is that they are easy to chalk out. When you have designs like this you can simply add colors and make them look perfect.

There are floral patterns chalked out at first with the help of the dots, and are then filled in with colors. There are different shades of bright colors used in this design and looks neat even if it is easy to do!

Swastik sign with decoration

Swastik sign with decoration

The Swastik sign happens to be an auspicious symbol which is greatly used by numerous religions in India. Adding a holy element, in a form of rangoli pattern, and on the occasion of New Year, can bring in happier hopes. Follow this rangoli pattern if it applies to you that way.

It is include a Swastik sing in the middle and it has been further enhanced with signs and symbols. Use more colorful shaded other than white and red to make it a little more appealing.

Rich intricacy added to a big rangoli design

Rich intricacy added to a big rangoli design

Freehand rangoli designs without dots

You would surely need some added amount of expertise to create something as beautiful and as big as this. This is a big rangoli idea which has been created in circular base.

It has been added with numerous colors with rich and intricate designs. To make it done perfectly, you would surely some rangoli tools. This is definitely a nice idea to carry for a special Ugadi event.

Petals used to represent sun

Petals used to represent sun

The dawn on a new day brings in new hopes and new opportunities. In this design, we get to see a pattern of sun, created with floral petals, and that marks the beginning of a new year.

This is an innovative idea to bring in the new day and the year, with loads of wishes and expectations. This has to be created with petals of marigold, so that you can make more of yellow and orange like the sun.

Sun-like pattern

Sun-like pattern

Rangoli designs for rangoli competition

This one is also another idea to create a sun-like shape for this festival. Both the concepts are same, but they look different from another. You could definitely add more petals and authenticity to the design in your own way. Floral rangolis are surely a treat the eyes on such occasions and celebrations!