Flower Petals Rangoli Designs – Floral rangoli

Rangoli is an important part of our Indian traditions. They are patterns which are drawn in the living rooms and courtyards, and they include colorful powders to enhance the look of them. These act as a vibrant part of Indian festivities and they are done on most auspicious occasions.

Rangoli designs are known to bring good luck in the families, and these are includes on many milestones of people’s lives as well. Let us go through some of flower and petal rangolis which the most commonly used designs for them.

Petals used to make floral-shaped rangoli

Petals used to make floral-shaped rangoli

Easy rangoli designs for Bhogi

Many times, people opt for using petals to make rangolis. There are not only easier to do, but they are also very beautiful to look at. You can surely replace the petals with regular colors if you want.

Start off from the circular base and then make the star design. It is bordered with purple flowers and then added with green grass. You then a layer of petals which makes the bigger star and this one correspond to the green star. Finally, you see the purple and white petals for the outermost layer.

Easy wedding rangoli with petals

easy wedding floral rangoli design

The walkway to the groom and bride has been designed with semicircular petals,on both side and they are faced opposite. There are four layers in here. The first semicircle has pink flowers, layered with white for the border. It is then continued with rose petals and it has another border in white. This is easy to do and will look lovely for such events.

Diwali rangoli with real flowers & diyas

floral rangoli with diyas for diwali

Easy rangoli designs with dots

This is a pretty Diwali rangoli which has been made with roses, marigold and arali. There isa a vessel kept at the center and it has been added with water so that petals float. There is a diya place in the middle and it is surrounded with marigold and rose petals. The first layer includes rose petals and then it is aligned by yellow marigold flowers. For the external layer, we see more petals and the patter finishes with rose petals again. Place diyas to brighten your anoli and  make it perfect for diwali.

Wedding rangoli at the entrance with flowers & petals

floral rangoli design with petals for wedding

Freehand rangoli with designs and dots

A grand Indian wedding surely includes flower rangolis! Take some tip from this pattern, which has been unevenly distributed with borders of marigold. Border layers which tied flowers so that you get a proper shape and then fill in the interior with petals.

Star shape rangoli with petals

floral rangoli design with petals

This easy to do designs can be created when you have numerous colorful petals. The center has flowers in pink, which is surrounded by white petals. They are in triangular shapes and they make a star. These are further bordered with a layer of purple petals and are followed by green grass and yellow flowers, making similar shapes as layers. Give it a final border and add the white exterior is liked.

Floating rangoli with petals

floating rangoli with petals

Rangoli patterns for Christmas/Xmas

These are rangoli designs which are done large opened vessels. Fill it with water and then add the petals to design it. Start with the rose in the center and then surround it with any bright colored flower. Add the crushed petals of marigold and white flowers and finally add the rose petaled border. Floating rangolis have to be properly set so that they don’t flow away and mess up the design.

Wedding walkway rangoli with flowers and petals

wedding walkway rangoli design with flowers

This is another walkway that leads to the bride and groom. They can walk over it with ease and that it why it has been made with flowers. The venue is on green grass which has been designed with lovely patterns in yellow. This design has big and small ‘S’ shaped designs which we usually do for regular rangolis. You can take this tip and design any upcoming event.

Floral rangoli for festivals with petals

simple floral rangoli for festivals

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Festivals come with a demand of making pretty rangoli designs. A lot of festivals include flowers and petals rather than colors. There is a pretty rangoli which has been based with green grass-like leaves. It has a layer of yellow and orange triangular shapes, which create two discontinued rhombuses, and they overlap on one another. The external part has curved traingular shapes and they have different colors of petals like white, orange and pink. The final layer is the decorative circles on the outside.

Big petaled rangoli for diwali

big petalled rangoli for diwali with diyas

Going for bigger sizes are easier with petals. You get a chance to make it more neat. Make a big white petal base anf then start decorating from the center. Add the pink flowers and then make a layer with yellow marigold. Chalk out the triangular portions and then add red roses. Make another or simply add a border. Layer the white base with orange petals and then add pink petals for the final layer. Add the green diamond shapes or let it be.

Big rangoli designs with attractive lotuses & petals

big rangoli design with lotus & petals of flowers

Rangoli designs for welcome

This is another big rangoli and it turns out to be attractive due to the lotuses in the middle. Start with the green base which has white petals in the center and then add the lotus buds to beautify it. Continue with layers of marigold which are colored in orange and yellow. Add the purple petals and give a final layer in orange.

Puja rangoli with petals & diyas

Puja rangoli design with petals

This rangoli design looks perfect for a puja. If there are any specific puja you do at your office or house, this could be one of the easiest ones to try. It includes yellow and orange marigold, added with roses and white flowers. There are two layers of orange marigold which make the circumference and it has been added with different colors inside.

Floral rangoli with petaled designs

Colourful floral rangoli design with petals

Free hand rangoli designs

This is a unique rangoli because it has numerous colorful petals used in it. If you can get different colorful petals, you can improvise the look of your design. For the designing, you have to outline the layers so that it is easier to fill it in with the petals. Choose this for special occasions like weddings, pujas or other events, and brighten up the decoration a little more.

Flower buds decorative design in a vessel

Flower buds

Depending on the flowers you get in the market, you can choose a big floral which would stay in the middle. This one will be spread as much as possible and then rest of the area has to be filled with flower bud. To make the design crisp, choose a vessel which would fit in the flowers appropriately. This way the main flower and the added flowers beside would get placed in nicely.

Corner rangoli with flowers

Corner rangoli with flowers

Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This rangoli idea happens to be really innovative since it has been done with a lot of detailing. A specific corner has been chosen and has been added with an earthern vessel. It has then been surrounded with floral patterns and around for further enhancement. What makes the design look so attractive is the way they have been uniformly placed. Add the flowers by keeping the space in mind and also make sure that the design appeals to your eyes.

Flower design rangoli design with diyas

golden and orange petaled rangoli

Easy rangoli designs with Happy New Year

This is a very neat rangoli pattern and you can dot it out. Start with the circle in the middle and then follow it with another layer thereafter. Make the light-green colored petal shapes and then make the border in brown. You will get space between the two, which you can color in green. After the brown circle you have to make a 8 cornered star shape. You can also add petal-like designs on the inside and then color them in two distinct shades of green. For the final outing, don’t forget the colorful vermilion flowers.

Bright floral patterns with diya design rangoli with colors

bright floral pattern

You don’t really need very fancy designs to make your rangoli look good. You simply need a neat base and some quality and vibrant colors! Make the circular pattern in the middle and then follow it with the petals in green. The yellow petals are different which make the rangoli look a little more exclusive. The blue petals are again like that of the green ones. Make the diyas in the exterior part and you have a sweet Diwali rangoli!

Blue and pink floral patterns with diyas and colors

blue and pink floral pattern

Rangoli designs for festivals

This looks similar to the one you just saw above. The design differs in the middle and so do the colors. Start off from floral in the middle. Keep the center circular or simply add some diyas like you see. The next petal-like shapes are different from the first and the third one again differs from both of these. When you add colors like blue and pink, you are sure to brighten up the design. Make the diyas and add some original ones too!

Innovative floral rangoli with colors

innovative floral rangoli

This is a very innovative way to make a nice rangoli. It isn’t as difficult as it may look to you. Make the floral patterns one after another and then simply use a sharp object to make the lines in-between. The colors have fit in perfectly as they bright shades are worth the try. They rangoli design also are footsteps with a Swastika drawn at the side. This was probably made for Laxmi puja and you can incorporate this design when you have similar festivals.

Floral patterns overlapping one another with colors

floral pattern overlapping each other

Rangoli designs for marriage/wedding

First make the blue base and then start of with the designs. You have to make a small circle and then surround it with colors. The border of the base designs have been covered with the colorful shades, but you can let it remain if that is easier. The circular patterns blend into the floral pattern and the entire design turns out to be very attractive and impressing.

Easy to do floral pattern rangoli with colors

easy to do floral pattern

These floral patterns are quite easy to do. You need to draw the first one which is in the maroon color. Follow the other half-shaped petals which are lined after the main one. Color them with bright colors and then add the leaves at the sides. These are not only going to look beautiful but they are neat enough to be tried and excelled.

Double bordered easy floral pattern rangoli with colors

double border easy floral pattern

Easy rangoli designs for pongal/sankranthi

If you need want to make your design interesting but you cannot risk tough designs, you can simply add extra borders and make your designs cooler! At first draw the floral patterns and the leaves. You get to see some extended swirled patterns which are highlighted with yellow dots. The flowers have a purple border while the green light green shade of the leaves have a darker green shade. This design will take up quite some space, and if you can do it neatly, it will look better than what you expect!

Easy and neat petaled rangoli

easy and neat petaled

Border the square shape, with white flowers or white rangoli base. Start for a circular base in the center which lets out to floral patterns on all four directions. These floral patterns are further designed with more petals designs in the corner. They rangoli includes vibrants colors of peach, blue, red and pink. You will not only make a neat design but you also make it interesting enough to look difficult!

Dotted rangoli design

dotted rangoli pattern

Sometimes, we surely use dotted rangoli designs to make out work easy and neat. This rangoli pattern has a square-like shape with curvy corners! These corners invite the green petaled flowers and they are simply left untouched thereafter. The design then prolongs to more floral patterns and they are present on all the four corners of the green flowers. Fill in colors accordingly and let your design shine out!

Big floral rangoli designs

big floral rangoli

Dot rangoli designs for New Year 2016

You can make your work easier and more attractive with the colors you put inside the petals. Make the pink flower at first and then go for the rest. All the other ones are half done and they are linked with the base design. Make the leaves and colors them in green, while you use black for the veins. Use vibrant colors to make the design attractive. All the veins of the flowers using different colors and enhance it.

Pretty diwali rangoli

preety diwali rangoli

Diwali comes with colors like you see in the picture in here. Pink, yellow, orange, are some of the commonly used colors in Diwali. This design boasts of simply floral patterns which have been beautifully blended in colors. One color merges into another and makes the design look more difficult than it actually is. Make sure you chalk out the borders and then put in colors accordingly. Maintain the uniformity of colors and you will get a similar look.

After the petal-shaped rangolis, we now move to rangolis which include real flowers and petals.