Dot Rangoli Designs for New Year 2019

December is known as the Friday of the months! Everybody starts gearing up for the last week which starts off with Christmas celebrations, and then moves to the New Year parties. It is indeed the most beautiful time of the year. New Year brings in new hopes, new resolutions, new targets and everything seems to start afresh.

Rangoli designs are part of our Indian traditions. Though it is mostly related to our Indian festivals, it can also be incorporated in celebrating occasions like Christmas and New Year. In this article, we will share and discuss some of the best New Year dot rangoli designs. You can make these in your home or office and brighten up your celebrations a little more.

Big rangoli design in yellow, orange and shades of blue

Big Rangoli Design in yellow, orange and shades of blue

Easy rangoli designs with dots

This is a big rangoli design, which you have to dot out in a circular shape. Starting from the center, you have to leave adequate space to fit in ‘Happy New Year’. The circumference has been bordered with white dots, which is then surrounded by semicircular shapes in blue. Use the same color to make the petals and then fill in the interior with colors of dark blue, yellow and orange respectively. This is further added with another layer of white dots, and then you enhance designs all over. You can follow the pattern done or create something that you’re more comfortable with. Lastly, add another layer in white to complete the design.

Colorful New Year design

Colorful New Year Design

This is yet another big rangoli design, and it isn’t as tough as it may seem to. Calligraphy is needed for the writing ‘happy new year’. You can try you own font or follow the one you see here. Make a dotted circle outside the words and then add colors of orange and white, as the two consecutive circumferences. Fill in with colors of red and green like the dots you see here. Add another layer of circumference. Finally, make the semicircles with different colors to enhance the design. Fill the colors of the words, which contrast the base. Finally, change the numeric to 2016 and you’re done!

Colorful and easy dot rangoli design

Colorful and Easy Dot Rangoli Design

Freehand rangoli with designs and dots

Make a dotted square design which fits in all the shape you see in here. Start off from the X shaped star designs and then make the surrounding rhombus shapes. Every rhombus intersects one above and one below, when you start from the middle. This also makes small rhombuses to form correspondingly. The shapes of the very last layer take a semicircular shape. Color the interiors with contrasting and bright shades.

Small and easy rangoli with diyas

Small and Easy Rangoli with Diyas

Make a rhombus shaped dotted rangoli for the base. Start with the base color of orange and then make the titled Swastika design. Make another rhombus to surround it and then make the outer design. Fill in brown and then make two opposite semicircles for the diyas. Add the flames to them and then color them in red and orange respectively.

Floral designs on hexagonal dotted base

Floral Designs on Hexagonal Dotted Base

Rangoli patterns for Christmas/Xmas

First make the dotted base of a big hexagon. Start with flower in the middle. It has 6 uniform petals and is colored in brown. It further lets out leave which connect two power similar shaped flower above, two at the side and two below. In-between these flowers there are more floral patterns, which look like a picture taken from the side. You draw these three-petaled flowers and color them accordingly.

Big and colorful rangoli design with rhombus, petals and semicircles

Big and Colorful Rangoli Design with rhombus, petals and semicircles

Make four consecutive rhombus shapes, one after another. Fill the first one with red, then yellow, then green and filling add vermilion. Make a zig-zag design with white as the last layer for this shape. You will have four corners from which you are to make petal-like shapes. Divide these petals with oblique zig-zag pattern and then color both the halves in purple and orange. Join one petal to another with a semicircle and then fill it with yellow. Draw another layer and add green. Finally, border it with zig-zag patterns in white. You can make the final layer in white, following the patterns of the designs or simply let this be.

Colorful floral patterns in pink, green, white and blue

Colorful Floral Patterns in pink, green, white and blue

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

Make a rhombus for the base of dotted structure. Make a small rhombus in the middle and then follow the design pattern to make it look like a plus sign. The entire design is linked to each other. The spaces at the sides will have the lotus design and the end will connect the leaves. At the four corners you will make the four-petaled flowers. Color them accordingly and leave the plus sign in white.

Rangoli design surrounded by floral patterns

Rangoli Design surrounded by floral patterns

When we start off a new venture, we always remember and pray to God. You can surely make this Ganapati design for started off a blessed year. Dot out the Ganapati figure in an easy-to-do way; you will see petal-like shapes and circles which can be managed easily. Surround the figure with a dotted circumference, and that should be within the brown base. Now simply make the petals all around and fill it with shades of orange. There are two distinctive shades used here, but you can use one.

Bright and colorful rangoli design in black and green base

Bright and Colorful rangoli design in black and green base

Rangoli designs for welcome

Blending the color of black with any bright color is bound to give you a reflective contrast. We have a beautiful rangoli design which you’d love to make this New Year. At first, make a square base and divide it into four. Black and green base will have to be put alternatively and they will look like how you see it in the picture. Take colors of vermilion and orange to make the petal-like pattern and then fill in black and yellow layers on them. This should be done on the black base. On the green base, make the diyas with brown and the flames in vermilion. Border the design in white and black for the finishing.

Big and bright dotted rangoli design

Big and bright dotted rangoli design

Make a big hexagon for the base. Start with two circles in the middle and then make a hexagon. That is followed by a triangular-shaped circumference and that is further surrounded with a cone shaped one. You then get a layer of orange which complement the rhombus shapes. This is a big design, so you can follow up to how much you want or you can. This is a bright design which includes colors like yellow, orange, white and brown, which make the design look really alluring.

Dotted rangoli design with dias for New Year 2016

Free hand rangoli designs

This dotted rangoli is easy to make and can look really gorgeous. You can add “Happy New Year” to the rangoli covering the upper side in a circular pattern to make it ideal for the season.  Start from the innermost dot and then place 6 more dots at equal distances from the inner dot and each other. Once you have completed the star shape, now you can complete the thick hexagonal border and finally place the Dias at the outer line. Complete with the 6 bigger Dia shaped designs in red.

Flower shaped dotted rangoli design for New Year 2016

This rangoli design has a central flower with 6 petals which has been encircled by 12 hexagons. The flower and its immediate surrounding have been filled with the same color and the hexagons are filled with contrasting green and blue colors. The 6 round leaves of the flower draws the outermost line of the design. Repetition of the central flower design on each of the bigger round petals completes the look.

Square shaped simple dotted rangoli design for New Year

Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

This is a simple rangoli design that can be completed by anyone within minimum time. You only need to ensure that you maintain the geometrical shapes properly. A four petal flower has been drawn at the middle of the rangoli and the same flower has been repeated on all the four corners maintaining a perfect square shape.  Small squares in contrasting colors have been filled on the outer edges of the petals of the outer flowers. Bright red colored squares have been placed in between the outer flowers to complete the look.

Conch shaped dotted rangoli design

This simple dotted rangoli design can be drawn as a big rangoli or as a small one according to the requirements. It is pretty simple to complete and can look most gorgeous. It includes four conches of different colors within a square along with a central and a few line dots. Use of different colors in each of the sections of the conches and repeating the same colors alternatively on the conically opposite conches has given this rangoli the pretty look.

Dotted hexagonal rangoli design for New Year

Rangoli designs for holi festival

This Rangoli design has a big star made with three triangles at the middle and a flower has been placed within the star. The same flower in different colors has been repeated covering the star from outside.

Colorful floral patterns with rhombus base

Colorful floral patterns with rhombus base

Create a rhombus base and then make the bud-like patterns you see in the core. Create cone shapes for the next part of floral patterns and then make criss-cross lines in white. Add floral shapes on top of them and add leaves on both sides. You will get spaces there after to create the individual floral shapes. Make sure that the flower patterns look different from each other.

Square base with dotted patterns and colorful shades

Square base with dotted patterns

Rangoli designs for dussehra

This is a big rangoli which has been created on a square pattern. You have to chalk out these shapes after drawing a rhombus base on the square pattern. The drawing starts from the core and then extends to bigger shapes at the side. It has been added with colorful shades, which brightens and look and makes it attractive.

Four peacock patterns on rhombus base

Four peacock patterns on rhombus base

Peacocks are loved birds which make pretty rangolis. They have numerous shades and they turn out to be very eye-catchy. Make a dotted rhombus and then stress on the dots which creates a plus sign from the middle. These are the main dots which have to be based on and then the rest of the rangoli has to be drawn.

Easy and colorful rangoli on square base

Easy and colorful rangoli on square base

Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

When you have made a square base you and you want to try the easiest of all, you should go in with simple shapes and add colors to it. This rangoli pattern in the picture below has utilized the entire space with small and easy shapes. This is an easy trick to make sure that your rangoli is neat and colorful. The rangoli has been colored with numerous light and bright shades, which has been added in respective corresponding sections as well.