Rangoli Designs for Marriage/Wedding

Rangoli designs happen to be a special part of all Indian festivals and occasions. These are colorful patterns which are made on the floor, and they beautify the reason to celebrate a little more. In this article, we have listed some of the best rangoli designs for weddings.

These are mostly done with flowers rather than colorful powders. Now that the wedding season has already started, you can surely give these ideas for the upcoming weddings of your near and dear one.

Petals used in the walkway to the venue


Easy rangoli designs for pongal/sankranthi

This is a nice idea for rangoli designs which take you to the main venue. As you walk to get in the main room for celebrations you can align these designs at the side.

These designs have been done with petals and they look bright and beautiful. There are lamps places at intervals and the different petals have been used just like we design our regular rangolis. Use rose petals, marigolds and white flowers for this idea. This is beautify the barren walkways and look immensely pretty.

Flower petals on the wedding floor


This is another petaled rangoli design which had been used for a wedding. The rangoli was placed in the very room where the wedding took place. This rangoli design has been chalked out and then filled with petals.

The designs include roses, marigold and white flowers. It has been enhanced with showpieces at both the sides to make the border.  You can take this idea and definitely make the rose like shape which includes the names of the bride and groom.

Walkway rangoli with petals


Easy rangoli designs for Bhogi

This is another walkway design pattern and this too has been done with flowers. This is easy to do since you simply have to chalk out square shapes and fill in with petals.

These include marigol and any other white flower than you choose. Both the sides should have marigold borders and then filled in with white and yellow petals alternatively. This is easy to do and can be lined up as and where you like.

Red petaled rangoli on green base


If the wedding venue has this graass-like area, you can surely make a rangoli with red petals. Green and red complement each other and the rangoli design is going to turn out to beb just perfect! You need to chalk out the portion in the middle and then enhance with petals for making the outer shape.

It looks like a discontinued floral pattern which is further enhanced with regular designs in the exterior.

Mixed flower petals on wedding walkway


Dot rangoli designs for New Year 2016

This idea is to make the bride and the groom walk over the petals. These are also reasons why you cannot make this with powdered rangoli. The walkway in the middle is solely for the bride and groom to enter or no one walks over it at all.

There are seats on both the sides, while the middle portion has been beautified with this floral pattern. What makes this one easier than the rest is that all the types of petals have been blended together to make this design. You simply need to chalk out the pattern on which you want to work on and you just have to fill in the flowers.

Heart shaped peacock rangoli


Finally, getting to some powdered rangoli designs for this occasions, we get to see a beautiful peacock rangoli design. The peacocks face each other which show love and they are shaped in heart as well.

The are colored in green and blue, and even their beaks make a heart shape! Just outside the peacock design, you have pink patterns. The entire has a pink and blue domination and external portion is nicely blended in both the colors.

Colorful rangoli by the walkway

clorful rang

Rangoli patterns are best when they are done on the walkway, or just in front of the wedding arrangement. You can make the white base kolam pattern and then enhance it with shades of blue, pink and purple. The semicircular portions have been colored in yellow and vermilion and they have been chalked out with another lap over the smaller one.

Colorful design for wedding ideas

color design

Easy rangoli designs with dots

Doing a rangoli that will directly relate to the concept for a wedding can be slightly changed and you can stick to regular rangolis as well. These won’t include flowers, but they would be like the common ones.

You can take the tip from this idea and chalk it out. Chalk the cloud like shapes and then draw the internal patterns.  Make the circular pattern on the outside and fill in with more shapes. The colors are bright with a blend of black too!

Peacock rangoli at entrance


This is a beautiful peacock rangoli design which has been made for the entrance of the wedding venue. This is definitely an expert’s work and it needs some real efforts to be done.

First the body of the peacock has been chalked out and then it is followed by the open wings. The colors have been beautifully blended and they look mesmerizing. There is ‘welcome’ written just below the peacock and that gives the invitees a lovely treat!

Glitter green rangoli


This is a pretty rangoli design which is dominated with glitter green powder! There is a circle in the lower half of the design and that has been blended in colors of blue and pink. There are white designs all over and you need nice cones to do them up. What makes the design look beautiful is the bright green shade which dominates the maximum area that is covered.

Marigold bordered in patterns with rose petals inside

Marigold bordered in patterns

Freehand rangoli with designs and dots

Following the fact that wedding rangolis are more about fresh and beautiful flowers, we see another pattern here which looks perfect for a reception/wedding venue.

A large area has been allotted on one side of the floor and it has been placed with marigold flowers. The flowers make patterns in floral shapes and connect to each other with through curved lines. The interiors have been covered with rose petals which enhance the look of the rangoli.

Floral patterns with colorful rangoli, bordered with marigold

Floral patterns with colorful rangoli

This is a pretty rangoli pattern which has been first created with powder colors and then bordered with real petals. This is an easy rangoli, which has to be neatly outlined and then filled in with bright colors.

Just make sure that the outlines are neat enough, so that the colors you fill in on the inside come out nicely. Finally, you have to add real flowers in one or two layers, like the picture below. Also add a diya stand for better enhancement!

Traditional rangoli of tulsi marrying vishnu

Traditional rangoli of tulsi marrying vishnu

Rangoli patterns for Christmas/Xmas

A lot of families would actually appreciate a traditional rangoli to the wedding. Thus, making a similar rangoli with religious aspects would be a nice idea.

The rangoli you see below have Goddess Tulsi moving ahead to put a garland around Vishnu. This signifies their marriage and that can definitely be concept to recreate as a wedding rangoli.

White flowered walkway

White flowered walkway

This is another example of a walkway like the one we saw above. This has been specially created for the bride and groom. This sort of floral design is apt for Christian weddings where you walk through the aisle.

But if you don’t want anybody to walk over this area, it can be separately created for just the rangoli. Easy patterns have been incorporated with white flowers, and it looks really pretty this way!