Rangoli designs for festivals

Rangoli also known or Muggu or Kolam is a folk art form from India. Best rangoli designs for festivals. Patterns after created on the floors inside the Indian houses with colored rice, colored sand, flowers or dry flour. These are usually used for auspicious occasions like festivals.

It is as if the deities are sacredly welcomed through these colorful designs. in this article, we will go through some of the best rangoli designs used for festivals. These are examples of previously done up designs and you can take some tips and work on them! Have a look at this easy and simple rangoli designs.

Dotted rangoli with shnkha design for festivals

dooted with shankha

Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

It is a very simple rangoli design ideas for festivals. Make two rectangular shapes which overlap each other. Chalk out the shape of the Shankha in white color.

Shankhas are auspicious elements which are used for pujas. You can make this design on a festival where using the Shankha is must. Color the rectangle with vermilion and then add colors inside the Shankha. The bordering portion has triangular shapes colored in brown while the outermost part holds yellow.

Ganesha design in yellow and orange for festivals

ganesha desin in yew and orang
Best rangoli designs for ganesh festival or vinayaka chavithi. This rangoli would be good for Ganesh Chaturthi or when you normally have Ganesh puja in your house. At first you need to make the white base and then take a cone, for make the Ganesha idol inside the white base.
The external base color is in vermilion and that is further enhanced with triangular yellow shapes. It turns out to be a sun-like look and the rangoli looks bright. You can also enhance the design with petals and artificial leaves like you see in the picture.

Easy diwali rangoli – Best diwali rangoli designs

easy diwali rangoli

Rangoli designs for welcome

Best diwali rangoli design collections. Diwali, the festival of lights, bring in the compulsion to make rangoli designs. if you aren’t an expert and you are scared to mess up the designs, you can surely try this one out.

Take a big plate and make the floral pattern. Start with the red circle and then make the yellow shapes. Continue another layer in green, and you’re done. This is easy, and because of the breadth, it becomes easier to fill in the colors. Enhance by surrounding it with diyas and then get a similar look.

Easy petal rangoli shaped like ganeshji

easy petal rang shaped like

Floral rangoli designs for festivals. The only difficult part is chalking out the shape. Take a closer look in the picture and follow the direction. Once you have chalked it out, you ought to hide the chalked part with rose petals. Once you get the shape of Ganeshji, you need to fill it with petals of marigold. The flowers are easily accessible and the design is out to look beautiful!

Ganapati rangoli with floral patterns

ganapati rangoli with floral patterns

Free hand rangoli designs

Rangoli design ideas for ganapathi festival or vinayaka chavithi festival. Chalk out a rectangular shape and fill in bright colors in your rangoli cone. Chalk out the floral patterns in the side and leave the middle empty.

You will have space to fill in purple color in the corners and you will have to color the petals nicely. Coming to the main design, keep a base color, like you see sky blue here. Chalk out the darker blue shade on the outside and then make the internal shapes. Use pink at first and then follow with yellow to precise the shape of the idol.

Floral patterns for diwali festival

floral patterns for diwali

Best rangoli designs for festivals. This is an easy rangoli design for Diwali. At first you make the a circle in the center and fill it with flames of diyas! Surround the circle with 8 uniformly shaped petals. Make another layer of petals for the external part. Finally, make the cloud-like petal and surround the flower. Light it up with diyas all around and fill in bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, red, etc.

Big diwali rangoli


Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

Diwali rangolis are one of the most special ones. A lot of families and organisations try to put in their best efforts towards making a rangoli design. This is a big rangoli design which includes floral patterns and heart-like shapes.

Make the chrome yellow base and then chalk out the designs in the intertior. Make floral patterns which overlap one another to make the design big enough. Put a diya stand or small diyas in the middle and write Happy Diwali on the external portion.

Krishna rangoli design for festivals

krishna rangoli designs

Rangoli design for festivals. This is a beautiful rangoli which has been based with the blend of red and orange colors, and then designed in black to make the idol of Krishna. This could be used during Janmasthami or during Krishna puja.

You have to chalk out the human figure and then color it in black. You cannot miss out on the flute and the peacock feather which signifies the idol. The base color should also include the sun in yellow.

Beautiful diya rangoli designs for festivals

beautiful diya

Rangoli designs for holi festival

Dark color rangoli designs for festivals. This is a very pretty rangoli design which will look beautiful, if done neatly. This has a diya print and not the original diyas like other Diwali design.

Make the maroon base and chalk out the base of the diya. Make the flame and then color it in yellow and orange around. Use bright shade to make it look more appealing. You can replace the last layer with a bright shade like green , pink or vermilion.

Krishna rangoli design for festivals

krishna rangoli

This rangoli design shows the face of Lord Krish. Chalk out the shape of the face, which looks like an upside down ‘D’. Make the neck and fill in with shades of blue. Now make the hair and the cloth-like design. Make the flute and decorate the crown area and add the peacock feather.

Big and bright rangoli design with diyas

big and bright rangoli designs

Rangoli designs for dussehra

Start off from the circular patterns in the middle and then make the following designs on the outside. Make the regular kolam art form which surround the circle and then make layer in-between.

These shapes are also similar to the ones we do for mehendi! Fill in with bright colors like yellow, red, green and vermilion. Add some diyas if you are doing to for diwali.

Bright rangoli for diwali festival

bright rangoli for diwali

The colors that have been blended to make this rangoli design are typically used for Diwali. These are colors of fire and they light up the entire concept of the occasion. You need neat cones to make this design. This is comparatively difficult to do, so you can either stick to a smaller size of it or chalk out well. These colors are definitely going to brighten up the festival a little more!

Black based rangoli for lohri

black based

Rangoli designs for ganesh festival

Lohri is the Punjabi term for Makar Sankranti. Sankranti is celebratred during spring and it is to praise God for blessing with harvest. Make a black base and the pattern should be like a flower.

Make neat intricacies or stick to simpler designs for the green part. There are dhol in the middle and that has been chalked out in vermilion. It has a yellow base and both the colors blend in well. Make a big size, so that you don’t mess up the in internal designs.

Pongal rangoli design for festivals

pongal rang

Pongal is what the South Indians call Sankranti. It is celebrated in a similar note and for the same reason. Everybody gathers together to celebrate new comings and good harvest. They discard the old and welcome new belongings. This big rangoli design, give you the idea of some elements which are related to pongal.

You can make some of these if not all. The vessel you see in the middle have a definite significance which is why it is popularly used. You can also add the harvest and palm tree designs for making it easy.

Simple innovative diya rangoli design for festival

Innovative diya rangoli

Rangoli designs for Independence day

This is an innovative diya rangoli design which has been created with colorful glitter rangolis. The pattern has been created identical to a diya, but the innovative part is because of the blank space in the middle.

The space shows that it would have had floral patterns drawn within, but it only has been left with the edgy points which make the outline. This is a creative idea which can be incorporated if nicely done.

Corner rangoli with colorful shades and designs for festivals

Corner rangoli with colorful shades and designs

Corner rangolis have an added advantage because they come with two straight sides. This alternatively means that you just have to mark the curve in the middle to create the outline. This rangoli has layers of colorful shades which have been uniformly place one after another.

After you have added similar colors to what you see in the picture below, add some lovely designs in white. You can choose the ones which are easier for you to do and improvise with ease.

Rhombus shaped designs with yellow base for festivals

Rhombus shaped designs with yellow base

Rangoli designs for diwali

This is pretty rangoli design which originates of South Indian kolam patterns. This is created with aligned lines in white and has one shade of color added to it. In this pattern, we see a rhombus shapes criss-crossed with another.

The bigger shape lets out four edges which have been further added with four smaller rhombus shapes. All of these have been added with yellow in the middle. There are lotus shapes which enhance the idea further.

Rice rangoli made into a holy vessel with swastik shape for festivals

Rice rangoli made into a holy vessel with swastik shape

Rangoli with rice is a nice idea to try. You would have to have them colored at first and then followed accordingly. Check out the tutorial to color the rice in specific colors, if you haven’t tried this before. The shape of the vessel stays white, so you have to chalk out some for the swastik sign and the leaves.