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15 beautiful floral mehndi designs for legs / feet

Almost every woman is fond of applying mehendi, regardless of her age. Most importantly, it is an integral part of most of the Indian wedding rituals. There are different kinds of mehendi designs, right from simple to intricate, Pakistani to Arabic. Learn some of the best and easy to apply henna designs both for legs and hands.

How to use body shapewears? Is it safe to use them? Best body shapers available in market for women

Shape wears are very popular these days. After all they make you able to wear the outfits you have always wanted to wear, but couldn’t make it because of your love handles or flabs. Learn about some of the crucial aspects of these clothing and also about the best shape wear brands in the market. With the help of shape wears, you can actually look thinner, manifolds. However, just because they make you look thin, does not mean that each and every shape wear available in the market would offer high-quality and comfort. Learn some important pointers about these revolutionary pieces of garments, especially designed for women.

15 beautiful floral mehndi designs for hands

No women (except a few) can deny their love for mehendi, no matter how old she is. Some are experts in applying mehendi designs. Here are some beautiful designs from the expert henna applicators. Whether you like simple artwork or the heavy ones with minutely crafted twigs and floral designs, you have many options to choose from.
15 best mehndi / henna designs for legs

Is your marriage around the corner? Then you might be looking for some brilliant and one of its kind mehendi designs to make your wedding day and your would be husband feel even more special. Choose from some of the beautifully crafted mehendi designs. Right from Gujarati, tribal, floral, Pakistani, glittery to simple and minimal, you have many options.
Four ways to get the most out of your wardrobe

Sometimes getting ready in the morning for office seems to be one of the toughest tasks of the world. It happens not because you don’t have enough outfits, but because your wardrobe is not organized properly. Learn some of the easiest tips to organize your wardrobe and get the most out of it.
How to make the best shorts from Jeans

When planning for a beach vacation, shorts are somewhat in the ‘must-haves’ list. If you are not ready to buy yourself a new pair of shorts, then why don’t you cut it out from your old denims? Learn some easy steps to cut of the best ever short from your jeans in no time.
Top celebrity hairstyles in Tollywood

Following the style icons from the film industry is not new. This trend is a continuous trend. Earlier people used to follow the style of Hollywood actors, then came Bollywood and now it’s the turn of Tollywood. Get some amazing hairstyle ideas from your very own Tollywood actresses and actors.
Top celebrity hairstyles in Hollywood

Hollywood has been continuously inspiring the folks since decades. Right from the look, style to the hairstyles of Hollywood celebrities, every bit of their personality has been awe-inspiring. Take a look at some of the best and most popular celebrity hairstyles straight from the Hollywood. You will fall for them all over again for sure!
How to dress yourself skinny

Some women are blessed with the ‘perfect’ figure. They don’t need anything extra to emphasize their curves. However, even if you are too skinny or overweight, your clothing can do the favour for you. Yes, with a realistic sense of dressing, you surely can look the way you want. Take a look!
How to dye old pair of jeans to new look again

Is your favourite jeans that you have been sporting since a decade ready to be discarded? But, you don’t want to throw it, right? Here are some of the most effective’s tips for dyeing your old pair of jeans using your DIY skills without shelling out more. Hopefully, you will find them helpful.
Prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Are you confused about which hairstyle you should sport in for your very first prom night? Don’t worry – here is a plethora of hairstyles for you, especially your hair length is medium. From retro to ultra, classic to contemporary modern, you have dozens of options to choose from. Take a look.
Top celebrity hair styles in kollywood

Earlier people used to follow their favorite Hollywood and Bollywood icons, but these days people have got plethora of other options in the form of Tollywood and Kollywood. Here are some of the handpicked hairstyles from the Kollywood. You can make your pick as per your wish and look your best.

Different ways to make heels more comfortable

Just like the wardrobe, almost every woman is fond of high heels. What if you aren’t comfortable sporting them, but you have no other options to go along? Don’t worry – learn some of the most useful tips to deal with such an issue and flaunt your heels with style and charisma.

10 makeup must-haves for travel

Are you planning a trip to one of your favorite destinations? Make sure to carry your makeup kit along with you. If you are not sure about what things you must keep in the same, nothing to worry about. Get to know some of the most important things you need to have in your traveling makeup box.
Look beautiful while you are plus sized – Beauty and grooming tips

You are beautiful, no matter if you are thing or fat, fair or dark. All you need to do is love yourself and look your best. When it comes to your outlook, your dress selection and how you carry it matters a lot. Learn some easy tips to look good in your plus sized figure.

Must have beauty apps – Best useful beauty apps

Right from shopping to banking, every sector is getting a digital makeover with the increasing popularity of Smartphones and most importantly, mobile apps. Now, it is the turn of beauty apps. Are you surprises? Get to know about some of the most prevalent beauty apps for your Android and iOS Smartphones.

Yellow purse – say no to bright color purchase

Are you among those ladies who are fascinated not just about their wardrobes and shoes, but also purses? If you love to buy different colors of bags, then from the next make sure that ‘yellow’ is there. Learn some of the most important things about why you should refrain from buying yellow bags. It’s for the sake of the Mother Nature.

Selected hairstyles which make you look thinner by 10 pounds

Looking slim and trim is the dream of almost every woman, no matter what age group they belong to. However, not all of us are blessed with a perfect body, still you can look thinner. Guess how? By trying some great hairstyles that will make you look 10 pounds slimmer in no time.

20 stylish ways to wear a scarf

Your style defines your attitude. Regardless of the type and design of outfits you sport in, as long as you can carry them, you will look your best. Scarf is one of such accessory that can polish your look. Take a look at some of the stylish ways of wearing a scarf.
Fashion freedom – Discover fashion statement

You can always look your best, if you are well aware of what, when and how to wear. There are a number of men and woman who are smart in person, but there dressing sense make them look unattractive. Learn some of the simple tips to create your own style statement.

15 best Bridal / Dulhan Mehndi / Henna Designs for legs

Getting married is one of the most wonderful moments of a girl’s life. And when it comes to an Indian wedding, the mehendi ceremony is integral with almost every wedding. Henna designs for hands are many; here is some one of its kind mehendi designs for your legs. You can get them even if you are not the bride.
30 best bridal mehendi designs that are easy to try

Are you looking for a simple and unique mehendi design to flaunt at your sister’s wedding? Well, if your search around you will find dozens of designs. However, for your convenience, here are some of the best and easy mehendi designs. Even if the simplest art is applied with care, it looks just awesome.

How to choose hair styles and glasses to suit your face shape

Different human beings have different types of face cuttings and shapes. If an accessory, say sunglass or a hairstyle suits you well, it does not mean that it will suit your friends as well and vice-versa. Therefore, you should always select these according to your requirements. Learn how to mix and match things accordingly.

How to style hair – Main hair styling tips

Your hair plays an important role not when it comes to your looks, but also your personality. Therefore, you should always style your hair properly. If you aren’t aware of the ins and outs of taking care of your hairstyling, follow some of the best and simplest tips from the experts.

Best fashion and style tips for women

Not every style, whether it’s about clothing, shoes or accessories suits all, as everyone’s body, face and features are different. So, when it comes to styling, you should make it a thumb rule and choose what suits you and not what your find great on other women. This is how you can make your own style statement.
15 Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

As far as mehendi designs are concerned, Arabic designs are some of the most favorite’s ones. Be it a wedding ceremony or any other occasion, these henna designs are there on the list almost every time. Take a look at some of the most stylish and as beautiful as possible mehendi designs.

Fashion tips and tricks every girl should know

Not every girl or woman is a beauty expert. However, knowing some easy and effective beauty tips and tricks can help you save your pocket. Whether it’s related to your dressing style or the makeup you put in, application of tricks can hone in the same. Take a quick look!
15 best circle / round mehndi / henna designs

Are you fond of circular mehendi designs? However, while putting them on your own, you somehow spoil the entire thing. Don’t worry. Here are some easy, get gorgeous circular or round mehendi designs for you. If it’s your marriage or someone close to you or any other occasion, you can put them easily without messing things up.

15 Best bridal / dulhan mehndi designs for hands

The ritual of applying mehendi is not only practices in India, but also in Pakistan and other Arabic countries. Mehendi designs for brides are not only a form of artwork, but it’s considered to be the most pious thing when it comes to a marriage. Learn some of the best dulhan mehendi designs.