Reasons for preterm birth and how to avoid early labor

The insecurities about your child that envelope you during the months of pregnancy isn’t for nothing. When your cervix opens up due to dilation and contractions in the uterus before your due date it is called preterm childbirth. When a child is born before the 37th week of a pregnancy it is a premature baby and undergoes several problems. The baby’s organs might not be fully developed and will need medical support. But, there are ways you can avoid such misfortunes and proceed towards the path that will lead you to a safe and sound delivery.

Why such a thing happens?

How to overcome labor complications

There can be multiple reasons as to why a pregnant woman can deliver a child that is premature.There can be reasons that include problems with the mother, fetus or sometimes both.


Is a condition in which a woman goes into labor due to high blood pressure and when her urine has a high concentration of protein.

  • Few other reasons are diabetes, pregnant with twins or more, high blood pressure, overweight or underweight, stress, smoking, infections in your vaginal region.
  • It might also be caused due to the separation of the placenta during pregnancy from the uterus.
  • Sometimes the cervix opens up before it is supposed to, leading to a premature delivery.
  • Antepartum Hemorrhage is another reason.
  • Due to hormonal changes.
  • In vitro fertilization is another reason why premature babies are born.
  • Not getting the needed care during the months of pregnancy.
  • A medical history that runs in your family of delivering premature babies.
  • If you get pregnant too soon after delivering a child.
  • If you continue consuming alcohol or take medicines without prescription.

How will you and your baby be safe and sound?

Doctors are your best friend now. Visit them. Never ever miss your appointment. Tell them everything, even if it is nothing that is too serious. Don’t take any medicine that hasn’t been prescribed to you. You must get all the essential tests done on time to ensure the health of your child and yours. Your doctor will give you the right kind of vitamins and advice you to have the balanced diet that is needed at this time.

Have safe sex. There is no alternative to having safe sex during pregnancy. Consult your doctor and make sure you don’t do anything to harm the health of your child.

How to get relief from pain during labor & delivery

Make sure you stay away from any sort of infections that leads to preterm child birth. Chlamydia,Syphilis, herpes and Gonorrhea are diseases that are sexually transmitted and can cause early labor.

You can’t avoid your dentist. Yes, there are researches that have proved that women undergo labor before they should for a medical condition known as gingivitis. Make sure your gums, teeth and oral health is up to the mark.

Your body weight determines a lot about the course of your pregnancy. You must eat right and be active throughout your pregnancy. Going out for walks or doing yoga everyday will be beneficial for your health. It will keep preeclampsia and other problems related to preterm child birth at bay.

Mental health of the expecting mother is as important as that of the physical health. A woman who is expecting to have a healthy child and happy pregnancy can’t be deprived of mental health and stability. Stress and depression have devastating effects on the health of the mother and fetus.

You can’t touch alcohol and cigarettes during the months of your pregnancy. These harmful addictions are clearly the causes of preterm childbirth and you must refrain from these.

If you’re having a medical condition that includes heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid or kidney diseases then you must mention it your doctor. These diseases need different treatment after your pregnancy.

You must pay special care to your hygiene. If you own a pet that is a cat, then stay away from its excreta. You must wear gloves if you happen to take out the trash or are in the mood for gardening. Make sure you wash your hands before you indulge in your meals. Never consume food that has been cooked a long time ago or meat that is underdone.

Here are a few easy ways that you can have a safe and sound pregnancy. These few months are very crucial for your child’s health and development, make sure you stay healthy, happy and at ease.