Reasons for preterm birth and how to avoid early labor

 Preterm birth is a situation when the baby comes out from mother’s womb before 37 weeks of gestational age.  The causes of this can differ from one woman to another based on her physical condition. Since many factors are related to the growth and development of the baby inside the mother’s womb, the reasons are quite difficult to find out.  According to the fact sheet of WHO in the year 2012, around a figure of 15 million people are born every year. But, proper care of the mother as well as baby can help avoiding this situation.

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Causes of preterm birth

  • Increased frequency of multiple birth due to assisted reproductive technique
  • Preexisting non communicable disease
  • Advanced or young maternal age
  • Increase in psychological stress
  • Infections

Since they are the babies born too soon in the world, proper care will all medical facilities will be a must. These babies are very sensitive and have increased mortality rate.

Fetal development is one of the major causes of premature birth of a baby. This happens when the blood supply in the placenta is interrupted. If the doctors can find the evidence of growth retardation in the baby, this can be a reason for preterm birth.

Due to changes in lifestyle of women, affects fall on an unborn baby. If the pregnant lady has used recreational drugs, took high caffeine, smoked this can be a reason for preterm babies. The baby who has not completed 37 weeks of pregnancy also has the risk of getting underweight.

How to avoid preterm birth?

There are some proven ways of preventing the problem of preterm birth.  Some of the ways are as follows

Don’t smoke

You might have seen on the label of Cigarette that, smoking is injurious to health. If a pregnant lady smokes, this can give rise to fetal injury.  The other conditions are low birth rate and premature baby. Other forms of cigarette are hookah, cigars etc. Each type of smoking element includes tobacco. If you really wish to have a healthy baby, avoiding the habit of smoking will be the best way.

Get progesterone shots

If you have already faced the situation of having preterm baby, you must be quite aware of its effect on the child’s health.  You can get a precautionary measure by taking progesterone injections on a weekly basis. This is a wonderful way of avoiding premature delivery as this helps in elongating the pregnancy period.

Healthy diet

This is one of the common remedies which you might have heard from your elders as soon as you confirm your pregnancy news. But, even after knowing the side effects of unhealthy food, pregnant ladies are not consuming a healthy diet. But, if you want to avoid the problem of pre term birth, consuming healthy meals will be very important today.

Moderate exercise

A pregnant lady should also be very flexible in moving around. Both the baby and mother will remain healthy if moderate exercise is carried on within the pregnancy period.


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Eat right food and exercise regularly. Exercise helps to reduce your risk of developing gestational diabetes. It also helps to prevent preeclampsia. Women who walked and exercise at the first 20 weeks of pregnancy helps to lower the risk of preeclampsia. Exercise helps you keep relax, severe chronic stress that may kick start labor.


Consume prenatal vitamins that are more of folic acid, calcium, nutrients, and iron. It also helps to prevent preterm labor. These will helps to enhance your health as well as your baby. Every pregnant woman should take these pills under doctor’s survival.

Increase intake of fluids

It is better to drink water and fortified juices. It is enough to have fluid that surely makes the difference. Drink at least 8 glasses of fluid in a day that keeps you hydrated and prevent premature contractions. You can also add all natural juices and dairy products to your healthy eating plan.

Observe your weight

Sometimes an increase in weight is the risk factor. Obesity leads to gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, which increases the risk of preterm labor. Gaining weight wisely for the right gain can support your baby’s health. Regularly check your weight gain during pregnancy.

Eat often

It is suggested that you should give your baby all the right nutrients. Make sure to add regular nutrients to your baby. Pregnant women have to eat at least five times a day such as three meals and two snacks. She can also take five smaller meals instance. These are good and less likely to deliver prematurely.

Dental care

Dental care is also one of the first preventing preterm labors, as it can occur with gum disease. So, it’s better to brush your teeth, floss and visit your dentist at least once during your pregnancy. It is better to stop small problems before they become big ones. So, take care of your gums by regular cleaning.

Holding urine

Don’t keep on holding your urine, it can inflame your bladder. Go when you gotta go, which in turn could irritate your uterus and set off contractions. It could also lead to a urinary tract infection, and preterm contractions. Make a habit of peeing when you’ve got the urge to go and always keep your bladder empty.

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