How to overcome labor and delivery complications?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and exciting period in a woman’s life. The pregnant woman gets several exciting moment during the nine months of pregnancy. But as the delivery time comes closer she experiences the different parts of her pregnancy and she gets encircled with unknown fear, anticipation and anxiety.

What are the complications during labor and delivery

Delivery can be easy and smooth as well as it can have the complications too.

Protract labor

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There are the chances of infection to spread if amnion remains burst for long of protract labor. It can be risky for the baby as well as mother.

Earlier delivery

There are many disadvantages of early delivery, the baby born premature may have weak lungs that can cause difficulty in breathing and respiratory problems. The may have digestive issues and when it comes on learning can be slow.

Upside position

The normal and complication free position of baby at birth is with the head down while facing the mother’s back and seeks its way out of vagina. But the complicated position is when the baby is upside down at birth which leads the baby to the risk.

There can be different position of baby at birth that is called breech position.

Breech position

The babies have their feet downwards and there are the some different types of breech position.

Frank breech

This is the position in which the baby buttocks lead the way into the pelvic and baby’s feet can enter the birth canal when both the knees and hips are flexed.

Transverse breech

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When the baby lies horizontally in the uterus and the shoulders seek the way.

Incomplete breech

In this position baby’s one or both the feet come ahead.

Labor and complications

Amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is released during the labor when tissues surrounding the baby break. It should occur during the labor or right before the delivery. Earlier tissues bursting in pregnancy leads the baby to the high risk.

The plunge of the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord can also be called the life line of your baby. Your baby gets all the oxygen and other nutrients through the placenta and umbilical cord from your body. When your water breaks it can slip through the cervix even the cord can come out of the vagina that can be too hazardous condition due to this bleeding from through the umbilical cord. If it plunges then the cord will be in the birth canal and if it comes out of vagina then you may see it.

Late delivery

The delivery after ten months is too much problematic and dangerous because the placenta stops providing enough nutrients and nourishment to the baby.

Uterine blood flow

Postpartum hemorrhage means the excessive bleeding from the cervix, vagina or vagina after the baby’s birth. After the delivery when contractions of the uterus stricken and while the detachment of the placenta from the uterus wall blood vessels is opened and continue to bleed. Cervical and vagina laceration can also be the reasons.

Pain and medication

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There are some painkiller medicines that help you to get relief and make delivery easier. There is only the mild effect of these medicines on your baby. It just makes your baby sleep a little bit more after the birth.

You can also look for the breathing pattern with the help of few childbirth classes before delivery to control the pain. The same pain control you can have with the support of those people who are emotionally attached to you they can be your friends, relative or anyone else that is close to you.

There is a process epidural in which anesthetic injection is injected into the epidural space of the spinal cord; sensation is lost in the abdominal and genital and pelvic areas that give you relief from the pain. There are some short-term side effects of the epidural procedure that include spinal aches.

There are two methods of delivery process and one of them is cesarean. This method is low risky and this operation is suggested when the Doctor find the risk of health and life for the baby or the mother in the normal vaginal delivery. There are some common reasons for cesarean delivery when the baby is in an abnormal position or the cervix is not getting dilated or baby is too big with such conditions vaginal delivery is not possible

How to overcome the fear

We know well if there is a problem then the solution is also there. To overcome the fear you should follow the tips.

  • Stop listening to the bad experience of the people during pregnancy, it will help you to be positive and relaxed.
  • You should educate your self or discuss with the people to know the possible complications in the pregnancy, it will help you to be aware enough to get smooth and easy delivery.
  • Avoid the stress and anxiety it is necessary for the easy delivery that you should reduce the tension and the best way to overcome these problems is deep breathing and self-hypnosis. This will lead you to the healthy and happy delivery.
  • Stay connected with your baby in the womb, keep your self-busy and happy on the preparation to welcome your child by collecting all the required things for your baby.