How to get relief from pain during labor and delivery?

Becoming mother is the blessing for the women, it is an exciting period of life during pregnancy there are variety of thoughts stuck in mind and labor pain is one of them. Getting baby is not easy it is hard and labor pain is one part of that. You don’t need to panic, there are some tips with them you can experience ease delivery with your comfort level. You need to decide first who will be with you and think about the preparation to welcome your baby these kinds of more tips are there that will keep you in your comfort level.

Who should be with you?

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It is necessary to choose the right team that supports you in your labor pain. You should choose the team of knowledgeable doctors and nurses, caring midwives, partners, your loved ones and of course a supportive birth team. The stress inhibitions decrease when you are treated with patience and respect.

Get knowledge about labor

Knowledge removes the fear you need to educate yourself about labor from the books, videos, web-sites, classes, discussion with your family and friends, guidance of your health-care provider. You need to be familiar with the procedure of labor to be flexible enough. Good knowledge of labor helps you to raise your comfort level.

Relaxed breathing

Breathe release tension and make you relax when you breathe full in slow rhythm. It is the same way when you lift the weight and exhale while focusing. You can release tension with exhalation it would be better enough if try moaning. You should try relaxed breathe while rhythmic head and hand moments.

Remove your fear

Speak with a knowledgeable and trusted people like doctors, friends, doula, or childbirth educator. If you fear of pain and labor, needles, losing control or medicine then speaking with these people can bring relief in your labor and also remove your fear.

Get relaxation

A relaxed position is must during the labor. If you have fear of pain then you will be highly worried that makes the pain worse.

Keep moving

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It is better when you keep moving, swaying, walking, and changing the positions it helps to ease your as well help your labor process. There is other advantage also your efforts encourage the movement and rotation of the baby down through the pelvic canal. It increases the comfort level of your delivery.

Prefer warm water therapy

Warm water therapy works amazingly in your labor pain. Warm water in 100 degrees F. is soothing it becomes more comfortable if you are having a direct handled shower on your back and abdomen while sitting on a stool. You need to understand the power of the steam either the shower of warm water. Bathing in water or taking steam can give you relax as well speed up your labor.

Warm or cool compresses

You can get relief during labor with the help of warm or cool compresses and it has the different ways. Take a warm pack on your groin, lower abdomen, shoulder and lower back. Place cool cloths relieve the chest, neck, or the sweaty face. A cold pack can sooth your painful areas.


Massage is just not about a therapy even it makes you cared that is the major moral boost. Women undoubtedly need relief during labor and massaging the feet, temple or hands relax you and sooth your labor pain.

Stay at the soothing environment

Make sure, your birth environment should feel safe and comfortable to you. There should be enough space to walk and having the movements to relief the pain in labor. It would be better enough if there is availability of various furniture like soft bed, low stool, rocking chair along with them all those things that can help you to ease your labor.


Sleeping well during pregnancy

This is one of the best ways to sooth labor pain, you should focus and imagine something or someone that makes you happy and feel good. like your loved ones person or your favorite objects or some inspirational and motivational pictures and thoughts or anything that makes you happy or distract from the pain. Keep yourself busy in such things that prevent the awareness of pain. You can listen musing or the voice recording that you love.