How to get relief from pain during labor and delivery?

Delivery is the toughest time for every lady on this earth. Along with the pleasure of having a newborn, she also suffers from great pain in the labor room. By hearing about the pain during the delivery every lady becomes frightened. They must be thinking about the ways to get relief from the pain. There are many institutions that provide the childbirth classes. Relaxation with breathtaking techniques is taught to every pregnant lady so that she does not feel much pain during the delivery time. The pain during the pregnancy period may differ from one woman to another. Some women get great relief with the techniques taught in the pre motherhood classes. But, for some ladies this is not enough. Rather, they need more medications.

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Comfortable child birth with less pain

There are several ways of getting your child out in this world with less pain. You can easily find it out with a little research on the techniques. You can also speak to your doctor to get the medication that will be very likely to avail relief during the delivery. Some ladies are very strong and make their mind give birth to her baby through the natural birth. But another group of ladies are not strong mentally as well as physically. They decide to take the baby out of the stomach by Caesar.

Getting a pain medicine before entering into the labor room is another way of getting pain relief in the labor room. It is also important to know the options about the medications available and other techniques to get some pain relief during delivery time.


While delivery, your doctor can provide you with systematic analgesic which is a wonderful remedy of pain. This is a fluid injected into the vein of individual lady to create numbness in her entire body. Analgesic is very effective in acting well in entire body rather than for a particular part of the body. All we all know that the pain during the pregnancy period is very natural. It can hardly be eradicated completely. It is possible to make your pain little less, but, getting it removed totally is not possible. There are medicines to provide relief from pain. But, this might lead to contractions and slow down of labor.

Spinal block

Another effective way of relief from pain during the labor is through the process of spinal block. An injection or medicine is provided for one time to the pregnant lady and there after the effect lasts for around 2 hours approximately. Women giving birth to the baby through her vagina are provided with a spinal block. This pain relief injection is even provided to individuals when the lady is going to give birth to the baby through Caesar. When the situation is such that the baby needs to be taken out from the womb of the mother through the forceps spinal block will be an important process.

Epidural block

This is the way of relieving pain to the lady by making the lower half of the lady’s body free from pain. Rather, the person will get no feeling in the lower half of her body. At the lower back portion of the patient’s body, the analgesiolist injects with the small space outside the spinal cord. Numbness will be provided to the patient as long as the doctor needs the portion to get numb. When the delivery takes place through the vagina, it helps in lessening the pain of the uterine contraction. It is safe to provide low dosage of medicine as this will not affect the baby much. High dose can even keep the baby under risk of waking up normally.

Local Anesthesia

Another common way of creating numbness is injecting local anesthesia in the recital of the vaginal area. This will not make you senseless totally. Rather, you can see everything when you are giving birth to the baby and at the same time you will also not feel any pain. Combination of Spinal as well as Epidural block will be another important way of providing pain relief to a lady who is fighting to give birth to the baby. This is much more effective and will help getting pain relief faster without risk.

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises to riding out pregnant woman’s contractions. During labor pregnant women should blow out deep breaths that helped to get rid of contractions. Breathing will be very helpful for pregnant women during the tough contractions.


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Relax your birthing muscles

Relaxing all of your muscles while only your uterus contracts eases the discomfort and speeds the progress of labor. If you feel tensed anywhere in your body, especially in your neck and face, this tension will spread to the pelvic muscles that need to stay loose during a contraction. Tense muscles hurt more than relaxed ones and they tire sooner. Chemical changes within an exhausted, tense muscle actually lower the muscle’s pain threshold, and you hurt more than if the muscle were working unopposed. The pain results when tight muscles resist the relentless, involuntary contractions of your uterus. Exhausted muscles soon lead to an exhausted mind and that increase your awareness of pain during childbirth and decreasing your ability to cope with it.

Changing position may help with labor pain

Change the position during labor may give you comfort by helping to improve your circulation. Sitting upright is the most comfortable position for you and help to speed up contractions in early labor. Squatting helps you in later stages of labor. Sitting on a birthing ball which in large size may help to reduce labor pain. If your back hurts, then lay on your hands and knees. Rocking back and forth are also works better to relieve pain.

Natural pain relief methods

Acupuncture: Acupuncturist places small needles into certain areas of the body, making your body respond a certain way in ancient Chinese practice. Although, this is an idea of using needles to lessen pain that may seem odd, you may find that this technique increases relaxation during labor that help you feel better to handle labor pain.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis works by suggesting that you are in control. It is ease when you believe you can control your pain. Some women learn to use this method for themselves, called self-hypnosis.

Reflexology: Reflexologies’ applies pressure to certain parts of the body, usually the soles of the feet. The pressure can affect other parts of the body. Reflexology may help relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.

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