Mistakes you’ve been making with eyeliner

When you think of dressing yourself up, you must think of the dress that you are going to wear and the matching makeup that you need. Often the eyeliner is the first application after the foundation. The eyes need to be made up first and then the lips. The professional artist will have his own touches and gallant lines to make your eyes look darker. You may not qualify to that standard and often make mistakes in applying the liner. These are some mistakes that you can try to avoid and go for the proper lines and tricks.

Common mistakes that are to be corrected

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Avoid lines that are thick and messy. The lines that you draw should be subtle and natural. Lightly outline the eye area in the upper lid and skip the bottom lip. Adding a softer shade over your eyes after the outline will give better look to your eyes. The lower lip of the eye need not be lined a lot. The lines on the lower lid makes your eyes look smaller as it places a complete boundary around your eyes. You can get a perfect line if you like your eyes with a white liner pencil first. After this you can see the line and retouch it with dark liner or gel to get that professional perfection. Sometimes the pencils are dry and causes problem for the sensitive area. The harsh tip can tug the lids and make marks. Go for a creamy liner pencil that dries up fast to remain for a longer time.

Apply liner in proper way

  • When you are applying the liner, look down towards the bottom of the mirror. Do not apply the liner looking straight at the mirror. This can leave crooked lines or unwanted gaps between liner and the eye lip.
  • Use a pencil that has pointed end. Start drawing a thin line when you start from the side of your nose. The line must become thicker towards the end of the eye. The outer corner can be smudged a little for the right effect. Smudge the lines above the lid also so there is no demarcating mark between the line and the end of the lid.
  • The lower lids hold the liner for a longer time. Never put a lot of mascara on the lower side of the lid. This can give your lid a heavy and drooping appearance and you may look more aged. Use the liner pencil to lightly draw a line on the lower lid or you can use a touch of mascara at the outer corners of your lower lid.

Avoid thick lines

You must remember that both the lids must not be anointed with the liner in the same way. Thick lines around your eyes also make them look smaller. Use a lighter color for the lower lid and you will get a softer look around your eyes. The magic remains when there is a lot to be found out and is not defined completely.

Too creamy liner smudges

If you go for too soft eyeliner or if it is too creamy then it will smudge after sometime. The natural oil around your eyes will mix with it and give a smoky and unhealthy look. Use pencil liner or apply eye shadow over the creamy liner to keep it in the same place without smudging.

Teardrop area to be clean

The teardrop area must be left alone. Do not place any liner or shadow on this area as this helps in growth of bacteria and smudges the whole effect. The corner of your eye remains moist most of the time and it is a better idea to keep this place free of liner. Apply liner on the lids but finish before reaching this place.

Feeling should be good

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Never apply liner when you are not feeling so good or when you have puffy eyes. The blue liner or neutral colors are good when you have red eyes or tired looking eyes for some reason. Avoid red or brown shades of liner during this time.

Compliment your eye and don’t be aggressive

A thick liner that brings a retro look brings out the aggressive look in you and this is good when you are doing a photo shoot. You can avoid this look when you are going out for different reasons. These thick lines must be applied professionally and with precision to get the right effect. Hence try to apply liner in a style that you are comfortable in.