How to do gold facial yourself at home?

Gold facial is one of the most preferred facials available in the market which is availed by many individuals. Ladies with dull face with no glow over the face will prefer golden facial. If you go to the beauty parlor and ask for golden facial, they will charge you very high price.

But, today you can easily get your facial done at home without spending high price. There are ways through which you can easily get your golden facial done at home. Gold facial can be on any skin type. It helps to remove toxins, sun damage, lighten complexion, anti-ageing, rejuvenate skin. It also helps to improve elasticity of the skin.

How to do gold facial yourself at home?

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  • Get a gold facial kit : You can purchase a good quality of gold facial kit from the market. The kit mostly compresses of Gold cleanser, gold facial scrub, gold facial cream/gel, gold facial mask and a moisturizing lotion which mostly doesn’t come with the kit. You need to get a good moisturizing lotion.
  • Cleanse : Before you start with the gold facial it is always better to cleanse your face. The kit has a gold cleanser which can be used. Wash off the cleanser with Luke-warm water and pat dry your face.
  • Scrub : Scrubbing can help to get rid of the dead cells. The gold facial scrub in the kit has to be used. Apply the scrub on your face, do not forget your neck. Scrub your face and neck in circular movements, keep this scrub on for at least 30 seconds. Now wash of you are the area in lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Gold Cream : Apply the gold cream given, massaging upwards on your face and neck. This gold cream/gel contains gold foil, gold powder, wheat germ oil, saffron, aloe Vera and sandalwood. Leave it for some time, the cream/gel will get absorbed by the skin. Using a wet cloth gentle wipe your face and neck.
  • Gold Mask : Use the gold mask given in the kit, apply it evenly on your face and neck. This gold mask contains turmeric, gold foil and Aloe Vera. Let the mask get dry. Only after it is completely dry remove the mask. You can splash some cold water on your face after removing. Then pat dry your skin completely.
  • Moisturizing : Most of the gold facial kit do not have moisture. So you need to purchase a good quality of moisture separately. Apply the moisture evenly on the face and neck in circular motion. Now your gold facial is complete. You can see a visible change of complexion in your face and neck.

Points to be noted

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  • Choose a good quality or banded product to get good results.
  • Never mix any other products when you do gold facial. The kit is self sufficient.
  • Always clean your hands before you do this facial. If you do it in a hygienic manner you can use this kit for 2-3 times.
  • Do not waste the product, gold facial kits are mostly very expensive.
  • Give a specific time schedule to repeat the facial to get better results. Over doing it may lead to damage of skin. Once in three month would be preferred. The results are also good enough. A good quality gold facial kit has shelf life, so you can use it 2-3 times.

Steps for getting golden facial at home

  • Look for gold facial kit at various Ecommerce websites
  • Choose the best product with regards to quality. You will get variety of golden facial kits from very low price to high. But, have a look at the customer review and select the product.
  • Once the product is delivered at your home, start using one after another contents placed inside the kit
  • First of all, you need to clean your face with the gold cleanser which is already present in the facial kit box
  • After washing your face with water, it is important to pat dry it with the soft towel
  • Second step will be to use the golden scrub on your face. Take the scrubber on your fingertips and apply it on your face slowly in circular motion. After applying the scrubber, you need to keep it for just 30 seconds.
  • Now, remove it with lukewarm water

How to improve the facial skin texture

  • You can get gold cream inside the kit which also must be utilized effectively. Some golden facial kit may have gel , if you find such kits application of golden gel must be done and massaging it in a circular motion will be important. The gel must be rubbed in such a way that it is absorbed by your skin
  • Now you have to dip a cloth preferably cotton in water. Now, slowly remove the gel of gold facial from your face.
  • You also need to apply gold facial mask and leave it for 10 minutes
  • As soon as you see the mask is getting dried, you can remove it completely. You can remove it by splashing cold water and patting cold water
  • The last step will be to apply moisturizing lotion over your face. You may get moisturizers in some golden facial kit but some may not contain the same. You can use a daily moisturizer if it is not present inside the facial kit

Contents of gold facial packs

The gold creams available within the facial kit include gold powder, wheat germ oil, sandalwood, gold foil, honey, aloe Vera and gold foil. Just after the golden facial is done, you face is likely to look good and attractive by 30%.

Since, in order to make gold mask, turmeric, aloe vera and gold foil is used, your skin is quite likely to glow like never before with the help of this wonderful facial kit.

Benefits of gold facials

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  • Since it contains toxin removal properties, you can easily repair your damaged skin that took place due to oxidation.
  • Since, people needs to get exposed to sun rays recklessly, it becomes really important to protect their skin from sun damage. The golden facial easily helps your staying away from sun damage caused as tan skin tone.
  • It helps in improving your blood circulation
  • Your skin complexion becomes lighten and rejuvenated
  • Gold facial done at home also helps improving skin elasticity
  • It also has anti aging properties and helps in staying young and youthful for a long time
  • You can get a control over the pigmentation of skin and melanin formation
  • It is excellent in lymphatic drainage

People with any age group starting from 20 years till 60 or more can apply this golden facial at home. You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks as you do to get your facial done in a beauty parlor.

The golden facial kit includes the step by step instruction that helps making everything possible within your budget. Even after buying a single facial kit, you can use for 2 to 3 times if it is a small file. Larger files would last longer.