An interesting food thought: Better taste lies with expensive meals

According to the recent research, price places a good impact on the taste of food. This is also true for a buffet dinner or meal. Also a study published in Journal of sensory studies compared between meals costing $8 with that of $4. The researchers have realized that the buffet arranged with the cost of $8 is much more tasty that the one with $4.

The Italian restaurant was visited by 140 people who dined there. The restaurant served pasta, salad, soup, breadsticks as well as pizza. Rating was done by each of the people on 9 point scale after completing their meals.

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People who had meals by consuming the items priced less reported that the food in the restaurant is less satisfying. Even the group could not eat the additional slice of pizza and could roughly have an average of three slices of Pizza at the most.

Many people are having taken the price as the benchmark while selecting food from restaurants and hotels as when they opt for pricy food, the taste becomes automatically better.

Many people have an impression that, whatever cost more would be better. Though this is not true in all fields, most of the people have still voted for it. Some people also have an interesting thought about the food they consume. It is the true fact that, for every bit of increased quality, we pay a certain sun of money. If we see in that way, it will be easier to conclude that better taste lies with the expensive variety of meals. Even when we go to restaurants, we pay more than how much we spend on home cooking. Apart from restaurant maintenance cost, the food is made exceptionally wonderful with the professional chef with the combination of fresh raw material and best quality spices.

A self satisfying prophecy

Brian Wansink, a professional marketer at Cornell asked the restaurant authority not to set up too low price of meals in the restaurant as it will hardly attract customers. With the standard benchmark of rate tag, customers too inclined towards walking towards the buffet with high rate of meals.

Customers are quite concerned about the quality of food rather than quantity. They can give out extra amount from their pocket to get quality meals at the restaurants. They will not compromise the food quality in the want of saving few pennies from their pocket. It will be really appetizing to consume tasty food once they are out for a dinner with their family or friends.

Wansink also asked the customers to visit the most expensive buffet where they can consume same amount of food with better experience and satisfaction with regards to taste.

Research with dining habits

Research has been conducted with the dining habits of 130 customers who are having their means in a restaurant. The trick that they have used in getting the right fact is with the alteration in prices. The food was reorganized with the category of $ 8 and $ 4. Now, the customers were asked to rate each variety of food that they have consumed. The rating must be done with 9 point scale. After getting the result, the researchers have found out that customers have rated the food items with more points that costs more as compared to those that are less costly. But, they were not aware of the actual price of the items. All they have done is with the help of their taste buds. The expensive items have received 11% more vote than the less expensive items.

Quality check with reviews

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These days people analyses everything with the help of the reviews. Whether they go to get a product online or that of getting the best deal of garments, all are based on reviews. Similarly, people are going to get the items from restaurant food order with the help of the reviews. It is also been found out that the customers rates the expensive more items more than that of the less costly food items. If it is customer review, it will be definitely impartial as they are general public who has come to a conclusion after consuming the food and experiencing the taste. You can easily trust those review without any partial thought. Instead of some exceptional cases, the food items with high rate are really effective.