Top myths about diabetes

Majority of the population is worried of being diagnosed with diabetes or there are many people suffering from diabetes. This article will help you separate fact from fiction. Let’s put some light on the top myths of diabetes.

People with diabetes have sexual dysfunction

Causes & symptoms of diabetes

If you simply have diabetes then it does not lead to any major problem. Erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and reduced libido are only caused if the patient is poorly managing or controlling diabetes and has high levels of blood sugar.

People with diabetes cannot get a tattoo

This is not true. There are many people who have diabetes but have tattoos. But if you are poorly controlling your diabetes then getting a tattoo can be a little risky because there are chances it may not heal properly.

If your A1C is below the range of 7.5 then you can definitely go for a tattoo, but if it is higher than 9.0 then there is high risk and you should avoid it.

Without testing the blood, one can tell when the sugar is high

Well, this is a myth because no one can accurately guess what his or her sugar level just by feeling it.

There are many symptoms for low sugar level but the warning signs are not 100% reliable in figuring out how low it actually is. The only way to accurately measure is by using a meter and taking the test.

People with diabetes will lose a limb

Losing a limb is a complication that can occur only if you fail to manage diabetes properly. It is said that prevention is always better than cure so you should schedule a full foot examination once a year and make sure to check your feet on a daily basis.

In a diabetic condition even small cuts can cause severe effects as it damages the nerves. This can lead to causing your feet to go numb. There are chances of reduction of blood flow in the feet which will make it much harder to heal.

Sugar is a big No for people having diabetes

Early symptoms of diabetes

This is one of the biggest myth. People with this condition do not need to eat a sugar-free diet but should take a balanced diet which includes moderate quantity of sugar. If you avoid a high calorie diet and include small portion of sugar, it is completely fine to have it.

But they should avoid sugary drinks like regular soda, fruit punch, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and sweet tea. 12-ounce of these drinks contains same quantity of carbohydrates that is present in 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Overweight people suffer from Type-2 diabetes

Overweight is one of the risk factor for Type-2 diabetes but is never the sole risk factor. Around 20% of people with normal weight or those who are underweight develop Type -2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is mild

This myth is untrue because all types of diabetes are serious if proper care is not taken which can also lead to complications. You can decrease the risk by taking proper control and by following a proper diet and doing proper exercise.

People with diabetes should follow a special kind of diet

A healthy diet is same for the people having diabetes and the ones that follow healthy eating. This diet plan includes low saturated fats, moderate amount of salt and sugar, considerate amount of fruits, healthy fats, whole grains and non-starchy vegetables.

Diabetes is contagious

Gestational diabetes

Diabetes in non-contagious. It does not spread through touch or via blood or like cold and flu. Sometimes it is caused through heredity, consumption of certain medications, some illnesses or physical inactivity. These are just the risk factors but the exact reasons behind developing diabetes are nearly unknown.

Diabetes can make you fall sick easily

Diabetic patients and normal people have same chances of falling sick. It is advisable for diabetic patients to take flu shots because diabetes makes it difficult to control the illness. It increases the severity of the illness and can cause serious complications. So precaution is always better than cure.

People with diabetes cannot eat sweets and chocolates

You can eat sweets and chocolate if you are including it as a part of a healthy diet or you are combining it with proper exercise. You should consume only small portions of sweet and keep you major focus on including other healthy food in your daily diet plan.

People with diabetes should avoid playing sports

There are many diabetic sportspeople that have performed well despite of having diabetes. There is no restriction in participating in any kind of sports, infact taking part in doing some exercise helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are definitely some of the factors that a person having diabetes should consider before participating but is never a restriction.

Diabetic patients are not fit to do all kinds of job

Gestational diabetes

Having diabetes can never be a reason of not finding a job. Due to improved treatments for diabetic patients, there are only a few jobs that prevents them from entering specific roles.

One of the profession is armed forces where a diabetic people will not be allowed for front line service yet there will be other positions accessible to them. If diabetic patients are unable to work due to sight or mobility issues, they are given special benefits.

People having diabetes will go blind

Becoming blind is just a complication that arises in patients with diabetes. But if they take proper care and keep their blood sugar levels in control, they can definitely avoid the complications. Blindness is completely avoidable if the risk factors are properly dealt and they regularly attend annual diabetic health checks every year.

Diabetic patients are risky drivers

Generalization of this myth will be inaccurate. It is only risky when diabetic patient have hypoglycemia. But this can completely be prevented through hypos exercise care to avoid hypos to occur while driving.