Diabetes early symptoms and prevention methods

Diabetes is under the list of the rapid fast growing diseases in the globe. It is gradually increasing and out of five one person is affecting by this disease in India. The major culprit behind the diabetes problem is the unhealthy life style. By acquiring the knowledge about diabetes 2 early symptoms you can stay at bay from it and can reverse it. The early diabetes symptoms or pre-diabetics in a person is hard to found and in most of the cases the person will come know that he is affected with diabetics only he is been in to the high sugar blood levels. Hence it is required to recognize the early symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes 2 early symptoms

Top foods to avoid diabetes

  • By knowing the symptoms of diabetes 2 you can prevent the risk of cause. They are listed below.
  • Thirst feel even after drinking plenty amount of water
  • Frequent urination and more frequent during nights.
  • Inspite of having the enough rest if the person is feeling weak.
  • Body weight gain though he is subjected to regular exercise.
  • Blur eye vision in the night.
  • When the skin infections are taking long time to heal than the normal.
  • Even after having a heavy meals, feeling hungry.

If you are facing two of the problems from the above mentioned or with the complete set, then it is necessary for you to take tests. Diabetics may affect you due to unhealthy life style and bad habits, though you don’t have the family history of the problem.

How to reverse the diabetes symptoms in a natural way

Exercise is major

If you got identified with the pre-diabetics symptoms, it is necessary to do exercise in each and every day.  Exercising will helps the muscles to be independent from the insulin, through which the blood sugar levels stay in the limits. To reverse the pre-diabetics, it is recommended to exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day.

Cut the simple carbohydrates consumption

Natural ways to cure diabetes

White bread, chocolates, tabar, pasta, rice, cakes and cookies are having simple carbohydrates which will break the fats and tend to produce the energy that is require for the fat formation. So jump out from eating those items to reverse the pre-diabetes and eat the complex carbohydrated food like wheat bread, brown rice/pasta and boiled potatoes for the good health.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will make you stay hydrated, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to flush out the toxins from the body in the urination process. It is one of the best practice in reversing the diabetes.

Eat fiber rich food

Eating the fiber enriched food is the best method to bring down your blood sugar levels, along with that it also helps in losing the weight too. Add raw fruits, veggies, cereals i your diet.

Beat stress

To prevent the diabetes you are required to control your stress levels. It can be achieved with the help of practicing yoga, relaxation and meditation. Make sure to sleep for enough hours to keep your body and mind out of stress.