What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)? State the causes and treatment procedure

Vagina is the reproduction organ of a lady which makes them extremely feminine. Women face a lot of complications due to vaginal problem and complications. According to researches, vagina consists of few good bacteria and few harmful bacteria. A balance is maintained between these two good and bad sets of bacteria. But, Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is such a stage where the balance between these two sets of bacteria is disrupted. This is a health condition seen in individual ladies where increase in bad bacteria takes place with a decrease in good bacteria. This infection takes place in various women at the child beating age.

Causes of bacterial vaginosis

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It is quite an ambiguous fact to discover about how women get bacterial vaginosis. With the research conducted at various parts of the nation, most of the women are vulnerable and can easily get affected with Bacterial vaginosis. But, you can come across various symptoms or factors that are generally responsible for the particular health condition of an individual.  Some of the causes are:

  • Having unsafe sex
  • Avoiding condoms while having sex.
  • Having a new sex partner every time you have sex
  • Douching
  • Adopting multiple sex partner
  • Using IUD or intrauterine device for birth control

As compared to domestic women, this bacterial effect is more common in women having sex frequently. Yet, medical science could not find out about how sex makes changes to the balance of bacteria.

Some myths about bacterial vaginosis attack

  • Getting Bacterial Vaginosis attack through the toilet seats
  • Getting BV from the swimming pool
  • Getting bacterial attack when you touch the objects around your neighborhood
  • Getting BV attack from bedding

Signs of BV

You can find out that you are absolutely suffering from BV when you can clearly see some of the signs and symptoms. Women with vaginal discharge abnormally with unpleasant odor might have a problem of BV. Some women also get a fish like appearance just after having sex.  The color of the discharge can vary from one individual to another. Some women may have a grey color discharge whereas other group of women have white discharges. Both foamy and watery signs can be a problem altogether.

If you are facing the problem of burning sensation while urinating, this means that you are suffering from the effect of BV. Some women also have a problem like itching and irritation in outside of vagina. It is not always suggested to think that this woman having the above mentioned signs and symptoms suffers from BV attack always. There are many other infections that may take place due to these problems.

Treatment of BV

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If you visit your doctor to treat BV, he will provide you with antibiotics medicines. It has been proven that the make sex partner of the women affected with BV does not require any treatment. But, these particular bacteria can only spread to the female partners. Thus, partners must speak among each other about the infection.  Even after the treatment, this can relapse and spread once again.

Some individuals are also not sure about the fact whether it is safe to treat the pregnant women who have been suffering from BV. It is really very important to test the women who have been suffering from these bacterial infections. If you are a pregnant lady with premature delivery or the low birth weight baby, there is a possibility that you are suffering from BV.  Medical science have become so advanced that it is now possible to treat a pregnant lady who have been suffering from this bacteria at any stage of her pregnancy.

Ways to lower the risk of BV

There are different ways of lowering the risk of BV.  These are:

  • You must go ahead with your pelvic examination on a regular basis. This test is known as STI test
  • You must use a mild soap to wash your vagina and anus on a regular basis so that vaginal bacteria is balanced
  • You must stop douching as it is responsible for removing some normal bacteria in vagina which protects you from the infection
  • If doctor has prescribed any medicine, you must finish it