Home remedies to treat vaginal itching

The vagina is a sensitive organ and due to various factors, it effects very easily. Some of the common problems come with vagina are irritating, infections and itching. Proper care must be taken intimeinorder to block the spreading of infection from vagina to uterus organ. Vagina itching is most oftenly due to yeast infections and bacteria formed over that area. Infections effect by various causes, among which some are controllable and some are not. The dryness resulted by the hormones imbalance and chemicals present in the products you use also leads to the vaginal problems. The skin around the vagina and vaginal walls commonly irritated as they are sensitive.

Women visit gynecologists for a variety of problems. Issues related to pregnancy, miscarriage, sex, etc., are treated by medical science in women’s health division. Many ladies and teenage girls also complain about vaginal itching. Sometimes this can be very petty issue and can be treated right at home. Vaginal itching can be mostly caused due to infection caused in your vaginal wall. You can feel discomfort and irritation while standing in front of the mass. It is really a very shameful situation. You have some handy ingredients right at home that will help reduce your vaginal itching. Let us find the same from this article.

The word itching doesn’t sound fun or something that one will enjoy. Itching on any part of the body is something that is annoying and very unpleasant to bear. Being a woman we totally understand how irritation in your genitals can be even more discomforting and hard to bear. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the causes of such irritation or itch. We will also talk about remedies that are available within the reach of your hands. We will not be advising you on anything that is chemical for it might have adverse effects on your body and do more harm than good.

What is vaginal itching?

Causes of vaginal discharge

Itching or irritation down there might often be hard to bear but it is even harder for some to talk about it. When itching occurs in the labia, vagina, opening of the vagina or clitoris it is called vaginal itching. It isn’t that serious an issue still it is always better to keep the most sensitive part of your body healthy and very clean. A vagina that is free from any sort of problem has the right balance of bacteria in it that is both good and bad. It is a delicate area that has soft tissues covering it. A healthy vagina produces mucus that is devoid of any smell. The amount of mucus your vagina produces depends on the menstrual cycle of a woman and her hormone level in the body.

Dos’ and Don’ts

  • Wear clothes that are loose and not too tight, use cotton underwear.
  • Avoid having sex during the time you are trying to recover from the vaginal infection.
  • Keep changing your pads and tampons from time to time during periods.

What are the reasons behind such problems faced by a woman?

There are quite a few reasons why women face such discomforts in their private parts. Many women tend to suppress it which isn’t right for it might have a serious effect on the health of a person if it occurs on a regular basis.

Allergies or rashes due to contact dermatitis

The product that you use to wash your vaginal region. The product might cause allergies or rashes on that part which will make it itch.

The products that you use in your vagina and can cause such discomforts are as follows:

  1.  Condoms made out of latex.
  2. Lubricants for vagina.
  3. Spermicides to prevent the entry of sperm into the vagina.
  4. Diaphragms made out of latex.
  5. Detergents used to wash undergarments.
  6.  Toilet paper that is scented.
  7.  Sanitary napkins and tampons.
  8. Body wash.
  9.  Clothes that are tight.

These are the few reasons why a woman can have contact dermatitis. Apart from all the above reasons if she wears clothes or underwear that is extremely tight it leads to friction causing such rash and allergies. Riding a bike or horse can also cause such issues in the private parts of a woman. You need to determine what is the cause behind your itch.

Bacterial infection in the vagina causing it to itch and smell bad

Home remedies for yeast infection

When the growth of bacteria that is bad for the vagina increases it leads to an infection called vaginosis. When this condition in your vagina is left untreated it causes serious problems. A woman might face issues during her delivery, the infection can occur after a surgery or inflammation might be seen in the pelvic region. How will you know it is a vaginal infection?

The symptoms that one faces in such cases are as follows.

  1. The discharge from the vaginal area is greenish or greyish in color.
  2. It burns while you pee.
  3. It has a bad smell.
  4. Your vaginal region itches a lot.

When all of the above symptoms are happening, then it is a case of vaginal infection.

A condition called Lichen sclerosus

If you see spots on your vagina that are white and cause a lot of itching then high chances are you’re suffering from lichen sclerosus. It has a lot of side effects including painful sexual intercourse, cancer in the vulva region, blisters and scarring.

Disease transmitted during sex

Diseases like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and warts in the genital area. All of these diseases cause itching and irritation in the vaginal area.

Infection in the vaginal area

Almost every woman faces itching in the private parts due to yeast infection. This infection happens when the candida or yeast grow excessively in the vaginal region. What causes such infections? A number of reasons.

  1. Intercourse.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Antibiotics.
  4. An immune system that is weak due to some disease.

This kind of infection also causes fishy and foul smell along with irritation and mucus discharge which is greyish.

Menopause can be another reason

How to cure vaginal yeast infections

Women who go through menopause face many problems along with a fall in the production of estrogen levels in the body. It makes the walls of the vaginal very dry and thin. This causes severe irritation and itching leading to discomfort. Women who are breastfeeding also face this kind of problem.

Lice in the pubic region

Many women have creatures in the pubic hair that resembles creatures that are like crabs. These lice live and grow in the pubic region making it itch. The coarse hair on the vaginal region attracts these creatures when it is not kept clean.

These are the few reasons as to why a woman can suffer from such discomfort or irritation.

The remedies to treat vaginal itching with home remedies

Rather than going for many unknown procedures to treat the vaginal problems, simply follow some simple remedies to cure it. Here are few of them.

Boric acid

This Acid has antifungal properties and can be a great relief from vaginal itching. It is antiseptic in nature and one can apply it on their vagina by diluting it with water, keep it for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse it off with clean water. Try using it on a daily basis till you notice any improvement.

Consume soy and its products

Since menopause is also a possible reason for vaginal itching so soy and soy products have estrogen which is very helpful. Add soy to your diet, they are rich in fiber so make sure you have small proportions of it.

Licorice tea

Licorice tea has estrogen like properties which don’t just fight away symptoms of menopause but also remove other vaginal problems. Bring some licorice roots to boil in water, strain it and have it for at least 2-3 times in a day. Make sure you use fresh licorice roots each time.


How to treat the hormonal imbalance at home

An Ayurvedic rich treatment is one best move to get rid of vaginal infection. Ashwagandha works even better for women who are healthy for their sex life. Consume it with some ghee and honey, a tablespoon of it at a time. Mix it with a glass of milk and have it at bedtime.


It is the best source for lactobacillus. Yoghurt is also the best way of getting probiotics. It will treat many problems related to the vagina. Like that of itching, the sensation of burning is reduced and the discharge from your vagina is also reduced.

With its cooling and soothing features, it even reduces inflammation. The redness caused due to friction from tight clothes can also be reduced. How to apply it?

  1. You have to get yoghurt that is plain and doesn’t contain any sweeteners.
  2. Apply this yoghurt on the outside of your vagina and also on the insides of your vagina by inserting a tampon that is covered in yoghurt.
  3. Keep it for a duration of 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  4. Pat dry and keep it clean.

Apple cider vinegar

When an apple is fermented it makes vinegar which is called Apple cider vinegar. This apple cider vinegar is a great product for every kind of problem-related to the skin. How will you use this product?

  1. In a glass of water (slightly warm) add about two tablespoons of this apple cider vinegar.
  2. Use this mixture to wash the vaginal region every time you face any kind of itch or irritation.
  3. Repeat it for a few times every day.

The use of coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely popular for its benefits and properties. Coconut oil is capable of doing it all. It can remove warts with its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It will also prevent the growth of yeasts. How will you use it?

  1. A ball of cotton that is soaked in coconut oil needs to be applied in the affected vaginal area.
  2. Leave the vaginal area for about 30 minutes.
  3. To wash off the vaginal area use a solution of coconut oil and water. Add coconut oil about 10 tablespoons in a glass of water.
  4. For best results use this home remedy every day.

The use of Tea tree oil

Commonly known as Melaleuca oil this product is a God’s send. It is extremely effective to fight against the growth of yeast in the vaginal region. The excessive amount of irritation in the vaginal region can be reduced by the use of tea tree oil. How will you use it?

  1. Apply a cotton ball that is soaked in tea tree oil to your vaginal region.
  2. In a cup that is half full add a teaspoon of this tea tree oil.
  3. After 15 minutes wash it off with this solution.
  4. Use several times a day for relief.


How to get rid of bad vaginal odor

The properties that salt has are both antibacterial and anti-irritant. The layer on the outside of the fungal and bacterial growth can be broken down by salt. It will provide relief by drawing out all the water from the cells of fungus and bacteria. You will get instant relief from dryness. How will you use it?

  1. Add about a whole tablespoon of it in a glass of water that is lukewarm.
  2. You can use it to wash to the vaginal area.
  3. Repeat this procedure every day for a few times to get rid of the itch that is bothering you.

The use of Kefir

As we have already discussed how important is probiotics. They stop the growth of bad bacteria in the body. Kefir is one such product that is packed with bifidus and lactobacillus bacteria. They are perfect to reduce any sort of itch and treat the growth of yeast in the vaginal area. How will you be using it?

  1. A tampon needs to be dipped in Kefir.
  2. Insert this into your vagina.
  3. You need to keep it for about 15 minutes.
  4. Continue this for a few days by using it twice.

The beauty of Chamomile

Another great product to be used to reduce the itchiness and discomfort in the vaginal region. A herb that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The burning sensation that is felt while one tries to urinate can also be reduced by the use of this product. The effects that this product has will heal any rash or redness instantly. How to use this?

  1. You need both tea tree oil and some Chamomile tea.
  2. In a cup of boiling water add a tablespoon of the tea.
  3. After simmering it for ten minutes, collect the water in a separate cup.
  4. To this add about two tablespoons of tea tree oil.
  5. Wash your vaginal region with this solution.
  6. Continue this procedure until you get relief.

The benefits of Honey

If a woman is suffering from cases of itching and irritation then honey is the best home remedy. With its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties honey will cure any open wound caused in the vaginal region. How to use it?

  1.  In a cup that is filled with lukewarm water add a tablespoon of honey.
  2. Stir it well.
  3. Use this mixture to rinse the vaginal region.
  4. Continue with it daily for best results.

The juice of Cranberry

Apart from treating urinary tract disorders, it cures cholesterol, digestion problems and improves the immune system of a person. They stop the growth of bad bacteria in the vaginal region and prevent it from itching.

  1. For this procedure, you need some lemon, cranberries and water.
  2. Blend all of the cranberries to make one glass of juice.
  3. Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice of a lemon.
  4. Drink this every day.
  5. It will solve all problems related to the vaginal problem.

The goodness of Aloe vera

How to treat genital warts

A product that is beneficial to any kind of skin related issues. Itching in the vaginal region can be cured by the use of a product that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. How to use it?

  1. Some aloe vera gel needs to be scooped out from the leaf of an aloe vera leaf.
  2. You need to combine the aloe vera gel(two tablespoons) with some water(a cup)that is a bit warm.
  3.  Use this solution to wash the vaginal region.
  4. It must be used for a few days to get best results.

What must you not do to have a healthy and itch-free vagina?

  1. Don’t wear clothes that are damp in nature it leads to the growth of fungus and bacteria.
  2. Wear pure cotton underwear.
  3. Don’t wear underwear that is too tight.
  4. Never have unprotected sexual intercourse.
  5. Keep the area clean and dry by wiping it after every wash.
  6. No chemicals near the vaginal region.

In order to keep healthy, you must try out these home remedies. Switch from one to another and follow all the instructions so that the itch or infection in your genitals don’t come back. Of course, it is nothing serious that one must lose sleep over it but they cause discomfort that isn’t pleasant. You don’t deserve such discomfort so keep healthy and safe.

Best home remedies to prevent vaginal itching & burning

Genital hygiene to get rid of infections

Maintaining genital hygiene is a very important factor. To stay out of the genital infections, it’s good to wear cotton underwear and change it for two times a day. The vagina is a self cleaning organ, so you don’t need to wash it with heavy fragrance soap or body washes. In some cases, the fragrances and chemicals lead to vaginal irritations and itching. Always keep the genitals clean, remove hair by waxing or trimming, clean it daily.

Unscented products to stop itching

Though the strong smells tempt you, it is best to ignore those as the chemicals in the scented products results for the vaginal itching. So, nurture your genitals and avoid the scented products, replace them with unbleached products.

Clay and cornstarch for vaginal itching

To cure the genital itching, try this home remedy, mix fine clay, starch, black walnut powder and Goldenseal powder in a bowl, mix all the ingredients together and store it in a container. Apply this mixture on the genitals when you feel itching.

Calendula to treat irritated vagina

Reasons for vaginal yeast infections

To treat the genital irritation, Calendula works perfect. Bring few Calendula flowers and boil them in water, wash genitals with this water to get rid of from irritation. You can also use Calendula dry flowers to treat the same problem. Dry few flowers and make them powder, use this powder to treat the irritation, but make sure it doesn’t go inside the vagina.

Water to cure vaginal problems

Many of the vaginal problems can be cured with water, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to avoid itching and dryness. Yogurt also gives relief from the vaginal problems with its antibacterial properties. It defeats the bacteria and slows down the itching problem.

Cold compress to remove vaginal infections

Apply cold compress over the vagina when they are itching, alternatively you can apply a cold pack or towel that is dipped in cold water to get instant relief from the itching. However, this remedy doesn’t solve the deep and underlying cause of the itchiness, but makes you un-irritated.

If the main cause of itching and irritation are known, then the treatment will become easy. So, if the remedies don’t show you enough results, consult your doctor and find the right care that keeps away the discomfort, irritations and infection problems.

Salt water treatment to cure vaginal infection

Salt is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps human being in treating a variety of health conditions. If you have pain in your hand or leg, it provides relief. Similarly, even to treat the vaginal infection salt water solution works well. You have to take a mug with water and add a spoon or two of salt water. Mix them well and splash over your vagina where you have itching. This will give you good remedy.

Garlic for vaginal itching

The wonderful spice that you always keep at home is now available for treating the vaginal infection. Rich flavored spice has antibacterial property that helps treating any type of infection caused by bacteria. All you have to do is take few garlic cloves and crush it. Now apply it over the portion where you have irritation. Keep it overnight and experience itchy free next day morning.

Turmeric and neem for fungal infections

Another wonderful combination that helps treating itching on your vaginal area is turmeric and Indian lilac. All you have to do is boil water and add a handful of neem leaves in it. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Now use the water to wash your vaginal area. This will be really good for all types of infection. Do this 2-3 times in a day and stay away from all types of bacterial and fungal infections in the vaginal area.