Vaginal yeast infection home remedies – How to get rid of yeast infection?

Several types of Infections can be caused to anyone breaking the time boundary. The best way to avoid such infection is to keep oneself clean and tidy.

Yeast is a type of fungus that usually stays in the vagina but in very small amount. If this fungus is present in your vagina in large numbers it can cause yeast infection which is very common among women.

This infection is not normally serious but can cause a lot of irritation. Candida albicans is the name of the fungus that can cause yeast infection in your vagina.

The female reproductive organ is one of the sensitive organs of every woman’s body that can be easily susceptible. Any type of infection can lead to serious case.

Vaginal yeast infections are quite common to several female due to the infection caused by fungus named as Candida. Women getting affected with the same can suffer from variety of issues such as itching, swelling and irritation over the vaginal wall.

Yeast infection which majorly affects the vaginal area sometimes also develop around dentures, nail beds, skin folds, lower abdomen and under the breast.

It mainly occurs due to the conditions such as stress, chronic health condition, pregnancy, diabetics, antibiotics, steroids and by the use of oral contraceptives.

A strong and healthy vagina will have more number of bacteria and a smaller amount of yeast cells and the bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus helps in dropping down the number of yeast.

Sometime, taking antibiotics can cause difference in the balance of these organisms, thereby increasing the number of yeast cells in your vagina and can shoe the symptoms of yeast infection slowly.

Some other reasons that can cause an increase in the yeast cells are estrogen levels during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, diabetes or HIV. Consult a doctor to make sure that whether you have this infection or not.

Symptoms of yeast infection

Home remedies to treat vaginal itching

  • Itching or soreness in the vagina.
  • Pain or burning sensation while urinating or during sexual intercourse.
  • Thick and odorless white discharge that may occur a week prior to your menstrual cycle.
  • Itching in Vagina
  • Redness near the opening of vagina
  • Pain during urination especially hen urine touches the portion of urination


There are antifungal creams that you can put in your vagina or anti fungal tablets that you can consume. If the infection is very mild, then it might get reduced automatically.

These infections are very common during pregnancy, see a doctor and get the prescribed medicines for the treatment.

In case, if you are using an antifungal cream to treat your infection, then never depend on a condom or a diaphragm for birth control as the cream that you use may have some medicines that can weaken these contraceptives.

Some women might get this infection over and over again, so immediately consult a doctor to make diagnose the causes for this infection.


Always keep your vaginal area clean and use mild, fragrance-free soap and water.  When you wipe or wash after using the lavatory, always wipe from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria or yeast from the anus to your urinary tract or vagina.

Use underwear made of cotton, or any other material that can keep your genital area clean and dry. Avoid using tight jeans, pantyhose etc, continuous use of these tight dresses can increase the moisture and heat in the genital area.

Change your sanitary napkins or tampons repeatedly and refrain from using deodorant tampons, sprays, powders or perfumes that can change the usual balance of the bacteria or any other organisms in your vagina.

If you are wearing a wet swimsuit for many hours, your genital are can be moist that can lead to increase in yeast infection, so try and change your wet swimsuit as soon as possible.

Remedies to treat yeast infection


How to cure vaginal yeast infections

To reduce the fungi that is associating for the yeast, one need to consume the cranberries which are having the vital antibacterial and antifungal properties.

These berries also treat the infections that come through urinary tract and bladder. prefer to take the sweet free cranberry juice, if it is not available take two to three cranberry tablets per day.

With the fast healing properties of cranberry, the symptoms of yeast infection will come down with in short span of time.


Yogurt is another simple home remedy to cure the yeast infection. Just apply the plain yogurt on the affected skin area and wash it after an hour to get the effective results or you can take internally to sort the same, but make sure to consume the sweet free and plain yogurt.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium present in the yogurt minimizes the growing infection.

Tea tree oil

To treat the yeast infection with in a simple way, use the tea tree oil. The antifungal properties of tea tree oil helps to discard the problems associated with the yeast infections.

Take some amount of tea tree oil and dilute it with water or sweet almond oil or olive oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area for many times in a day with the help of a cotton swab.

If you are suffering with vaginal yeast infection problem, then drop a small amount of tea tree oil on a tampon and insert into your vagina for about two to three hours.

Follow this method for two times in a day to get relief from the symptoms. It is not recommended for pregnant women as the properties of tea tree oil harm the infant.


Take the help of the vinegar to ease the yeast infections, the distinctive components present in the vinegar lowers the growth of the fungi responsible for the infection.

To your hot water tub , add few drops of vinegar and stir it. Soak your body for about half an hour. This easy bath can mild the itches and skin irritations that come with the yeast infections.

Alternatively dilute the apple cider vinegar or normal vinegar with water and apply over the affected area. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off to soothe the skin.

Boric acid

Taking the boric acid in the form of capsules or applying the boric acid diluted solution to the affected skin can equally sort out the problem. It gives you fast healing by its antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Boric acid is not recommended for pregnant women, and it is also suggested to not use the boric acid for long time as it is in toxic nature.

Apple cider vinegar

Home makers are invariably using apple cider vinegar in their kitchen in order to make some or the other food and give a proper taste to it. Now, this particular home ingredient can also work well in eradicating yeast infection from your vagina.

For this you need to take two cups of water and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it.  Allow this solution for stay for sometime till the apple cider vinegar dissolves very well in water. Now use this solution for douching.

Garlic clove

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Even garlic is having the property to remove infection. This is the reason it is usually used when you have any type of stomach infection.

Take two cloves of garlic and make pieces of it. Now take it in a small piece of cotton cloth. Remember the cloth that you are using for this purpose must be clean.

Now put this in the vaginal opening inside your lower under garment. Allow this to stay overnight and feel the difference once you wake up in the morning.

Fresh fruit in diet

In order to remove vaginal infection, the food that you intake also plays an important role. Even doctor suggests consuming fresh fruit in diet for all ladies who are suffering from vaginal yeast infection.

The fruits like lemon, orange, apple are filled with vitamins and antioxidants that will remove yeast from your body. If you go to doctor he will give you multi vitamin tablets. But, the fresh fruits are a good substitute of multivitamin capsules that will cure your condition naturally.

Salt solution

You must be rich of salt as people usually have apple quantity of salt right at their kitchen. If you want to cure vaginal infection, all you have to do is make a solution of warm water and salt and wash your vagina.

This will give you great relief from irritation and even help you o stay away from yeast infection. This is a very simple home remedy that must be availed at the preliminary stage. In most of the cases people gets great relief with the salt solution wash.

Olive leaf extract

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If you have olive plant in your garden extracting the olive leaf will be quite easy. But, even if you don’t have the plant at your home, get it from the market.

You can boil olive leaves and get the solution. Now take the solution in a glass and add some salt to it. Wash your vagina with the solution of olive leaf such that it covers he entire portion of your vagina. Do this twice in a day to get relief from yeast infection in vagina.

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is available at home which you can easily avail and make a remedy for curing the yeast infection in vagina.

If you can get fresh grape fruit in the fruit market, getting it for treating vaginal infection will be quite easy. This can give you a great benefit in order to get relief from pain in your vagina.

Irritation in some parts of vagina is also a reason behind the yeast infection. This can be easily removed when you use the grape fruit extract for treating vaginal yeast infection.

Simply honey for vaginal infection

As we know that honey is also having some medicinal value and can give you relief from variety of health conditions treating vaginal infection will be quite easy. You just need to take raw honey and apply it over the external part of your vagina.

This needs to be kept as it is for 15 long minutes. Once the time period is over, you need to wash the place with warm water. It should be just warm but not very hot as otherwise it can cause harm to your vagina.

Buttermilk to cure vaginal infection

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You can now cure vaginal infection with the help of buttermilk. Many people have a habit of drinking milk everyday as it is a complete food.

Similarly you should also make a habit of drinking butter milk as this will help you stay away from yeast infection in vagina. This can be consumed by various people irrespective of their age.

Causes of vaginal yeast infection

Weak immune system

Immunity level of every individual may not be alike. Some have a strong immune system whereas others get its weaker. Individual with weaker immune system cannot face the infection or fight with it. As a result they come up with vaginal yeast infection.

Hormonal imbalance

If the hormone secretion is not well confined in your body, there might be a good chance that you suffer from the issue of vaginal yeast infection.

Lack of sleep

Another cause of yeast infection in your vagina can be due to lack of sleep. Proper 8 hours sleep is really important for each and every individual. Disruption of it can give rise to imbalance in your body. Thus lack of sleep can even give rise to vaginal yeast infection.

Remedies of vagina yeast infection


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Vaginal infection can be easily treated at home with some home remedies.

You must have one or the other variety of mouthwash at home which you have used to remove infections and plaque from your mouth. Now, this can be a wonderful remedy for your vaginal yeast infection. Just dissolve it in a cup of water and rinse the area.

Neem water

You must be aware of the Indian Lilac popularly named as Neem by Indians. You need to take handful of Neem leaves and boil it in a bowl of water. Let it boil for 10 long minutes.

You need to wait till the water changes its color from transparent to green color. It means the water has gained the goodness of neem leaves. Let the water get lukewarm. There after you can wash your vagina with that water and see how well it works.