How to lose fat on sides

When you have excess weight on side, which means the abdominal and side oblique muscles, it can mean that you are storing visceral fat. This increases chances of having conditions like diabetes and heart disease. For removing the love handles or side fat, you should start off with cardiovascular exercises, diet and muscle strengthening. There are three steps which will help you reach your goal, so start following them and get into shape!

Diet for losing fat on side

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It is important to understand your body and plan out a proper diet to lose belly fat. Diet is important, which comes along with exercises, it doesn’t work alone and vice versa.

  • Have food which is low in glycemic index. This means you should stay away from foods which are highly processed with flours, sugar, etc. These have lesser nutrients and more of fat.
  • Comprise your food with 50% of fruits and veggies.
  • Consume monounsaturated fats, which you can obtain from olive oil, avocado, seeds, nuts, etc. Add as much as wholegrain as possible and that will add lesser calorie to your body. Keep serving low sizes and keep nibbling at every two hours.
  • Consume food which is low in fat. Have food which are high in protein and also consume low-fat Greek yogurt for weight loss. Try to replace snacks which have sugar and add fruits to your yogurt, to make it tastier and healthier.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. Add green tea to your diet and reduce consuming things like sodas and soft drinks. Switch over to low calorie drinks, even if that means reducing the consumption of fruit juices.
  • Aim on reducing the calorie consumption by 10 to 25 percent everyday. The minimum mark of 1,500 calories for women and 1,800 for men, has to be maintained! It is better to add healthier alternatives, than to reduce consuming food, by keeping high calorie food on the list otherwise.

Exercise for losing fat on sides

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  1. Aim for doing strength training for at least 30 minutes everyday. This will reduce total body fat and not just on the sides. You need to build strength in your muscles which lie below the fat content. When you start building muscles, you start reducing the body fat that you have. The faster your total body fat gets reduced, the faster you start feeling healthy and light. When you lift weight or do something that strengthens your body, you improve the metabolism process too.
  2. If you can do pilates, it will be one of the most effective exercises for weight loss. It focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles, and makes your body firmer. From the oblique to the transverse, you start reshaping the entire zone and get sleeker.
  3. Doing planks would be very good for side fat. Get into the push-up position, and make your body form a straight line from the ankles to shoulders. Try to hold the position for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, while you balance on your elbows, having them placed on the floor.
  4. Side planks are another form of planks, which will release your fat from sides. You have to weight your body on your right arm, and get into the plank position. This way you lift up the body from the side and then turn the body till the weight rests on the right arm or the elbow and right foot. You have to make sure that the body is formed into a straight line starting from foot to the top of your head. Don’t let your body sink into the shoulder joint. Hold position for at least 30 seconds and then extend till 2 minutes. Switch the side for repeating!
  5. You could also try out side plank dips. For this you have to get into the side plank position and drop right hip down. Gradually lift it up and then do 10 sets of dips. Again switch the sides for repeating.
  6. Try out Russian twists since they are pretty effective too. Sit on the ground and have knees bent in front of you. Lift the hips up and tuck your bottom slightly under. This will give you a feeling like the abs is working hard to maintain the seated posture. You could also grab a small ball or a bottle of water. Lean yourself backwards and twist from waist till the ball touches the ground by the right hip. Get back to the center and then twist to the left. Move slowly by doing 2 sets and repeat 20 times in each one.
  7. You could also try oblique crunches. Lay on the back and hold feet up in the table position. Form the 90 degree angle and place the arms behind the head. Lift chest off ground by exerting pressure on the abdomen. You could also keep the elbows widened from the head, and then lift and twist like you are trying to get the right elbow to touch the left knee. Although, this gets impossible when you start exercising initially. Simply twist and lift as far as possible and then repeat 20 times on each of the side.
  8. Start off with knee lifts by getting to the plank position. Lift the right knee forward, and stretch as far as possible. This makes you try to touch the knee with the elbow. Return and then repeat on the opposite side. Repeat set of 10 knee lifts on each of the side. Now, do another set with having your right knee twisted in a diagonal posture towards the left arm. Repeat 10 side knee lifts on each of the side.
  9. Try to swim as that is great for an overall weight loss regimen. It gives your stomach, arms and legs a good exercise. Lift the leg and right arm for about 3 seconds and then lower it to lift the right leg along with left arm. Swim for 10 times on each side and then increase the speed. Flutter your arms and legs for 30 seconds after you’re done!