How to lose chest fat for women – get rid of female breast fat

If excess chest fat is becoming a headache for you, it is important to take the necessary steps at the earliest.

Excess chest fat in women can be caused due to many reasons and obesity is one of the most common of all. Heredity and hormones are the other reasons that might work in adding more breast fat in female.

While it might not be in your control to lose the chest fat completely if it is regulated by genetics, but you can certainly get the best benefits by following a proper diet and the right exercise regimen if your breast fat is caused more due to obesity or lose muscles. Read on to know how to lose the excess chest fat,

The right diet is the key for losing chest fat in women

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Know for sure that there is no trick named as spot reduction when it comes to the human body. So, if you are trying to lose the excess fat from the chest, you have to make sure that you lose overall excess fat from your body.

Through particular exercises you can better tone up the chest muscles, but the need of reducing the overall fat is paramount and maintaining the right diet is the key to it. So, when you are trying to lose chest fat keep the following things in mind while planning your daily diet,

Look for a calorie deficit diet

When you are trying to lose body fat, you need to depend on a regular diet that gives you less calorie but keeps your stomach full.

The best way to plan such a diet is to include more of vegetables and fruits in your diet, because the fruits and vegetables come loaded with vitamins, minerals as well as dietary fibers but minimum calorie.

The best thing about dietary fibers is that they keep you satiated for longer but do not add much calorie to your body. So, include more of these foods in your daily diet when you are trying to lose excess chest fat.

Stay away from fats and junk food

Foods with high amount of fats and junk foods are one of the primary reasons of increasing obesity across every society.

Fats, particular the saturated fats are the worst enemy of a fit body. They increase the cholesterol levels in your blood and work as the main reason for fat deposition.

So, stay away from any fatty foods, including, butter, cheese, ghee and oils. Colas, even the diet ones, chips and all these high calorie foods should be out of your diet.

Deep fried foods should be completely out of your menu list at least for the span. Make sure that you stop devouring on the junk foods that might be tasty but actually harm your body.

Watch your sugar and carb intake

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The amount of sugar and carbohydrate you take in daily has a direct role to play in your body weight. Sugars and carbohydrates are easily stored in the body instead of being burnt during metabolism.

So, check out the amount of sugar and carbohydrate you include in your daily diet. Stay away from indulging your sweet tooth. If you feel a strong urge for sweets, bank on some fresh sweet fruits instead of a pastry or ice cream.

Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is one of the primary reasons of alcoholic fat in the body which is most difficult to burn out. If you drink, and you are suffering from excess chest fat, stopping the alcohol is certainly the first thing you should do for your best health.

Apart from maintaining the above rules while deciding your diet, also keep the next instructions in mind to ensure that what you eat is properly used in the body during metabolism instead of being stored.

  • Divide your diet into 4-5 small meals with frequent gaps instead of 3 big meals. When you take a big meal, the chance of more calories being stored is increased. Taking small meals increases the calorie burning in the body reducing the storage which can be pretty helpful for losing excess fat.
  • Take the last meal of your day latest by 8pm in the evening and make sure that it is not heavy in any way and is completely devoid of rich and fatty foods. Never eat a heavy meal after 5pm in the evening and make sure that you do not get to sleep right after having your meal. Make it a point to take a small walk or at least stroll in your home for 15-30 minutes after a meal and get to sleep only after 2-3 hours of having your dinner.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body metabolism at its peak.

Exercises for losing chest fat in women

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Having mentioned the guidelines about the right diet for losing fat, now let us get to the exercises that can be most helpful to lose the excess chest fat and tone up the chest muscles.

For women one of the best ways to lose the breast fat is to opt for a good cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercises are great for weight loss.

Women can perform cardio, weight training as well as free hand exercises to get the best toning effects of the chest muscles. It is best to come up with a combination of these three types of exercises to get the best results from the exercise regimen.

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are a must for women who are trying to lose the excess chest fat. The best thing about cardio exercises is that they can be as simple as running, jogging, cycling, climbing the stairs or even skipping the rope.

Dancing, aerobics or just playing with your dog so that it makes your blood rush through your veins can work as the most effective cardio exercise for women.

Cardio exercises also work as great warm ups before free hands or weight training increasing their efficiency to tone the muscles. So, perform at least 20-30 minutes of cardio everyday to get the best output from your exercise regimen.

You also need to keep in mind that even after you are following a regular exercise regimen, it is important for you to increase your body movement throughout the day to lose excess fat. So, move as often as you can.

Walk every time you are on a phone call and never miss out the chance of climbing stairs even if you are in office. Increasing your total movement throughout the day will add up to your daily cardio exercise giving you quicker results.


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Swimming can be very effective to lose the excess chest fat and to tone up the upper body. For women swimming is particularly suited for losing the breast fat.

It works out the chest muscles and gives quick results. If you can spend one hour daily in the pool without an in-between break of more than 2-5 minutes, you can easily lose the chest fat in a month.

Free hand and weight training

There are many exercises that you can start without a weight and then add up the weights with time to get better results. If you are trying to lose fat from the chest, you should include the following exercises in your daily workout regimen,

Push ups

Push ups

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Push ups are always best suited for toning the chest muscles. There are many variations of push ups and you can do all of them alternatively, to get the best results. However, if you are new to it, it is best to stick to the normal push up only till you are fully confident about moving to the next variations.

To do push ups, lie on the floor on your stomach. Place the palms of your hands at the sides of your shoulder and the tip of your feet on the floor.

Now pull your body up to reach the maximum position and then lower it down slowly, but do not touch the ground. Repeat. You need to do at least 5 sets of 6 reps to start with.

Barbell bench press

Barbell bench press

Barbell bench press can be post effective to tone up the chest muscles of women giving fat loss benefits. Lie flat on the bench with the barbell held up on your arms.

Make sure that your hands are more than shoulder width apart where you are holding the barbell and the barbell is well balanced. Now bring the barbell down to your chest but do not touch, and then lift it back slowly. You need to do at least 5 sets of 10 reps to start with.

Incline cable fly

Incline cable fly

Incline cable fly can be most appropriate for women to tone up the chest muscles and to get a quick fat loss effect on the chest.

Lie on an inclined table kept at an angle of 45 degrees. Hold the resisting cables in your hands and then simply pull the cables to join your hands together above your chest.

Once your hands meet, move your hands back slowly maintaining the tension to the starting position. Incline cable fly is more suitable for women compared to the inclined dumbbell fly, which can be practiced if you do not have access to the cable fly system.

Yoga Asanas for losing breast fat

Yoga poses stretches the muscles and can be helpful in losing the chest fat. Some of the most effective yoga asanas for losing breast fat in women include,



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Dhanurasana or the Bow pose can be effective in reducing the chest fat in women. To do this asana, lie on the floor on your stomach and then lift your legs upward and backward folding them from knees.

Move your upper body, upward and backward. Hold your feet with your hands to complete the pose and hold it for at least 30 seconds.



Balasana or the resting child’s pose can be done easily by women to get the benefits of reduction of chest fat. Sit on the floor with your legs folded under your hips. Your hips should be completely resting on your legs and your body well balanced.

Now lower your head to touch the ground. Once you touch the ground, take your hands back to hold the ankles of your feet. Hold the pose for 30-40 seconds and then relax.



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Ustrasana or the camel pose can also be effective for losing chest fat in women. Stand on the yoga mat on your knees. Your hip should not be resting on your legs.

Keep your torso erect at the starting position and then slowly bend backwards and hold the ankles of your legs with your hands as shown in the picture. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax.



Natarajasana or the lord of dance pose is an advanced level yogasana and is not suitable for practice by the beginners. To do this pose you have to stand on one leg and then raise your other leg upwards and backwards to hold it with your hands as shown in the image above.