How to remove wrinkles on chest

Ageing is something that is inevitable. No one wants to grow old, but everyone has to. With age you will notice wrinkles appearing in various parts of the body. Although, you might say it’s a natural thing and it is best not to do anything about it, otherwise there may be other skin problems. But, what if there were natural ways to get rid of these wrinkles? In most cases it has been seen that the wrinkles start forming once you are in your late thirties or early forties. There are easy ways to deal with these wrinkles. Some of them are given below:

Using coconut oil

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Known to contain huge amounts of nutrients, coconut oil can bring back your youthful days. In fact, if you use virgin coconut you can even have a considerable growth of hair. It has often been used by people who are slowly turning bald or those who have hair loss problems. Since it helps in producing keratin, the hair loss problem is prevented in quick time. When you are using coconut oil for your skin, you need to rub the oil on the wrinkled skin for some time. After massaging the oil, you need to leave it for an hour before washing the skin thoroughly. You have to repeat this at least twice a day to get good results.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used in treating various skin problems. If you want a quick fix for your chest wrinkling problems, then you can definitely use lemon juice. However, you need to know that it would not remove the wrinkles completely. Lemon juice will basically make the pores look finer and tighter and soften the skin tissues. Since lemon is well known for its bleaching properties, it will help erase the very visible wrinkles and also make the fine wrinkles invisible. Most importantly, your skin will have a glow after a few applications of lemon juice. To make the lemon juice more effective, you can add olive oil and honey and mix the whole thing properly. Slowly apply this mixture on your chest and massage for 10 minutes. When you see the whole area has been covered, leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with normal water. Do not use soap to clean up. It would be better to apply this treatment before going to bed or any time at night. This would avoid the exposure to the sun and have a better effect on your skin.


Renowned for its great antioxidant properties, pineapple can be very handy to remove the wrinkles from your chest. Apply the pineapple juice on your chest especially on the areas where you think the wrinkles are more. Leave it for around 5-8 minutes and then wash it off with water. It will increase the Alpha Hydroxy Acids that will help fight the wrinkles to a great extent. Repeat it thrice a week for few months to get great results.

Oil containing Vitamin E

If you have skin care products previously, you will notice that most of them have Vitamin E in common. It would be great if you can use capsules of Vitamin E. You will be able to squeeze the oil from the capsule easily. The best treatment would be to mix this oil with pearl powder. You will need a pinch of pearl powder. Mix the Vitamin E oil to this powder and apply the paste on your chest. The oil would lubricate the cells and sin tissues while the pearl powder will revive the elasticity of the tissues because it has a high percentage of keratin. This is probably the easiest and a long lasting treatment to cure chest wrinkles.

Papaya mask and safflower

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Papaya juice and safflower oil can be very useful to remove the wrinkles from your chest. With high content of linoleic acid, safflower oil is popular for being a natural wrinkle filler. It helps in reconnecting any gap that has formed between the damaged dermis tissues. In fact, you will have a smoother skin than before after applying this mixture. On the other hand, papaya helps in repairing the damaged skin tissues. It contains beta carotene and skin-brightening enzymes. Apart from removing the wrinkles from your skin, you will also get a brighter skin as a bonus from this mixture. It would tone your skin to a great extent and would make the wrinkles less visible. In order to make this mixture, you will have to take papaya juice and safflower oil. Mix both of them properly and apply on your chest. Massage slowly and make sure there is not even an inch left to apply the mixture on. Once this is done, you need to rest for an hour or so before washing it with lukewarm water. Never use cold water to wash the mixture. Use lukewarm water and avoid using soap during this time. It would be wise to go for this treatment in the evening. You will be able to avoid direct sunlight and the mixture will have a good effect on your skin. One of the main reasons to avoid soap while washing the mixture away is because the detergent in the soap can often neutralize the effects of the natural ingredients and you will ultimately not feel any positive effect even after using these natural remedies for weeks. Those who have had already used these techniques have got positive results and it is time you start following such natural tips religiously.