Fall forward into fashion

You can feel it in the air. It is starting to get crisp in the evenings and early mornings, the leaves are all changing color and beginning to accumulate on the ground, and all of your favorite coffee shops have pumpkin and caramel infused coffees, teas, and treats. It’s the fall season! To some this means the end of summer and the impending doom of winter, but to fashionistas all over the world, this is one of the best seasons that we wait all year for.

Why? Because the return of fall means the return of fall fashion, which means putting away the sandals and taking out those cute boots that look good with just about everything. It also means adding a cardigan or sweater, as well as donning that snug jacket or coat, and it means the heralded return of your favorite scarves that can be worn in many stylish way.

One of the biggest trends that you can expect to see this fall is flashy accessories. Costume jewelry is back in a big way and the oversized statement pieces are dominating against a backdrop of simplistic design. From bling brooches to sparkly hair accessories and the presence of exceedingly eye-catching earrings, the look is everywhere and is being particularly embraced by Prada and Balenciaga.

In the shoe department, we are seeing office wear go completely chic in the adoption of loafers. Stilettos give way to a stacked kitten heel as comfort takes center stage, as well as practical black boots that can take you through the fall and into the winter. We are also seeing higher than thigh high boots as well, which are both warm and sexy. Paired with the latest trends in skirts for the season, you are bound to see these with carwash pleated skirts, as well as flounce hems. We are also continuing to see hem lines raise, as many designers harness the appeal of a shorter skirt.

When it comes to pants, however, how high can we go, seems to be a question on a lot of designers minds, as they push the waistline of pants up even higher than we have previously seen them, with a lengthening and slimming effect that amplifies the shape.

As jackets and coats are always a fall favorite, what is trending in this design area is always of high interest. 2015 is seeing an emphasis on cuffs and fur accents. We are also seeing exaggerated sleeve lengths that are hiding the hands and elongating the arms. And yet, somehow, one of the season’s hottest and most unexpected garment accessories is gloves; in every form and fashion, gloves are hitting the scene in a big way.

Aside from swaddling ourselves in all of the new trends to hit the retail racks, fall also means the launch of new fashion look books and lines, and the beginning of fashion show season. Although the current fashion weeks in session are a look forward to Spring and Summer designs for 2016, it gives us something to look forward to for the next season and gives us an idea of where trends are heading.

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The year’s rounds of fashion weeks commence throughout September and October, scheduled to be held in every major fashion capital in the world. Having already kicked off in New York in the second week of September, followed by London in the third, the Mercedes Benz fashion week circuit heads off next to Milan, Sydney, and Paris for the last week of September and first week of October, followed by Budapest, Shenzhen, and Istanbul, throughout the second week of October, and finishing off in Tokyo and Beijing in mid to end of October;

Being incredibly stylish and comfortable in the present with a wonderful glimpse into the future, there is so much for a fashion lover to look forward to in fall, and this little rendition is really only the beginning.

Tips for fall fashion

Clearing out the wardrobe

This is one of the most important steps to know what you need and what you need to buy. When summers are over, and you move on the autumn and winters, you need to figure out which clothes you are going to wrap up for next year, or simply discard. Rather than going piece by piece, have them all out at one go. That’ll make you reduce time and you can segregate accordingly.

See what you have

Make a list or keep them on your mind – yes, the clothes that you already have for the season! Sometimes you might have the tops and need the bottoms, so why spend more? Try to curb down on costs so that you are sufficient and you don’t need to spend more than you need.


Go online and check out the trends for the specific year. We all know what all we need to wear at different seasons, but going according to trends make you look updated! See if you already have similar things in your wardrobe and don’t discard them.

Assess your lifestyle

Choosing what is in trend, should not take you away from what you usually wear or clothes that would look good on you. It is important to know what you need to buy for different outings as well. What you want to carry for office, what you want to wear at home and what casuals would you choose, would all depend on the lifestyle you have.

Stick to your colors

Season change doesn’t mean shifting from light to dark prints. Stick to the colors that suit you and wear those. You can wear whites during winters and blacks during summers. The material makes more of a difference than the color you choose. Autumn and winters call if for monochromes, and some color preferences if at you’d want to go through would be navy, khaki, magenta, vivid red and maroon. These can also be contrasted with the natural tones of emerald green, sapphire or bright orange.

Quality over quantity

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One of the basic rules of shopping, especially during the autumns is to make sure that you don’t compromise on quality. Some summery wears can be light and for few times of use, but they aren’t always worn over the years, so you can take risks. Autumn and winter clothes can last long, especially because most of India sees less of winters.

Buy only what you love

It is important to indulge into the things you like to buy, rather than relying on trend. When you know what makes you look good, you will make a way to make yourself present that way. When you go shopping, remember the ones you love are on first priority. What you can do is, simply check if they are on trend and then you can negotiate with your mind!

Create some go-to looks

Once you familiarise yourself with the wardrobe change, take some time to mix and match what all you bought and what all you have. Add some accessories and see how those fit in as well. Make your own style statement, as that reflects who you truly are!