Faqs about birth control

Birth control is a method or device which is used to prevent pregnancy. A variety of treatments are available for women and men. Are you looking forward to go on birth control and have several questions popping up in your mind? This FAQ list will help you answer most of them.

What is a birth control pill?

This is a pill that you take every day at the same time. It contains hormones that prevent pregnancy.

What is an emergency birth control and what are its types?

If you have sex without birth control or your method of birth control fails or you are raped, you should take emergency birth control to prevent pregnancy. It is available in the form of a pill or a copper IUD. Take the pill or insert the IUD within 5 days of having unprotected sex.

There are three types of emergency birth control pills: progestin-only pill, regular birth control pills and ulipristal.

Which birth control methods are best at preventing pregnancy?

There are several methods used to prevent pregnancy. These are implant, IUD, Sterilization, pill, patch, vaginal ring, diaphragm and injection (birth control shot).

What type of birth control protects against STDs?

The male polyurethane or latex condom gives the best protection against STDs.

How long can I be on birth control pills?

You can take the pills as long as you want until there are no medical reasons for not taking it. Many women take them to regulate their periods, treat their cramps, prevent pregnancy or for hormone replacement therapy.

Will I have trouble becoming pregnant after using the birth control?

Taking birth control pills does not change your fertility. If your periods were irregular before you went on the pills then it is possible that when you stop taking them, they will again become irregular.

Does the birth control pills cause birth defects to an unborn child?

No, there are no defects found in the unborn child, nor does it affect the health of the future child.

Can I use birth control to delay or stop my period?

Yes, you can have birth control pills to delay your period or stop it.

Will I lose my sex drive from birth control?

Yes, it is possible. Without birth control your estrogen and testosterone levels, boost your libido when it’s time for ovulation. You also see increases in your desire before your period as progesterone levels drop. Birth control lowers a specific protein in your blood, which decreases lust producing testosterone.

If I plan to have a baby, how soon after I stopped taking the pills can I conceive?

Many women ovulate again after 2 weeks after stopping the birth control pills. When you ovulate again, you can get pregnant. If it happens in the first cycle of the pill, you might not get a period at all so use a pregnancy test to check.

Does birth control pills cause weight gain?

There are very small effects of birth control pill on weight gain.