What are the health & beauty benefits of capers

Capers, the delicious plants that are native to the Mediterranean are widely used in the cuisines of Mediterranean. These are small pea sized flowery buds with the rich flavor of lemon.

After the cultivation they are moved to under the sun to make them dry and then it gets its real taste to use. Size of the capers varies from the size of a pepper corn to small olive green. They are extensively used in pickles and can be added to the meals to hike the flavor.

Besides its tangy taste it is also serving many benefits in terms of health and beauty. From a tablespoon of capers you just get only two calories, hence it is a simple way to maintain your calories.

Capers are one of the varieties of food items that add taste to the dish you prepare. It is the food item with number of health benefits. Since the food is loaded with antioxidants, it will remove all diseases that is spread by the free radicals.

You can also come across variety of names associated with this particular fruit in different parts of India. In Hindi language, it is known as Kabra, In kannada the name is Mullukatari, In Punjabi its Barar and in Marathi it is Kabur.

This is also an unripe variety of flower bud of a plant which is found in some parts of south Africa and Asia. Let us find out the beauty and health benefits of capers.

Health and beauty benefits of capers

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  • One of the brightest source of prevalent minerals is capers. It is having calcium, copper, iron and good levels of sodium. Calcium is needed for the strong bones and teeth. Copper helps you to produce some enzymes when it is combined with specific proteins. Iron aids to store and use oxygen.
  • Capers consist of rutin and quercetin flavonoids which are the eminent sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants helps to fight with the free radical molecules that are known to damage the skin in various ways. It is good to consider quercetin in our diet as it is flaunting the properties of anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-carcinogenic. On the other half, rutin improves the blood circulation and helps for the strained blood vessels.
  • A set of vitamins offered by capers include vitamin A, K, riboflavin and niacin. To maximize the eyesight vitamin A is essential. It also makes us to see in the dark and reduces certain cancers. Vitamin K improves health of the bone and controls the blood clotting. Vitamin B12 or riboflavin converts food into fuel and hence makes us active and energetic. Niacin fosters the functionality of nervous system and digestive system, it is also known to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Capers are one of the potent sources of fiber that is required to treat the constipation problem. From a tablespoon of capers you will get 0.3 grams of fiber which is 3% of the daily recommended amount.
  • For some of the stomach related issues like stomach cramps, flatulence and constipation capers are a good solution. It even induces appetite in children and adults.
  • Capers can be used by the dry skin people to get the required moisture. Apply them directly to note the difference.
  • Capers are one of the best choice in treating various skin disorders such as irritation, redness, inflammation and pimples. Hence they are under the use of many skin care products. As they are known well for the antioxidants they helps to ground the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Due to the presence of vitamin B and iron capers are also used in hair care products. Capers helps for the promotion of hair growth; iron reduces the loss of hair whereas vitamin B boosts the blood circulation.

Health benefits of capers

Bursts bad enzyme

Beauty tips for glowing skin

We all know that the high fat food as well as red meat is not good for health. But even then we consume it out of lust and favoritism. In order to compensate the loss that you made to your body, it is important consume caper.

The by-products that are responsible for creating cancer and heart disease can be restricted with the consumption of capers.

Boost bowel movement

If you have hard stool, the best way to get relief is having the food rich in fiber. Capers are one among the variety of food that works really well in boosting the bowel movement.

You will get clean digestive system with no discomfort at all. This will ideally compensate each individual’s daily fiber requirement by 3 %.

Beauty benefits of capers

Ensures hair health

Getting proper hair health is an important consideration. These days people are too much fed up with the damaged hair and hair growth. You can easily get beautiful and shiny hair with the help of capers. You must make crunches and paste of it and apply over the roots.

Glow in skin

Everyone wishes to get a perfect glow in skin. If you too are one among them, the caper will be a wonderful natural ingredient that will bring a shine in your skin. You need to use a grinder and make pulp of it.

Now apply it over your skin especially the face and hand. This will give you a great boost of a perfect skin health. You can now get improvement of your skin texture with the help of the capers.