What are the health benefits of alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are considered as a strong dietary protein. People who fond of raw foods can munch the alfalfa sprouts to meet the tasty snack. In each serving of the alfalfa sprouts you will get three grams of protein, by which it is considered as a world’s best raw and vegan source. Let us see the health benefits of alfalfa sprouts.

Health benefits of alfalfa sprouts

Supports digestion

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People suffering from the digestive problems such as constipation and diverticular diseases can really take the benefit of the alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa helps to ease the symptoms of the digestion problems. In one serving of the alfalfa you can get nearly one gram of fiber, which is equal to three percent of adult’s daily requirement. So, add on your diet with these sprouts to get rid off the digestive problems.

Weight loss

To reduce the body weight, alfalfa is a simple and healthy treat. Daily include your breakfast with a cup of alfalfa sprouts to stay fuller for the whole day. They are considered as the best low calorie sprouts, per 33 grams of alfalfa sprouts one just put up 8 calories. They consists of fiber and protein but do not consists of notable sugar, saturated fat, fat and cholesterol.

Reduces cholesterol

Certain compounds found in the alfalfa sprouts aids in the reduction of the total cholesterol, LDL or bad cholesterol without causing any effect to the good cholesterol levels. Inherent studies had proved the above whereas large scale clinical results are yet to be evaluated. Meet your doctor and get the adequate information while before going to add them.

Atherosclerosis treatment

Alfalfa sprouts not only reduce the total and LDL cholesterol but also helps to prevent and treat the cholesterol plaques exist in the heart arteries which is generally termed as atherosclerosis. As it is a dangerous cardiovascular problem which may lead to fatal complications, it is suggested to prefer the recommendations of your doctor. Your health care provider may suggest you to consume alfalfa sprouts and some other heart friendly foods in addition to the medications.

Blood health

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Alfalfa sprouts are one of the greatest sources of vitamin K. Vitamin K is an essential vitamin necessary for the normal platelet function; it aids in restricting the excess bleeding and bruising. Consume alfalfa sprouts to get this major vitamin, it serves upto one eighth of the daily requirement. If you are taking anticoaguants – blood thinners, then take care to choose alfalfa sprouts because the vitamin K content lowers the drug functionality.

Supports diabetics patients

According to the studies based on National Institute of Health, animals which are diagnosed with diabetics have noticed slight reduction in the blood glucose level after consuming alfalfa sprouts. But on human the results are yet to be proved. How ever, preliminary studies explains the importance of alfalfa sprouts to diabetics patients. As the sprouts are not loaded with sugar but having a glycemic of o, alfalfa sprouts can help to work like health complementary for the patients of type 2 diabetics and it is a diabetic friendly snack to munch.