Amazing health benefits of eating fish

Fish are considered as one of the healthiest foods on the planet because of their high food value and the unique composition that nourishes the body in all the ways. Fishes are not only a protein source that is directly comparable with meat and chicken; they also make the ideal source for some vital vitamins and minerals. Fishes are often ranked higher in the list of regular diet by the nutritionists particularly because of the lack of bad fats in fishes and also because it is easy on your stomach.

Apart from being high in protein, fishes are a store house of Vitamin D, which is directly related to the absorption of calcium in the body. Moreover, fishes are one of the best known animal sources of high quality omega-3-fatty acids which can not only lower your blood cholesterol levels and help in losing weight, but can also ensure best overall health.

Without filling your time with anymore highlights, now we will quickly move to the amazing health benefits that eating fishes can offer,

Fish is a great source of vital nutrients

Health benefits of eating fish

Consumption of fish in your regular diet can be directly related with overall well-being.  The protein of fish includes all the necessary amino acids and it can easily fill in the daily protein requirement of the body. Apart from proteins, fishes are also a great source of vitamins and minerals that are usually not available in many other foods.  Iodine is a mineral that is needed for better functioning of the brain and many people across the world suffer from iodine deficiency knowingly or unknowingly. The sea fishes are rich in iodine and can cure iodine deficiency in the body. The Vitamin D content of fishes is also remarkable. Apart from that, the Omega-3 fatty acids present in fishes like salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel can also be the key for overall well being.

Promotes healthy cardiovascular system

This is one of the most important health benefits that one can attain by including more and more fatty fishes like Salmon, Tuna, Trout and Halibut in their regular diet. Studies have shown eating two servings of fish in a week can lower the risk of heart attack and heart ailments considerably. The elements which are believed to offer this benefit are the omega- 3 and omega- 6 fatty acids present in fishes. These two fats help in lowering the blood cholesterol and hence prevent the blockage of arteries, promoting an overall better cardiovascular health. The mineral content of fishes might also have some effects in promoting better cardiovascular health.

Fish consumption can promote better brain health

This is a unique health benefit of fishes. Studies have shown that people who eat fishes every week have more grey matter in their brain compared to the ones who do not. The amount of grey matter in the brain is directly related with the functional memory and emotion, and hence the people who enjoy fishes every week might show better memory and brain functions. It has also been found that fishes can be actually effective in slowing down the process of age related degeneration in the brain, thus preventing cognitive decline in elders. It is also believed that consumption of fish might be helpful for preventing degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Can help in preventing depression

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Another unique benefit of eating fish is that it can be helpful to treat depression. Depression is quickly becoming a serious and common concern in every society. The Omega 3 fatty acids present in fishes help in fighting any type of mental illness. Studies have shown that this element can be helpful to relieve stress and to have better control over the nerves. The depression fighting ability of Omega 3 fatty acids make fishes an ideal choice for people of every age.

Reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases can be fatal for the body. It is a condition under which the immunity system of the body, starts attacking its own cells. The type 1 diabetes is also a form of autoimmune disease where the immunity system attacks the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. According to studies, consumption of fish can reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes. It is supposed that the high vitamin D concentration along with Omega 3 fatty acids present in fishes can be the reason behind this ability.

Fish is good for your eye health

It is also believed that some components present in fish might be helpful in promoting better vision. It is often suggested for the growing children to have more fish in their diet, as it might be helpful in proper ophthalmic growth in children. It has been found through studies that the Omega-3 present in fishes can lower the risk of macular degeneration, which is a common cause of vision problems during old age.

Fish might help in preventing asthma

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Studies have found that consumption of fish regularly leads to lowered risk of asthma in children. However, no such results were observed in the adults. While fish might be actually helpful to prevent the chronic inflammation of the air passage caused due to asthma, more studies are needed to say anything with certainty.

Fish might promote better sleep

This is another amazing health benefit of fish that still needs more research to be said with absolute certainty. Scientists have found that Vitamin D might be playing an important role in controlling sleep quality and sleep disorders. As fishes are a good source of vitamin D, hence they might be helpful for promoting better sleep quality.

Fish for weight management

Fish can play a vital role in weight management. The best thing about fishes is that, they are filled with high quality protein and good fat, both of which can be effective to burn out extra fat in the body. Fish also makes a great item in any weight loss diet particularly because they promote high level of satiation after consumption and moreover, fishes are also much easy to digest compared to other common sources of animal protein like meat and chicken.

Fish for better skin and hair health

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Owing to the Omega-3 fatty acid content,fishes can be highly effective in giving you problem free skin and hairs that glow with health. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be effective to control the effects of aging on the skin. So, for all the beauty cautious people out there, including more fish in regular diet can be an intelligent decision.

Note: In order to get the best health benefits of fish, try to opt for the fresh fatty fishes and not the ones that are supplied from the cold storage. Small fishes collected from local water bodies can also offer great health benefits. While picking the fish ensure that it is free from any contamination. Also store it properly before and after cooking. For better health benefits, consume baked, seasoned or boiled fish, instead of the deep fried dishes.