Health benefits of Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus is an evergreen plant and there are many species of it found in different parts of the world. Eucalyptus is primarily known for its characteristic aroma which comes from the volatile oil content in the leaves and bark of the tree. Eucalyptus oil, which primarily contains 70-85% 1,8-cineole, an aromatic organic compound, is extracted from the dried leaves and bark of the eucalyptus tree. The species Eucalyptus globulus is the primary source of the eucalyptus oil extracted for commercial purpose globally.

The dried eucalyptus leaves are also used as eucalyptus tea and they are also believed to have certain health benefits. As the primary active compound present in the eucalyptus leaves is the eucalyptus oil, hence drinking eucalyptus tea can give similar benefits of using eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil is known for its antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used often to relieve symptoms of common cold and fever. It also has decongestant properties and can be beneficial to cure airway congestion. Now we will take a detailed look at the health benefits of eucalyptus leaves and the oil extracted from it.

Promotes respiratory health

Eucalyptus oil as well as eucalyptus leaves have been long in use for treating a number of respiratory ailments. The aromatic compound of the eucalyptus leaves help not only clearing the respiratory tract from congestions but can also clear out the excess mucus and phlegm promoting better overall respiratory health. The antibacterial property of this oil also helps in killing infection causing bacteria present in the respiratory tract, giving relief from common cough and cold. The ability of the oil to soothe the respiratory system also makes it a good option to treat respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. The Eucalyptus oil is also believed to have some compounds that might block the chemicals causing asthma.

Boosts the immunity

A stronger immunity is the key to a healthy life. Strong immunity can keep you away from a number of common illnesses helping you to enjoy your life better. The tea prepared from the eucalyptus leaves is an ideal drink for boosting the immunity. Consuming the eucalyptus oil directly is not a good idea as it has the risk of overdose, but drinking the tea prepared from the eucalyptus leaves ensures that you are getting the active compound in the right dosage. Eucalyptus tea can provide protection to the body from a range of bacterial and yeast infections by the way of boosting your overall immunity.

Relieves stress

One of the well-known benefits of eucalyptus leaves and oil is that it helps in relaxing the senses and relieves stress. The stress relieving ability of these leaves and oil makes it a popular choice in aromatherapy. Eucalyptus has a natural soothing and sedative effect on the nerves which helps in relaxing the senses and can be highly effective to infuse new energy or freshness even when you are feeling tired. The mildly sedative property of the oil also makes it an ideal remedy for problems like insomnia or disturbed sleep. Eucalyptus tea made from the eucalyptus leaves can work as an effective treatment for easing mental tension and anxiety even in people suffering from chronic depression.

Promotes oral health

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The antibacterial property of eucalyptus oil makes the eucalyptus leaves highly effective for oral health. Eucalyptus oil extracted from the eucalyptus leaves is often used for curing a number of dental problems like cavity and also gives protection from the common gum problems. It can also treat mouth ulcers. So drinking eucalyptus tea made from the dried eucalyptus leaves can be an effective way to ensure a better oral health naturally.

Relieves pain

Eucalyptus oil has natural pain reliving properties and the oil extracted from the leaves of the tree can be used for easing different kind of pain. It can be effectively used for arthritis and joint pains as well as for pains from tooth infection, small wounds andburns. Applying a paste of fresh eucalyptus leaves on a small wound or fresh small burn can be highly pain relieving.

Treats liver and gallbladder problems

The extract of the eucalyptus leaves has certain organic compounds that have a detoxification effect on the body and it can be used for treating a number of liver disorders as well as problems of gallbladder effectively. Drinking eucalyptus tea regularly can help in detoxifying your liver promoting an overall better health.

Might help in diabetes management

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Some studies have shown that the tea made from the eucalyptus leaves can be actually effective to manage diabetes. However, the exact chemical pathway or interaction through which this action might be possible has not yet been discovered. So, if you have diabetes or you have a family history of diabetes consuming a cup or two of eucalyptus tea regularly can be a natural way to manage the blood sugar levels. However, if you already take medicines for diabetes, before you start drinking the tea, consult with your doctor as the blood sugar lowering ability of the tea might need to be balanced with your other medications.

Might promote cardiovascular health

Eucalyptus tea has the ability to control inflammation and the active compounds present in it might be actually effective to control the inflammation and thickening of the blood vessels and arteries as well, promoting a better cardiovascular health.  It might even protect your heart by reducing the chance of atherosclerosis, minimizing the risk of heart attack.

Might be effective to prevent cancer

Some clinical studies have found that some active compounds present in the eucalyptus oil extracted from the eucalyptus leaves might have anticancer properties. The exact process through which the extract might be able to prevent irregular cell division or formation of malignant tumor has not been discovered yet.

Promotes better skin health

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The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property of eucalyptus oil makes the eucalyptus leaf extract an ideal ingredient to be used for treating a number of skin problems. It can be used for curing skin infections like acne, pimples as well as eczema.  It can also be used effectively to treat mild rashes or insect bites on the skin. However, always make sure that you use a paste of the eucalyptus leaves or eucalyptus oil diluted with carrier oil on the skin. Using the undiluted oil can harm the skin due to its high concentration.