Importance of Vitamin A and foods highest in vitamin A

To have the best eye sight you should have the regular and the correct intake of Vitamin A. This is the required vitamin necessary for vision. It also helps in gene transcription and can even boost the immune functionality.

Vitamin A even takes good care of your skin. In fact, the kind of vitamin can take care of your health in so many ways. The correct consumption of Vitamin A can enable to fight virus. However, it should be seen that Vitamin A is not taken in excess.

Too much intake of the same can lead to nausea, loss of hunger, hair loss, nausea, jaundice and irritability. So, it is always advisable to take the right amount at the right time.

Foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamins for the skin & beauty care

Vitamin falls into the group of fat soluble vitamins and so it can be consumed along with fat for high rate absorption. Here you have some of the foods rich in contents of Vitamin A. Carrots in the cooked form serves as a good source of Vitamin A.

Carrots sliced, cooked or frozen can really do good to the health. Squash in form of butternut and cooked can really serve as good source of Vitamin A.

For this you can have intake of Hubbard, and you can even take to all forms of Winter Squash. Dried Apricot is another possible source of Vitamin A. As part of the diet you can even make to prunes and dried peaches.

Sweet red peppers are natural sources of Vitamin A. Among the group you can rely on sweet green peppers, and even sweet yellow peppers. Mango is a tropical fruit and it is a rich source of Vitamin A. However, Papaya too has good contents of the vitamin.

Spinach both in the raw and the cooked form can supply with adequate amount of Vitamin A. More things like Swiss chard, Turnip Greens, Collards and Kale are good Vitamin A sources. These are few and you have more natural sources of the same.

The causes of vitamin A deficiency

There are several reasons why you are made to suffer from deficiency of Vitamin A. People who do not have proper food intake can surely suffer from the sort of vitamin deficiency. In case you do not take meals at the right time can lead to the particular vitamin deficiency.

There are people for whom rice is the staple food. They don’t have intake of carotene. This is again one good reason to suffer from the deficiency. If you dislike the intake of green leafy vegetables you have chances to suffer from the ailment.

One can even suffer from lack of vitamin A in case of protein energy malnutrition. There is lack of the vitamin when you have marasmus or the condition of kwashiorkor.

The deficiency can even take place when the body is unable to convert the absorbed carotene into the form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is extremely common in all the developing countries especially in Asia, Africa and Western Pacific.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency

Loss of vision is the prime symptom of Vitamin A deficiency. The symptom becomes prominent when you cannot see properly in darkness. The condition is known as night blindness.

If you have night blindness you will not be able to see things properly in the dark. However, the problem in vision is not understood when you are facing bright light. When the deficiency reaches the worse stage you develop a condition known as conjunctiva.

This happens when there is a covering over the white portion of the eye. Thus there is lack of lubrication and you cannot properly see well in least light condition.

Under the circumstance, your eyes become absolutely dry and you tend to suffer from corneal ulcer. In case, you neglect the condition you have chances of being blind. In short, there is loss of absolute vision.

The deficiency in the first stage can be treated with Vitamin A supplements. However, the amount of intake of the supplements depends on the age of the person.

The supplements are strong enough to reverse the adverse condition and the eyes start lubricating again. However, the solution lies in giving the right treatment at the right time to help in the restoration of vision.