Sources of Vitamin B2 and Deficiency Symptoms

The clinical term for vitamin b2 is riboflavin. It belongs to the vitamin B group. This yellow-orange hued vitamin is necessary for the activation of other vitamin groups namely vitamin B6 and B9 in our body. This vitamin is water-soluble in nature; it cannot be stored in our body like fat therefore a daily supply of sufficient amount is required.b2 plays a major role in the energy production of our body by breaking the molecules of carbohydrates, fat and also by processing the amino acids. Burning the fat strongly implies its importance as a cure for obesity. Due to its association with proteins, it boosts the natural growth of a child. Its strong antioxidant effect keeps the skin tissues intact for a long span of time and keeps your body immune to cancer.

Studies have shown that adequate intake of vitamin B2 protects the eye lens from cataracts. It is also recommended by many physicians as a preventive medication for the pulsating pain of migraines. A dose of 400 mg per day may reduce the frequency of the attacks.

Foods that contain vitamin b2

Top foods with high vitamin B12

Cereals, rice are served as a staple food of the maximum number of countries all around the globe. The milling of cereals and the polishing of paddy causes the loss of riboflavin up to more than 55%. The unpolished grains develop a yellow color which slashes down its demand. Appearance can be deceptive. Much of the flavin content which is essential for our body is lost firstly by the processing and then by the wrong method of cooking. Unpolished, steamed or boiled grains are the one of the largest sources of vitamin B2. Goat cheese has high riboflavin content. Apart from that yeast, spinach, boiled egg are also known to be extremely rich in B2.many nutritionists believe meat livers and other organs meats have an abundant storage of riboflavin. Other than that, lambs too contain riboflavin.

Vitamin B2 deficiency causes

  1. The body’s ability to absorb the riboflavin stands as the primary cause of vitamin b2 deficiency. Individual of B2 is rare, generally it occur in the form of multiple-nutrient deficiency. As per the guidelines of national institutes of health (NIH), the RDA or recommended dietary allowance of this vitamin for a male adult is 1.3 mg per day and 1.1 mg is for the female adults. Pregnant and lactating woman run at a higher risk of suffering from vitamin b2 deficiency because of the pills and other medicines they use. Depression is among another cause behind this syndrome.
  1. However the most natural reason of deficiency is the wrong diet and a little lack of care. Exposure to sunlight, milling, polishing, draining the water after steaming or cooking, the grains slash down the vitamin level on your platter to a great extent.
  1. Shortage of carrier protein in the blood stream can shun the absorption of riboflavin in the body since it is transported in the blood through flavin-protein complex. Excessive alcohol drinking leads to the deficiency of this necessary vitamin as well.


  1. Riboflavin deficiency is quite rare but not impossible. Rigorous alcohol binge, intestine or liver disease, lack of enriched foods can pave way to major health issues induced by the lack of B2.Since it is known to break down the particles of carbohydrates, protein and fat which are the major sources of energy for our body, deficiency will promote acute weakness. Energy is needed for both internal as well as external actions. Metabolism, respiration is among the internal functions. These are also negatively impacted henceforth.
  1. This water-soluble vitamin also acts as a guard to the lens of the eyes. Riboflavin deficiency therefore can form clouding of the lens which is also known as cataracts. The eyes become bloodshot, itchy, photophobic, extremely sensitivity to the light and watery.
  1. Inadequate proportion of riboflavin affects the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips, thus giving rise to a disease called stomatitis. Inflammation of the angles of the lips is called angular stomatitis. The symptoms include continuous lip-licking. Added to that, it also instigates the sore throat, chapped lips and tingling pain in that area, this condition is termed as cheliosis.
  1. Since shortage of riboflavin disrupts the absorption of iron, it indirectly causes anemia as well. Vitamin B2 also helps in normal reproduction. When a pregnant woman suffers due to its deficiency, the outcome can often be as fatal as miscarriage, complications in the delivery and birth defects in the child.
  1. The body’s immunity system is also threatened for the same reason. Poor diet, therefore is the root of frequent fits of various illness. The skin too is not spared when the body falls short of riboflavin. It becomes oily and acne, pimples and rashes begin to appear. The duration of malaria is also found to be prolonged by this.