Sources of Vitamin B12 and Deficiency Symptoms

It is important for you to know whether you are having the right intake of vitamin B12. In case you don’t there are several deficiency symptoms you may suffer from.

Importance of vitamin B12

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The kind of vitamin helps your body in so many different ways. It helps in making the DNA of the body and also increases the count of red blood cells. It is easy obtaining Vitamin B12 from the diet and the supplements.

You may wonder the amount of vitamin B12 that your body is in need of. This depends largely on your age. In fact, your age will decide the percentage of Vitamin B12 intake.

The availability of vitamin B12

There are several foods rich in Vitamin B12. You will have to take to these foods for healthy growth and existence. Deficiency of the particular vitamin can cause fatigue, anemia, depression, mania and the rest.

So it is important to have vitamin B12 inclusion in your diet on regular basis. The kind of vitamin is delivered by bacteria and this is the reason you can find the presence of the same in natural animal products.

However, the synthetic form of Vitamin B12 is found in foods like cereals. When the supply of the vitamin becomes low it is stored in the liver for long time usage.

The foods rich in cobalamin

Vitamin B12 is found in the liver and beef. For the reason you can take to products like Liverwurst sausage, chicken liver and the presence of the same is also found in Pate de Foie Gras. The same vitamin is found in shellfish or cooked clams.

Thus you can take to the intake of Oyster and Mussels. Vitamin B12 is present in Crustaceans or Crabs. To avail for the same you can have the intake of Crayfish, Shrimp, and good amount of Lobster.

The best fishes rich in Vitamin B12 content are Smokes Salmon, Herring, Tuna and Canned Sardines. All the fortified cereals have contents of Vitamin B12. The other name for the vitamin is Cobalamin and you can enjoy the presence of the same in Silken Tofu.

Deficiency causes of vitamin B12

Cobalamin is a real content in skimmed milk and you can have the same in red meat as well. Cheese and eggs have high content of Vitamin B12 and you have more items to complete the cycle.

Due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12 you can suffer from all adverse physiological conditions. Lack of Cobalamin can lead to Atrophic Gastritis. In this case the stomach lining tends to become thin. Deficiency of the same can cause Pernicious Anemia.

In this condition your body stops reacting to the intake of Vitamin B12. Lack of the vitamin can affect parts of the small intestine. As a result you suffer from ailments like Crohn’s Disease, growth of parasites and bacteria and you tend to suffer from celiac disease.

There can be deficiency of Vitamin B12 due to excessive drinking. Lack of the vitamin can cause immune system disorders and you become a victim of Lupus or Grave’s Disease. In case you are an orthodox veggie you can have deficiency of Vitamin B12.

The obvious symptoms of the deficiency of vitamin B12

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There are symptoms to show that you are suffering from deficiency of Vitamin B12. The first sign of deficiency is chronic anemia. In case you have mild deficiency that can be cured with dietary supplements.

However, if the deficiency is acute and you keep it untreated for long this can automatically lead to several unwanted symptoms.

  • You tend to suffer from tiredness, weakness and light heartedness.
  • Your skin becomes pale and you look dull and lifeless.
  • There is easy bruising or bleeding and even your gums can bleed badly.
  • Lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Lack of the same can cause rapid heartbeat and you can even experience problems in breathing.
  • There is sore tongue. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to talk and eat.
  • You tend to have stomach upset and you start losing weight unexpectedly.

Thus in case you feel that you have trusted signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency; you should consult the physician at the earliest.

He would be the right person to read about your conditions and once he is sure of the deficiency because he would suggest you with the measures and medicines at once.