Sources of Vitamin E and Deficiency Symptoms

  1. Vitamin be is regarded as an essential nutrient for the execution of multiple body functions. This vitamin belongs to the group of vitamins which are soluble in the fat. The scientific term for vita-E is tocopherol. The most well-known benefit of this vitamin is its skin caring quality. It is beautifully staves off the free radicals from the pores of the skin. This feature resembles the effects of antioxidants. These radicals are formed in the depth of the skin due to immense exposure to the UV rays, pollution, dirt etc. These radicals steal the life from the skin cells, with sufficient intake, these radicals can be destroyed on time by detoxification. Its use is not restricted to oral use only, by applying vitamin E oil or creams that contain E vitamin, you can store the natural moisture of the skin and can get respite from a lot of skin diseases.
  2. High doses of vitamin E are recommended to the pregnant mother to lessen the risk of miscarriage and the complications of delivery. It is also associated with the menopause cycle of the women and potency in men. Some studies indicate that this vitamin is necessary in the development of the sex organs of both genders.
  3. Vitamin E, by promoting the factors that help to control the level of insulin in the blood, treats diabetic patients. It is a powerful cure against heart diseases as well. By reducing the clumping of blood platelets, it cuts down the risk of coronary artery disorder and heart attack.
  4. Tocopherol boosts up the secretion of adrenaline hormones that regulate the nervous system. Therefore, with other medications, vitamin E doses are given to Alzheimer’s patients and people with other neurological disorders.

Foods that contain vitamin E

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The vitamin E is actually a combination of 8 different nutrients. Among these 4 are tocotrienols and the rest of the 4 are tocopherols. With the correct knowledge of food, all these 8 can be included in the regular diet. The Mediterranean foods are extremely rich in vitamin.

Olive plants have a high vitamin level which is why cooking with olive oil makes the dish fortified. From the seafood section, fishes such as tuna, trout and shellfishes like shrimp are known to be generous contributors of vitamin.

Eating a modest amount of nuts can be a solid way of taking vitamin in the body. Poached eggs, spinach, sunflower seeds, avocado, tofu (a Japanese delicacy) can too provide you with a great share of your daily vitamin need.

E vitamin deficiency causes

Unlike the other vitamin deficiency causes, lack of vitamin E is not associated with poor choice of foods in most cases. Since it is a fat soluble vitamin, some vitamin is already stored in the body.

With regard to this fact, your body needs a minimal supply of dietary fat for the absorption of vitamin E. People who have undergone gastric bypass or are suffering from chronic liver disease, ulcer in the pancreas may find trouble in assimilating both fat and vitamin E in their bodies.

Some pediatricians believe that low birth weight in infants (weight below 1500 grams) increases the need of vitamin E and reduces their capability to absorb it. Rare genetically conditions can also be considered as a leading factor behind the malabsorption.


  1. Vitamin E plays the role in maintaining the healthy function of the central nervous system. Neurological problems including loss of vibratory sensation, ataxia, and poor transmission of impulses, dysarthria or speech disorder, defect in muscle movements are the precarious aspects of vitamin E deficiency. It causes harm to the muscle fibers. Children with low birth weight are more susceptible to retinopathy. It is an immense damage of the retina of the eye. The outer segment of the retina is protected from oxidative damage with the presence of vitamin E. Its antioxidant feature reduces the peroxidative degradation of the photoreceptors. This may lead to poor vision and if remain untreated, may also lead to permanent blindness.
  2. Consumption of foods with antioxidants lowers the risk of cancer. Some studies claim that vitamin E deficiency passively induces liver disease, colon cancer. Chances of prostate cancer also increase for those who fail to absorb vitamin E in their bodies.
  3. Menstrual pain among women is a common problem. Very few know that inadequate dose of vitamin E can instigate the pain. Severe deficiency in adult women can elevate the risk factor of miscarriage, premature birth of the child. In male, it can result in infertility.
  4. Absence of antioxidants from the body is a major reason behind weak immunity system. Several skin problems such as eczema, dry skin, red rashes, and inflammation are also an effect of the acute shortage of vitamin E.