Sources of Vitamin B1 and Deficiency Symptoms

To have the best of cellular functioning it is imperative to take to the intake of Vitamin B1. This is even known by the name of Thiamine. This is an extremely essential nutrient for the body ad helps in the proper and perfect functioning of all body organs.

In case you have deficiency of B1 it can lead to complete body degeneration and there are problems in the circulatory and human nervous system. Insufficient presence of Vitamin B1 can lead to death.

In case you suffer from deficiency of thiamine there can be beriberi or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. However, do not take to over consumption of the same.

Excess of Vitamin B1 intake can cause fault in the functioning of the brain. It is recommended to have 1.4mg of Vitamin B1 for the reason of best health restoration.

Sources of vitamin B1

Top foods with high vitamin B12


Fish is a good source of thiamine. You can take to fishes like trout, tuna, Shad and Mackerel. An intake of the fish can really help you have the right amount of Vitamin B1 content. You can even take to lean pork to have the correct consumption of thiamine.


You can have all forms of lean pork loin, lean pork tenderloin, and also lean pork chops. You can even have nuts and macadamia to heal the deficiency of thiamine.

Nuts and Seeds

As part of the same it is recommended that you have Brazil nuts, pecans and cashews. Sunflower seed is a proper source of Vitamin B1. You have more seeds in the group and these are China seeds, squash and pumpkin seeds.


Wheat or bread is once again a good source of Vitamin B1. Thus, you can easily take to varieties like bagel, wheat English muffin and rye bread. It is essential that you know that green peas is a good source of thiamine.

Green Peas

Thus, you can easily take to fresh green peas and the intake of frozen sweet corn can even do. The intake of squash lets you have a good amount of Vitamin B1.


For the reason you can have both Hubbard and butternut. Once again cooked asparagus can really help you with a good amount of Vitamin B1. You can avail for both frozen and canned asparagus.


Then dry roasted soybeans can even act as good source of Vitamin B1. And you can have all varieties of pink beans, black beans and Mung beans to have the right content of thiamine.

Causes of the deficiency of B1

There can be several reasons leading to the deficiency of thiamine.

  • The first reason for the same is the poor intake of food. If you do not take right amount of processed meat and bread you can really suffer from the sort of deficiency.
  • Foods which are rich in carbohydrates have low contents of thiamine and as part of the group you have white rice, glucose, sugar, and the rest. Too much intake of these food varieties can easily lead to the deficiency of thiamine.
  • Too much consumption of alcohol can lead to deficiency of Vitamin B1.
  • Please avoid the dietary consumption of thiaminases and for the same you should not have an excess intake of raw fish and betel nuts.
  • If you lose weight at random, this can really be a cause of deficiency of Vitamin B1.

Symptoms of Vitamin B1 deficiency

If thiamine is not consumed in the right amount, there can be several health adversities for the same. Here is a list of signs and symptoms which can occur due to less intake of Vitamin B1.

  • You suffer from the condition of congestive cardiac problem. You cannot breathe properly and there is unwanted fluid retention.
  • Due to deficiency of thiamine there is pain in the muscle. This happens due to fast accumulation of the amount of lactic acid and you cannot have much physical movement.
  • You have the condition of peripheral neuropathy. As a result you have loss in sensation and you have lack of strength in the hands and even in the lower parts of the limbs.
  • Deficiency of thiamine can cause failure of memory and the condition is known as Korsakoff’s psychosis.
  • Inadequate amount of thiamine gives way to a state called Wernicke’s encephalopathy. In this case you do not have the right amount of consciousness and there is lack of proper movement of the eye.