Vitamin K2: Important facts, food sources & deficiency causes and symptoms

The fat-soluble vitamin k is formed of 3 compounds i.e. k1 and K2 and k3.each and every nutrient have a different role to play. Although, the general conception is that vitamin k merely comes in the use of blood coagulation and the mineralization of the bones, the k2 counterpart has further benefits hidden in its kitty. It works like a helping-hand to the calcium, vitamin and other bone minerals.K2 are clinically known as menaquinone and it is obviously fat soluble in nature. What distinguishes K2 vitamin from k1 and k3 is its easy absorbent quality.k2 is crucial for the proper distribution of calcium all over the body. The bones need the maximum amount of osteocalcin calcium whereas the abundance of calcium in the arteries might block the blood circulation. Vitamin k2 probes into the matter and ticks of the unnecessary amount of calcium from the places where it is not required.

The next important function of K2 is to activate the k2-dependent proteins. As you know that cells are building blocks of the body and these cells are made of proteins, the activation process will boost the growth of these cells. Extensive studies on the other hand about the health benefits of K2 are on in full swing. A recent study has shown that vitamin k2 has brought a significant improvement in the condition of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Vitamin K2 caters to the normal production of ATP in the body.ATP is the storehouse of energy in the body. Due to this quality, some physicians agree upon the fact that this vitamin might bring positive results to the patients of Parkinson’s disease that is a nervous system disorder by smoothing the transfer process of electrons in Drosophila mitochondria.

Further researches have even gone to claim the potential anti-cancer properties of vitamin k2.the relation between nutrition with caner is very deep. Taking dietary supplements of K2 in high amount might reduce the risk of prostate cancer in the women after the age of 45.

Foods that contain vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a micro nutrient. To keep up with the vitamin requirement of the health, you will need an extremely tiny dose on regular basis.k2 is found naturally in animal products. It is because animals are capable of synthesizing vitamin k2 from vitamin k1.the organ meats especially are tremendously rich is vitamin k2.liver meal perhaps is the best source of K2 dietary supplement. Among the meats, chicken, lamb, ham, beef are also full of K2 elements. Eating egg yolks will also provide your body with high volumes of this nutrient.

Through the process of fermentation, vegetarian foods can be fortified with vitamin is because of the bacteria used in fermenting.MK-7 or menaquinone 7 is found in fermented food substances. This is why cheese of any type whether goat cheese or parmesan,gouda,butter,tofu,natto are fine sources of k2.being fermented, it stays in the body for a long span of time with the addition of taste.

K2 vitamin deficiency causes and symptoms

Most people who lack necessary amount of vitamin k2 in their body primarily lack vitamin D as well. Both these vitamins act together for the better health of the bones. Taking gigantic doses of vitamin D with subsequent consumption of K2 will cause more harm than good. Unwell economic conditions are a passive factor leading to K2 deficiency. As discussed earlier, animal proteins are the best sources of K2, not being able to afford meat, dairy products will disturb the synthesis of vitamin K1.the derivation of K2 vitamin depends on the synthesis of k1.

The reason behind deficiency of K2 in the newborn is lies in the failure of providing the pregnant mother with an enriched diet. Having a K2 fortified diet in the third trimester is of grave importance.


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  1. Studies have implied there are possible chances that Coronary heart disease in women at their postmenopausal phase can be induced from K2 vitamin deficiency. The improper calcification in the body is blocked by this vitamin. If you don’t consume the required amount of K2, the arteries might get blocked by the calcium. This blockage may result in heart attacks and strokes.
  1. With the supplement of vitamin D, the formation of osteocalcin for the bones is complete. Without K2, the bones will start losing its density and pores will start to appear. This severe condition is termed as osteoporosis in medical science.
  2. K2 vitamin dependent proteins get activated when it comes in the contact of k2.lack of it will interrupt the growth of the cells. This will increase the chances of cancer. In the infants, weak teeth, bleeding gums and weak bones are the major symptoms of vitamin k2 insufficiency.