How to stop premature ejaculation /early discharge

Premature ejaculation or early discharge can be a real hindrance in enjoying a fulfilling sex life for both the partners. Early ejaculation can lead to frustration and even lack of confidence in men.

However, this condition is very common and the good thing is that through certain practices you can learn to control or deter premature ejaculation over time. There are also medical treatments to control premature ejaculation in men, but it is suggested to first follow the home remedies and to seek for medical help only when things seem to be more serious.

Love making makes a vital part of a sexual relationship and early discharge can put a complete stop to that, which can be frustrating for both. Every man wants to make his partner happy and fulfilled in bed and the inability to do so can affect the male psychology, leading to more frustration and even depression.

Early ejaculation can even make the males stay away from getting into the act of sex with their partners, which can seriously affect the relationship, leading to marital discord and other complications that can even lead to separation.

One of the most important things that men suffering from this condition need to understand is that premature ejaculation is not an illness and it is not something that cannot be treated.

In most of the cases premature ejaculation is caused due to over stimulation of the penal nerve, which can be controlled through different medical treatments as well as through home remedies and other measures.

Remedies for premature ejaculation

This condition is more common among st males below 40 s and often the problem of premature ejaculation goes away naturally with age.

However, this condition might also become prominent only after a certain age, when the testosterone levels in the body start to fall naturally.

If you are suffering from this condition, it is important that you discuss your problem with your female partner openly. So, that you two can reach an understanding and take the right steps together to ensure a better sexual life for both of you.

Dealing with the problem all alone and trying to hide it from your partner, will only give rise to anxiety, which is sure to make it even worse.

Premature ejaculation is a common problem and it is most expected that your partner will understand and help you to get your control on ejaculation, which can lead not only to mutual fulfillment but also to better understanding in all the aspects of life.

Discussing with your partner is also the best way to realize if you actually need to consult a doctor or you two can handle it on your own or can at least give it a try.

Keep in mind, sexual intercourse plays a vital role in every marital relationship and if you are staying away from it, because you are worried about ejaculating early, it is sure to affect your relationship negatively.

So, stop worrying and start taking the right steps so that both you and your partner can enjoy a healthy sexual life. This article will provide you with some vital information for preventing premature ejaculation. If none of these seem to result into any improvements, you might consider visiting a doctor.

To stop premature ejaculation making some changes in your food habit and lifestyle can be more effective than you might have thought. So, if you are suffering from this problem, make these changes in your lifestyle and food habits as quickly as possible,

Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

There are also certain techniques that can stop or at least slow down premature ejaculation in men during sexual intercourse. These techniques are simple and you can follow them easily with help from your partner. Read on,


How to stop premature ejaculation

Masturbating an hour or two before sex can help solve the problem of premature ejaculation. The sexual release during masturbation should decrease the urge to climax quickly during sex.


Although this technique can be tagged rather painful, it is however efficient. When you feel that you are about to ejaculate for the duration of sexual intercourse, really draw close your penis below the head about a one-half inch and hold it firmly. This technique will make you feel like your sexual organ is trapped and it will stop you from ejaculating at that moment.

Deep breathing

A simple practice, like deep breathing can be actually effective to deter premature ejaculation giving you more time to enjoy sex. Shallow and short breathing during love making increases the heart rate and can stimulate premature ejaculation.

Breathing deeply without being too careful about it might need a bit of practice, but is not certainly something that is difficult to develop. So, practice deep breathing for 5 minutes at least 2-3 times a day, so that you can follow that naturally on the bed too.

Squeeze method

Squeezing the base of the penis before ejaculation can help in reducing the erection which will naturally stop ejaculation and lengthen the time. You might need to follow this technique repeatedly to get all the time you want. This simple practice can be effective to deter PE, but make sure that you are doing it the right way.

Stop and start method

When over stimulation of the penal nerve is the primary cause of premature ejaculation, the stop and start method can be effective to increase your love making time. Introduce talk breaks between your love making, this can be helpful to maintain the fun while controlling the over stimulation of the penal nerve that can lead to premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises

Causes of premature ejaculation

Kegel exercises involve strengthening of the pneumococcus muscle which can give men the ability to slow things down on their own.

To practice the Kegel exercises first it is important to locate the particular pneumococcus muscle, which can be done by trying to stop urination. The Kegel exercise involves, clenching and then releasing the muscle repeatedly for continuous 10 seconds.

To get the best results it is important to do at least three sets of the same with in between break of 8-10 seconds. Being able to contract the PC muscle will help him to stop the ejaculation even when he is close to orgasm.

Foods that can help in preventing premature ejaculation

Including some particular foods in your diet can be highly effective in stopping premature ejaculation. The compositions of these foods are believed to promote a healthier sexual life in males.

Green Onions

Green onion seeds are acknowledged to be aphrodisiac in nature, and so they can assist decrease the stage of untimely ejaculation in men. To use this remedy, crush the seeds and mix it with water, drink 3 times a day to get an actual result.

The green onion seeds are known to be useful in increasing stamina and strength for sexual activity. White onions are also known to be effective in improving sexual capacity.


This Indian herb is widely known as an excellent remedy for low libido and premature ejaculation in men. The medicinal herb efficiently helps men to control ejaculation during sex activities. It helps to increase stamina and is also useful for curing erectile dysfunctions.


Vitamin E is one crucial vitamin that is efficient in fighting free radical damage in the body. Free radicals are frequently created in the body and can lead to the weakening of the pelvic muscles; when this happens, erectile dysfunctions like premature ejaculation can become more pronounced.

Almond however among its other benefits, provides the body with a hefty dose of vitamin E when taken. This helps to reduce the problem of premature ejaculation.


Yoga poses for premature ejaculation

We know asparagus for all its highly nutritious properties and these stem like herbs can even have a positive impact on the sex life of men.

Asparagus has high vitamin and mineral content that helps in promoting a healthy body and nervous system. The high Vitamin E content of Asparagus is believed to be most effective in boosting the functions of hormone in men.


Studies have linked vitamin D with sexual abilities in men and eggs are one of the best sources of Vitamin D on the planet. So, including eggs in your diet can be helpful to fight the problem of premature ejaculation.


The vitamin and mineral composition of carrots is believed to be highly helpful in boosting the sexual abilities in male. The vitamins of carrots help in strengthening the penile muscles and also help in regulating the blood flow to the penis.


Oats can be the right food to include in your diet if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. Oats are high in serotonin content that helps in reducing stress and anxiety, both of which are often a primary reason of premature ejaculation. In addition to that the protein content of oats can also be helpful to boost the testosterone levels in the body.

Stay away from any kind of addictions

Alcohol, drugs or smoking, any type of addiction works on your nervous system and loosens it up, which gives you the more relaxed feeling. As the addictions relax your nervous system, hence naturally, your ability to control ejaculation is reduced, resulting into premature ejaculation.

So, if you have any type of addiction and you are suffering from the problem of early discharge, discarding the addiction should be the first step to take.

Take a balanced and healthy diet

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A balanced and healthy diet plays a vital role in your overall well being including the sexual functioning. A proper nutritional diet can give your body more strength, helping it to perform normally from every aspect, which can be helpful to cure the problems like premature ejaculation naturally.

A proper diet can cure any type of deficiencies your body might be suffering from, which is sure to improve your sexual health as well. Including lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet is often suggested to ensure an overall great health.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with minerals that can strengthen your nervous system and can be actually effective to control premature ejaculation.

Fight stress

Stress is a silent killer. It affects you adversely in every possible way. Over stress can lead to anxiety, which can be a primary cause of premature ejaculation. The best way to fight stress is to ensure that you are taking adequate rest.

Practicing yoga can also be effective to fight stress. Following your hobby, taking short breaks from work, enjoying the small things of life can be highly effective to fight stress.

Home remedies for premature ejaculation

In India Ayurveda was highly developed since the ancient times and at present the treatments that we mark as home remedies have mostly been picked from Ayurveda.

Hence, the home remedies can be actually effective to give you the expected results without having to visit your doctor. Some home remedies for premature ejaculation includes,

Saffron and milk drink

A drink made from Saffron and Milk can be highly helpful to boost the sexual health of men. Saffron is a natural aphrodisiac and when added with warm cow milk it can be highly effective to cure problems like premature ejaculation in men. It is best to take this drink at night, before going to bed.

Almond, ginger, cardamom, saffron and cow milk drink: This drink is made by soaking 8-10 almonds in fresh water overnight. In the morning the almonds are crushed and added with 1 cup of hot cow’s milk.

A pinch of each ginger, cardamom and saffron powder are then added to the milk. Drink it the first thing in the morning everyday to enjoy better sex life.

Asparagus and milk drink

In India Asparagus have been used for centuries to enhance sexual stamina in men. It helps in controlling anxiety and prevents premature ejaculation. To make this drink, boil 2 tsp of asparagus powder in 1 cup of milk for 10 minutes. Let the milk come down to a more comfortable temperature to drink. Have this drink twice a day.


Garlic has high allicin content which is known to be effective in promoting sex drive in men and can be helpful to regulate blood flow to the male sex organ. You can chew on a few cloves of garlic in the morning and then drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice immediately after it to get the best health benefits of garlic.

Other helps

There are also some other options that might be helpful to control premature ejaculation in men. The most prominent ones amongst these include,

Condoms with benzocaine

Currently condoms with benzocaine are easily available in the market. These condoms come with a layer of benzocaine at the tip which gives a mild numbing effect to the penis. It can be highly helpful to control the penile erection and also to deter the ejaculation during intercourse.


This is a new category of topical medication that can desensitize the penis to some extent when used 10 minutes before engaging in sexual activities. These medications are developed in a way that it ensures that the person is able to enjoy sex while having better control on penile erection and ejaculation.

Other medical options

Anti-depressant might be effective to give men better control over ejaculation. There are also some other medications that can be useful in this respect. However, it is important that you consult a doctor before taking any medication for stopping premature ejaculation, because the wrong use of medication can bring more unwanted problems.

Yoga for stopping premature ejaculation

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Yoga can be very effective to control problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men.

Practicing the below mentioned yoga poses regularly is sure to provide the best results. However, it is always suggested to learn yoga only from a proper master in order to ensure that you get the best effects of yoga without any side effects.

Sarvanga asana

Sarvanga asana

As the name suggests, Sarong Astana, involves the whole body. To perform this Astana, lie flat on your back with your arms close to your body and toes touching each other. Inhale deeply while rising your legs straight up without bending the knees.

Hold your hips with the help of your arms; try to take the body weight on your shoulders. Hold the position for a few moments and then get back to the lying position slowly.

Uttanapada asana

Uttana Padasana

This asana is simple to do and only a little bit of practice can make you a master at it. Lay with your back on the floor. Extend your hands and raise them up along with the legs at a 45 degree angle from the body.

The palms of the hands and the toes of the feet should be touching each other. Bend your neck backwards to create a curve beneath. Hold the posture for few moments before relaxing back.



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This yoga pose can be highly effective to control premature ejaculation and can even be helpful for better potency. To do this asana, sit on the floor with your legs stretched out.

Bend your upper body from waist so that your face touches your knees. Hold your feet with your hands. Ensure that you knees are not bent when you are holding the position.



Gomukhasana is a simple yoga pose that can offer great benefits particularly in preventing premature ejaculation. Hold the pose for 1 minute before you shift to the other side and complete at least 2 sets of 3 repetitions.



To do this yoga pose lay flat on your stomach. Raise your legs upward and hold them with your hands to reach the position. Hold the pose at least for 30 seconds before getting back to the lying position.



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Bhujangasana or cobra pose is the other yoga that can be helpful to prevent premature ejaculation in men. Lay flat on your stomach and pull your upper body upwards. Your body should bend from your waist and back but not from your neck. Place your hands at the sides of the shoulder to maintain the balance.