DIY face packs and face masks for the dry skin

Most of the regions of India has hot climate throughout the year. People residing in such region get irritated with the extreme heat. As soon as winter arrives, the weather becomes pleasant. They get relieved from the rashes that appeared due to scorching sun rays and extreme heat.  But, one of the negative effects of the winter months is dryness in skin.

The cold wind and lack of moisture affects individual’s skin really a lot as compared to summer months.  You are likely to feel the stretchy and dryness in your skin. Thus, people purchase winter care lotion and quality moisturizers from the market to get wonderful looking skin even during winter. But, today if you want to get rid of expenses with the moisturizer, homemade remedies would be a wonder.

People with all types of skin tone have some problem or other. But, individuals having dry skin tone suffers maximum when they ages. Wrinkles and fine lines along with patchy skin can be observed gradually once they cross 30 years of age. People with dry skin tone looks older than their original age.  But, homemade natural face packs and mask will provide an excellent remedy to the dry and flaky skin tone.

Some kitchen ingredients available right at home will be ideal to cure all types of skin problems. The ingredients such as avocado, oatmeal, milk, orange peel etc are available at home to make an effective homemade beauty recipe. It is also possible to get variety of such face masks available right in the cosmetic market. But, not all products are safe and is free from harmful cosmetic effects.

List of homemade face packs for dry skin

Olive face pack

Homemade milk face packs for glowing skin

To make this face mask you have to take a spoon of cocoa butter, honey and add a spoon of olive oil in it.  Now, the mixture should be applied on your face and keep for a period of 15 minutes.  First of all wash the face packs from your face with the tepid water and then wash it with cold water. Honey as well as olive oil has wonderful effect of moisturizers. If your skin has become dry due to winter season, this natural face pack with bring back the glow.

Milk face mask

Another type of face mask can be created at home with few spoons of raw milk and almond oil. Now, apply this on your face and keep it for the period of 10 minutes. Now you can wash it thoroughly. If you feel parched and dryness in your skin, this face mask made up of milk and almond oil will provide relief all together.

Banana face mask

People have banana readily available at home in ripe form.  Since, this fruit has powerful moisturizing properties; you can easily make a wonderful face pack out of it for getting natural glow during the winter season.  For making this face pack, you have to mash banana and add some milk powder. Mix these two ingredients very well and apply it on your face to get away from dryness of skin during the winter season. If you have oily skin, you must replace the milk with rose water. If you want to make the mask more effective, you must add few drops of honey.

Strawberry mask

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

This mask is very rare as people hardly find strawberries in ample quantity in India. But, if you can manage bringing few strawberries, the face pack for winter skin will be very effective. Take few strawberries and blend it in your mixture. Now, you must add some rose water and mix it again very well. Apply this on your face and wait till 20 minutes.  The perfect combination of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C in strawberry can help individuals to get away from the free radicals.  Your skin will look much healthier after this treatment.

Oatmeal and olive oil

In order to stay away from dry skin, the ingredients include Yogurt – 1 tablespoon, olive oil – 1 tablespoon, one tablespoon on oat, single teaspoon of honey, Bee pollen of around 1/8th of a single teaspoon. Take a small bowl and add all the ingredients. Mix them all well and apply it over your face. Keep this for 10 minutes over your face and then remove this with lukewarm water.

Papaya face mask

If you have not chosen a moisturizer yet, this pack with papaya can create a great moisturizing effect over your skin tone.  The ingredients needed to make this face pack include half of ripe papaya, one tablespoon of oatmeal, a single cooked peach and a teaspoon of organic honey. You need to put all these ingredients in a container and mix them well. If you can put them in a blender, getting it all together can make an effective solution. This papaya mask should be applied over your face and keep it for 15 minutes. There after you can remove it with lukewarm water.


Face creams for dry skin

The natural fruit named cucumber is good for people with both dry and oily skin tone. The other ingredients can be different for both dry skin and oily skin tone individuals.  But, general face packs which will be effective for individuals with both dry and oily skin tone are cucumber – 4 tablespoons and curd – 2 tablespoon.  Now, mix both the ingredients together and apply on your face. This has to be kept for 20 minutes and remove it with plain water.

Grapes face pack

Grape fruit is really tasty which also have variety of health and beauty benefits.  In order to provide proper moisture to your dry skin, you need to make a face pack that has grape fruit as one of the important ingredient. But, while purchasing the grape, you need to make sure that the grapes are juice and plumpy. The other ingredients required for this include a paper mask and flour.  After getting the grape, wash them all and make half of each grape. Now, mash the grapes and extract juice out of it.  The container in which the grape juice and pulp is present must be added with a pinch of flour. Mix both of them really well. Now the next step will be to dip a paper mask over the solution and put it over your face. You also need to wear the particular paper mask for 20 minutes time. There after you can wash the mask away completely and see the difference.


The tasty spread which is generally provided with the sandwich to make it taste delicious is none other than mayonnaise. You can also prepare Mayonnaise at home by combining the egg yolk and white oil. Today, in order to treat dry skin a combination of mayo and baby oil will be really effective. The ingredients required for the same include a single teaspoon of baby oil and real mayonnaise of around 2 tablespoon. Now you need to combine both the ingredients effectively and apply them over your face, hands and elbow where you can see dry skin. If you want to remove black spots from your elbow and knee, this mayonnaise will be an effective remedy. This has to be kept in face for 20 minutes and then remove with warm water.

Best face packs for skin lightening

Dry skin becomes a curse when you are getting scales and roughness. Ladies with dry skin tries wide ranges of face creams and moisturizers available in the market. But, the cosmetics cannot be good for all types of skin tone. If you have sensitive or hypersensitive skin, those chemical rich products available in the market can easily harm your skin.  It’s better to depend upon the natural products extracted right from Mother Nature. This article will speak about some effective DIY face masks and packs for dry skin. The best treatment for your skin will be the range of homemade masks.

DIY face packs and face masks for the dry skin

Coffee face mask

Coffee is a beverage which is a must for a group of people. Some people drinks coffee several times in a day. But they are not aware that it can also be a good ingredient for beauty. This is the wonderful ingredient that helps in restoring moisture in your skin. To make this mask, all you require is cocoa powder and coffee powder 2 spoons each, a teaspoon of honey and 3 tablespoon of milk. Apply it over your face and watch gaining moisture.

Coconut mask

You can now get a wonderful remedy for dry and scaly skin with the help of coconut mask. You can break a coconut and take away water from it. Now scrape the coconut and take it in a container. Take out juice from it. Combine it with a single ripe banana mashed. Mix them and apply over your face. It is cover every single portion of your face. After 20 minutes wash it away and get well moisturized skin.

Avocado mask

Break an avocado and take out the pulp from it. Now pour some olive oil in it. Mix all of them well and apply over the portions where you have experienced dry and scaly skin. For this pack only half of avocado will be needed. The other half can be consumed to make your skin glowing right from inside. You have to make a mixture of half avocado and also 1/4th cup of honey. After applying it over your skin, you need to wait for 10 minutes. Once it is dry you have to remove it with plain water. The cold wash cloth can be used to slowly rub the skin and make it really cool. Try this today and get wonderful result.