Sex during period. Is it safe?

Human need for sex is no less than food hanger. Even with mood, people can long for an intercourse. Couple often gets a disappointment when they wish to have sex but the female partner is within the periodic circle. Some females are uncomfortable to have sex during that period. A group also thinks that having sex during periods can be harmful. You should know certain facts while you wish to have sex during the periods. This is such a question for which people have different thought. It is better to speak to a doctor before taking the step.

Safety perception

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It is important to know, what exactly people wish to mean by safety. For some people safety means the period when the ovulation won’t take place.  They want to have sex without getting pregnant. Today people do not wish to conceive very early just after marriage. Even after the first baby, they wish to have a gap. But, that does not mean that they won’t enjoy the pleasure of sex. Even if they have mood, they would certainly do when she is having periods.

According to the perception of other group of people, safety means staying away from the infection which is clubbed with excretory blood. Some men have an opinion that the blood coming out of vagina of a lady is not healthy source. Rather, this carries infectious substances. Getting the blood inside the penis while having intercourse can be harmful. While having periods if they wish to have sex, it’s better to wear condoms.

Doctor’s suggestion

You can ask doctor whether it is suitable to have sex during menstruation period. Your doctor will give a positive response. Your doctor will say, it will be a good habit to have sex. Even when your lady is within the periodic cycle she can do it. Provided she feels comfortable. Yes, it is really safe and natural for both the partners. Since during periods there is a good chance that the bed sheet will become stained. Its better to place a thick cloth or a towel which will keep your bed sheet safe. These days even the love married couples are not practicing sex on a regular basis. This is due to business and laziness. But, it is important to practice sex on a regular basis just like your work and food. This helps in bringing concentration in work and also improves relationship.

Arousal with sex during periods

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Some of the ladies are really comfortable to have sex throughout the month. Even when they have periods, they don’t mind. But some ladies actually does not feel comfortable. But there are certain phases even within the periodic phase where each lady reacts in a different way. Usually the mood for sex does not develop within women during the first day. Most of them suffer from belly pain during that period. This is the time when the flow of blood is slow. Thus, the belly gets pain during that phase. Another reason for not having sex during the first day is the level of estrogen and testosterone is absolutely low. But by the third day it will rise with a boost. This is the time when the ladies wishes to have sex with their partner in an intense way. There is also having an advantage to have sex during periods. As the blood in form of liquid is already flowing, you don’t need a lubricant to tense your dry area. The penis can easily get inside without much hardship. Even if you suffer from menstrual crap, the orgasm will be effective in reducing the pain.

Pleasure for male partner

Some ladies think that her gent partner would feel disappointed or uncomfortable to have sex during the periods. Actually in most of the cases, it is the other way. Usually the female partner normally has such discomfort not the male. They are always ready to have sex whether it is within the periodic days. Some gents are really open about it and will discuss with his partner on this issue. He would take her consent while having sex. As for having sex it is always better to take the consent. You can have some arousing tips before starting the actual sex.

Mess can be minimized

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It is important to clean up the mess with menstrual cup. It is better to have condoms to avoid the menstrual blood touching your skin.  If you are doing the intercourse for the first time, it is better to have it during the menstrual period. As the breakthrough of the opening of vagina will be accompanies with bleeding. This becomes a reason of terror for many ladies. But, if they does it during the menstrual cycle, they might even not be aware whether  blood has come out while intercourse took  place as blood is already coming out due to menstruation. Thus the panic will be much more reduced.

Sex other than intercourse

Having sex not always means intercourse alone. There are many other ways of having sex without concentrating on intercourse.  Both the partners can touch one other in various sensitive organs that help in increase of sexual excitement. This is a very safe way to have sex when you are within your periods.  Female partner can easily provide an oral stimulation to the male partner on his sexual area. This will arouse both of them and give rise to orgasm.

Chance of conceiving

There is also a chance that a lady gets pregnant even after having sex during the periodic circle. Many women have their periods last for more than a week. In such case the ovulation period can get an overlap over menstruation period. Thus, even if this period is safe, women  can get pregnant. Thus, it is better to use condoms while having sex even when you are in the periods. Some ladies have regular consumption of birth control pill. In such a case there is low chance of having pregnant. Thus, its better to consult a doctor.